Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1343 Great Bloodline Resonance
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1343 Great Bloodline Resonance

“That beast really is from our bloodline...” Elder Niji could feel a deep connection forming between him and the beast.

It was something primal and intrinsic.


Just as he was pondering on this connection, his Dao Embryo automatically came out from his body. The Tide Scale Embryo shone inside the Dao shell, letting off a blue glow.


Then before Elder Niji couldn’t think of anything, the Dao Embryo automatically flew out of his Dao Shell.

“What?” the people watching it were stunned.

They had never known something like this could happen. A cultivator’s own Dao Embryo would fly out and leave them. But before they worried about it, they saw the destination of the Dao Embryo.

“The beast? Of course!” Elder Niji had an expression of enlightenment.

“All Haima tribe Dao Treading realm and above experts! Release your Dao Embryo’s!” Elder Niji ordered.


With that one order, thousands of Dao Embryos appeared in the sky.

This was a scene that the human convict would never forget. Thousands of blue Tide Scale Embryos soared into the sky. It looked like the scales were drops of water and rushed back into the sky; an inverted rain.

I think you should take a look at 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

pan,da n<0,>v,el But the Tide Scale Dao Embryo’s didn’t stop there and rushed towards the large body of the Great Ocean Hippocampus.


There, Elder Niji’s Dao Embryo took the lead and let off a wave of energy. This energy looked like water, but was actually made out of Water Dao Traces!

The other Dao Embryos joined in this, turning into a large tide that reached the same height as the Great Ocean Hippocampus.


It was now that a secret was revealed.

The scales of the Great Ocean Hippocampus let off a blue light too, as if resonating with the Dao Embryos.

“Look! The scales... it’s the same as the Tide Scale Dao Embryos!” Immortal Taegu said in surprise.

“So it really is like that... they are of the same origin...” Lin Mu muttered.

He had failed to see the obvious connection that was present right in front of him.

~humm~ 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝘨

The body of the Great Ocean Hippocampus glowed in blue light, illuminating the sea and the sky. And when this light fell on the bodies of the Haima tribe people, they all fell into a trace.

Unknowingly they entered a profound state, spirit Qi revolving around them and Dao Traces of water rushing in as well.

“This is...” Lin Mu was astounded by this scene.

“A Bloodline Resonance... their bloodlines are resonating with the Great Ocean Hippocampus, having found its origin.” Xukong explained.

“How long will they stay like this?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but question.

He could already see the weaker members of the Haima tribe progressing rapidly. Those that were left in the nascent soul realm, quickly reached the Dao Shell realm, while those in the Dao Shell realm broke through to the Dao Treading realm.

And from their pace, it didn’t seem like they would be stopping any time soon.

Even Elder Niji was experiencing growth and Immortal Qi swirled around his body, rapidly being absorbed into it.

“As long as the bloodline resonance is maintained, they will stay in this state. It is a great fortune for them.” Xukong replied. “Though you should take this chance to comprehend too. The Dao Traces of Water are highly concentrated right now, and so is the Immortal Qi. Even if you don’t have a water Dao Embryo, it is still a good chance to learn more about it.” He advised.

“Yes, senior.” Lin Mu wouldn’t miss a chance like this, so he sat down to cultivate and comprehend.

The other humans did the same, finding that their progress was many times faster than before.

The Haima tribe had once experienced such a rapid growth before, but for the humans this was the first opportunity. The ones that were injured among them started to heal. The same happened for those in the Haima tribe that were injured.

Lin Mu closed his eyes and spread his spirit sense, intending on sensing the Immortal Qi and the Water Dao.

He would eventually have to face an Immortal Tribulation that would be of the water element. Thus having a better understanding of its corresponding Dao would only be good and not bad.

Minute after minute passed while the cultivation base of the Haima Tribe continued to grow.

By the time an entire day had gone by, the Haima tribe’s lowest cultivation base was the Dao Treading realm. Subsequently, the number of Tide Scale Dao Embryos resonating in with the Great Ocean Hippocampus had increased as well.


It was at this point that another person had a breakthrough. But this breakthrough was from the Dao Treading realm into the Immortal Ascension realm!


Not even a minute after that, the second Immortal Ascension realm breakthrough happened.







One by one, more of the Haima tribe members started to breakthrough. This number continued to grow until finally over two hundred members of the Haima tribe were at the Immortal Ascension realm!


A humming sound was let off by the tens of thousands of Dao Embryos. As if reaching a limit, the Dao Embryo’s all scattered and returned to their respective owners.

Lin Mu opened his eyes upon sensing this change.

“So it finally ends...” Lin Mu muttered.

While he hadn’t gained much from this directly, Lin Mu had still grasped certain aspects of the Dao Traces of water. At the very least, he was a lot more experienced than before.

Though for Immortal Qi, he was yet to sense it fully. Lin Mu did feel there was some unknown energy moving between the spirit Qi, and he guessed that this was none other than the Immortal Qi.

‘It won’t be long before I’ll sense it. I just need to continue comprehending my Dao Embryo.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.


The final Dao embryo to return belonged to none other than Elder Niji. And when it returned, the man opened his eyes as well.

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