Almighty Devouring System

Almighty Devouring System

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    Shocked, Peng Gengkun wakes up in the Thunder Continent, a world far from his life as a video game lover. Here, martial arts rule and mastering cultivation is key. As part of the Flying Cloud Sect in the bleak Bleakwind Barrens, Peng holds a respected but challenging role.

    Despite the focus on strength in this world, Peng struggles with cultivation.

    A past conflict, involving his secret love for Xi Yingzhu and rivalry with Wei Pengxing, hurt his Qi Sea, affecting his warrior abilities.

    Yet, when Peng finds the Leviathan-roc Devouring System, he sees a chance to gain power and grow.

    With a desire for revenge and more strength, he stands at a crossroads: What or who will he consume next to become even stronger?

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