Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 312 Despair of experts of the Heavenly Lotus Sect (All Women Sect)
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Chapter 312 Despair of experts of the Heavenly Lotus Sect (All Women Sect)

Wang Jian, Luo Qiu, and Yan Niu departed from the Celestial Nexus Immortal Dominion's territory, heading toward the Devil Nest that was set to be attacked.

Wang Jian had already informed the devil forces of his arrival, so they had prepared a special chamber within the Devil Nest connected to the Yin Vein.

This chamber had been designed in a way that all the arrays surrounding it within the cave would absorb and dampen the shockwaves generated during the upcoming battles inside the Devil Nest.

The initial target for attack was the Devil Nest located in the Heavenly Lotus Sect's territory.

The two factions allied with the Heavenly Lotus Sect believed they could defeat the devil clans within the Nest based on their previous encounters with demons during the liberation of their resource-gathering sites.

After their arrival in the Devil Nest and settling into the special chamber, Wang Jian, Luo Qiu, and Yan Niu patiently waited for the experts from the Heavenly Lotus Sect to make their way to the Nest.

During this time, they indulged in the delightful spirit fruits and unique wines from the Silver Devil Asura Dominion. Luo Qiu and Yan Niu managed to consume a few of these before focusing on meditating to harness the energy from these delicacies.

In contrast, Wang Jian casually munched on these treats as if they were his favorite snacks.

Later that day, Wang Jian's eyes lit up as he sensed the approach of the Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts.

He grinned to himself, thinking, 'Han Xifeng was spot on. Their attack is indeed happening today.'

As the Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts, led by Third Elder Fairy Zhi Luan and Fifth Elder Fairy Qian Shui, entered the Devil Nest, they were initially confident in their abilities.

However, their confidence quickly turned to shock as the entrance behind them closed, trapping them inside.

They realized that this was no ordinary battle, and it was far from what they had expected.

In the dimly lit chamber of the Devil Nest, a chilling aura enveloped them.

It was then that they noticed the presence of the Blue Moon Eclipse Devil Clan and the Nether Curseweaver Devil Clan, two formidable devil clans, among others.

These devil clans possessed unique abilities that made them formidable adversaries.

The Blue Moon Eclipse Devil Clan harnessed the power of moon qi and shadow qi, while the Nether Curseweaver Devil Clan wielded Curse Energy and Shadow Qi.

The devil clans had not only occupied the Devil Nest but had also strategically placed multiple arrays to enhance their powers. And it was at this moment that these devil arrays were activated.

The combined might of these devil clans along with countless demons left the Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Third Elder Fairy Zhi Luan and Fifth Elder Fairy Qian Shui rallied their faction members, displaying incredible teamwork.

Third Elder Fairy Zhi Luan unleashed her holy water elemental attribute techniques, creating cascades of holy water that she directed toward the devil clans.

The holy water sizzled upon contact with the shadowy energies of the devils.

On the other hand, Fifth Elder Fairy Qian Shui utilized her holy flames elemental attribute techniques, conjuring scorching flames that danced with divine fury.

The holy flames incinerated the curses and shadows that surrounded the devils, causing them to shriek in pain.

The battle raged on for what felt like hours.

The Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts fought valiantly, and their elemental techniques created dazzling displays of power within the Devil Nest.

However, the devil clans proved to be formidable adversaries, countering the sect's techniques with their own dark and arcane powers.

Despite their unwavering determination, the Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts found themselves gradually losing ground.

The devil clans' resilience and unity proved to be a daunting challenge, and the Heavenly Lotus Sect's members began to tire from the relentless battle.

As the battle reached its climax, the devil clans swiftly moved to capture them.

With their elemental powers waning and their strength faltering, the Heavenly Lotus Sect's experts were overwhelmed and captured by the devil clans.

Bound and defeated, they could do nothing but await their fate within the ominous depths of the Devil Nest.

Once Wang Jian had successfully captured the members of both factions from the Heavenly Lotus Sect, he wasted no time in putting his plan into action. He ordered the leaders of the devil clans to have their subordinates carry out a cruel and relentless campaign of torture against the captured sect members.

Officially, the devil clans were torturing these sect members to extract information or uncover any weaknesses of the Heavenly Lotus Sect.

However, Wang Jian had a different motive. His true intention was to shatter the mental fortitude and willpower of these women, driving them into a state of utter despair.

A quick look at π›π—²ππ§π—Όπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗼𝐫𝗴 will leave you more fulfilled.

Wang Jian believed that only when they reached the depths of despair would these women truly appreciate being saved.

Therefore, for an entire week, the sect members endured a relentless onslaught of both physical and psychological torment.

Each day ended with the devil clans using precious healing herbs to mend the wounds inflicted upon their captives. But as they say, the experience cannot be forgotten.

The reason Wang Jian allowed this torment to continue for a full week was that he was waiting to see if Sect Leader Fairy Ruo Li's shockwaves throughout the Celestial Nexus Immortal Dominion.

Not only were the members of the Heavenly Lotus Sect concerned, faction of the Heavenly Lotus Sect would launch an attack on the Devil Nest. The absence of such a large contingent, formed by the collaboration of the Third Elder and Fifth Elder's factions, had sent shockwaves throughout the Celestial Nexus Immortal Dominion.

Not only were the members of the Heavenly Lotus Sect concerned, but the Spirit Affinity Sect and the Wind Cloud House were also deeply troubled by the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Devil Nests.

The Spirit Affinity Sect decided to postpone their own attacks, sensing that something was amiss within the Devil Nests.

On the other hand, Sect Leader Fairy Ruo Li of the Heavenly Lotus Sect hesitated to launch a solo assault against the devils inhabiting the Devil Nest. She sought assistance from the Wind Cloud House, but their response was evasive and noncommittal.

As the week drew to a close, Wang Jian came to a realization: Sect Leader Fairy Ruo Li was not likely to initiate an attack on the Devil Nest in the near future. Therefore, he needed to adjust his plan accordingly.

Throughout the entire week of captivity, the women from the two factions of the Heavenly Lotus Sect who had fallen into the clutches of the devil clans were plagued by a relentless series of questions and thoughts.

"Why? Why hasn't our Sect Leader come to rescue us yet?"

"Is it because we belong to different factions? Or does she despise us so much that she'd abandon us to these devils?"

"Perhaps she believes we are already lost. But it's truly disheartening to think she wouldn't even lead an assault to make the devils pay."

"I should never have joined this faction. If I had stayed with the Sect Leader, I might be safe right now."

"Why, God? Why must we endure such suffering? I've already spilled everything I know to these vile devils, yet they torment me day after day... I... I can't bear this any longer. I want to end it all..."

"I want to die..."

"Please... someone, save us..."

These were the despairing thoughts of the captive women, each one voicing their anguish in solitude.

Many of them had reached a breaking point and yearned for death.

If they had any control over their bodies or were not bound and restrained, they might have attempted to take their own lives multiple times.

Unfortunately, even the solace of death remained beyond their reach.

At this pivotal moment, Wang Jian sprang into action.

He entered the Devil Nest where the intense battle had unfolded, and the devils greeted him as he arrived.

Addressing the leaders of the devil forces, Wang Jian said, "...Let's initiate the plan."

"As you wish, Young Master," both captains of the devil forces contingent replied.

Wang Jian harnessed the Laws of Shadow, concealing himself as he made his way to the area where the captured Heavenly Lotus Sect women were imprisoned.

Quietly and skillfully, Wang Jian dispatched the dozens of devils guarding the captives. Once the guards were incapacitated, he approached the women and whispered, "Are you all right?"

A few women responded timidly, "W-Who are you?" Their voices barely above a whisper, their eyes locked onto the cloaked figure with a concealed face.

With a gentle motion, Wang Jian lowered his hood and removed his mask, revealing his handsome face.

"My name is Wang Jian. I'm the husband of Bixi Zhuoran and Han Xifeng. I've come to rescue all of you," he said with a reassuring smile. ο½‚πšŽο½„ο½Žπš˜ο½–πšŽο½Œ.𝚌𝚘m

Upon seeing Wang Jian's kind smile, the women found a glimmer of hope amid their despair. Each one felt compelled to place her trust in him.

"Really? You'll save us?"

"If you save us, I'll be forever grateful."

"Me too."


But Wang Jian hushed them with a gesture. "Shh, keep your voices down. We don't want the devils to hear us," he cautioned. His words had an immediate effect, silencing the women instantly.

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