After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

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    Three years ago, Miracle Doctor Jian, who could heal practically any disease and was capable of saving the doomed, suddenly went missing. Nobody knew that Jian Xing’er got married. After years of being alone, she finally found a man she could settle down with. She secretly moved to Hai City and helped the downtrodden Hou family and Hou Junlai, the man she loved. Hou Junlai’s career began to soar because of her. At a very young age, he became a renowned individual in Hai City. Little did Jian Xing’er know, her peaceful days wouldn’t last more than three years. She was suddenly served with a divorce agreement.

    Hou Junlai abandoned Jian Xing’er just like that. After signing the divorce agreement, Jian Xing’er picked up her luggage and decided to leave Hai City, the place that hurt her very soul. Right then, a patient seeking help barged in and messed up her plan. “Master Jian is the best doctor in the world. Does anyone disagree with me? Whoever goes against Master Jian goes against the entire Zhuge family!” A mysterious person said.”Xing’er, marry me. I will give you everything you want. Even if you want the moon in the sky, I will try to get it for you!” A local tycoon said. “Xing’er, you saved me. I’m indebted to you for the rest of my life. You can’t ignore me! I want to be with you every day. We’ll eat together, sleep together, and have children together. I’m never letting you go!” A young master in the capital city said.

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