After Giving up, the Fake Young Lady Was Group-Pampered

After Giving up, the Fake Young Lady Was Group-Pampered

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    At the age of twelve, after Yuexin accidentally fell into the pond while feeding the fish, she learned one thing.

    Her parents were not her biological parents, and her five older brothers were also not her biological siblings. She was a fake daughter of the Shen family!

    Destined to lose everything she had, Yuexin directly… laid down. If she was doomed to lose everything, why not enjoy life while she still could?

    “Brother, is managing a company fun? Let me try,” Yuexin asked. She wanted to give it a shot while she was still a daughter of the Shen family. She wouldn’t have an opportunity like this in the future.

    “Brother, is acting fun? Let me try.” What? Could someone earn money by acting as a dead person? She had to hold this job down!

    “Brother, is this gun real? Let me play with it.” The gun wasn’t too bad, but the recoil force was too strong. She needed to try a smaller gun next time.

    “Brother, will your professor get mad if I go to your research center?” The professor was so handsome!

    “Brother, this medicine smells good. Let me try…” It’s delicious! However, her head felt a little itchy. Was her brain growing in size?

    On the day the real daughter returned, Yuexin’s five older brothers defended her. “Yue, can we keep her? She isn’t particularly bright. It’s dangerous for her to be out there on her own.”

    The real daughter sneered. She really is a cunning woman.

    Later, she realized that Yuexin really wasn’t that bright at all! Forget it. She can stay…

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