Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 394 The Princess Of The Garden’s Identity
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Chapter 394 The Princess Of The Garden's Identity

Undoubtedly, it was excruciating at first, and any ordinary person would have collapsed or screamed continuously due to Orion's relentless thrusting and the accompanying pain. However, she possessed remarkable control over her own body. But as time passed...


Suddenly, she felt the interior of her now-drenched vagina expanding once more. The Princess of the Garden wanted to ask about this unexpected sensation, but her lips were sealed involuntarily the moment a burst of hot, thick semen erupted from Orion's urethra.

"KYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~" Her scream echoed all around them, momentarily disorienting Orion as his senses were overwhelmed by the intensity of her cry.

Even the guardians, who had been in a daze from witnessing the Princess being vigorously penetrated by such a large throbbing penis, couldn't help but snap out of their stupor when they noticed the current state of their princess.

Defeated… She looked utterly defeated.

"Hooot~~" The Princess of the Garden finally exclaimed, her eyes wide in shock, while her quivering lips repeated, "TOO HOOTT!!! YOUR SEMEN IS TO HOOT!!!"

Orion heard her words but couldn't help releasing a wry smile, contemplating how he would have to advise her to watch out for any pregnancy symptoms later on, as she might be carrying his child.

"HOTT~~~ Orion it's to… hooott~~~" The Princess of the Garden said with trembling lips as she began to lose consciousness.

Nonetheless, Orion was thoroughly impressed by her composure. Unlike Elysia, she didn't scream out loudly unless caught by surprise, like during his initial penetration and the release of his semen.

Considering that his scorching, searing semen might as well be fertilizing her womb at this very moment, Orion decided to comfort her until she regained her composure.

Looking at the Pixies who remained in their spots, appearing confused and unsure of what to do, Orion initially wanted to ignore them. However, when he noticed the golden, thick liquid on his member, which he assumed was the Princess of the Garden's virginity, he immediately gestured for them to come forward and help him clean up his dick.

Although Orion had a vivid wild imagination, he certainly wasn't contemplating what the insides of a pixie felt like.

And even if he did, he had no idea how to deal with their drastically different sizes, nor did he know how to fit his member into such tiny beings.

Opting to push that thought aside for the moment, Orion reclined on the soft, comfortable grass and pulled the Princess of the Garden close to him.

He observed as the pixies brought several small pieces of fabric to clean his member, with one of them surprisingly consuming the residues from his shaft.


Waking from her slumber, the Princess of the Garden fluttered her eyes open and immediately locked gazes with Orion. He looked at her calmly, running his hand through her hair as though trying to offer her comfort and relaxation.

"That was incredible," she said with a huge smile on her face, taking Orion by surprise. He hadn't expected those to be the first words she would utter upon waking up.

Truthfully, Orion had expected questions like, 'Why was your semen so hot?' or something along the lines of why the penetration had been so painful, similar to what Elysia had attempted to ask him.

However, understanding the identity of the mysterious woman in his arms, Orion simply smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it," he said, watching as her brows furrowed before she inevitably nodded in understanding and locked her gaze with his once more.

"So how are you feeling now? Is the nasty energy still bothering you?" The Princess of the Garden asked, patiently awaiting Orion's response.

Orion tried to control the Vylkr energy in his body, sensing it obeying his commands and becoming much more docile than when he had drunk from the ancestral essence pool. 𝒃𝙚𝙙𝙣𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝙤𝙢

He shook his head in response, "No, it feels much calmer now," all the while wondering if it was possible for him to prematurely trigger the Vylkr warrior state with such docile and less viscous Vylkr energy.

The Princess of the Garden instantly released a sigh of relief and said, "Thank Naka, it's a good thing that it worked." Orion, unable to contain his curiosity, especially after hearing her praise Naka, immediately asked, "What's your name?" as he stared at her.

The Princess of the Garden looked at him for a moment before shaking her head. "I'm sorry, but even with our agreement, I'm afraid I can't tell you that," she paused and continued, "Please understand that I can't do so because it risks putting the garden in harm's way. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you refrain from asking me such questions or anything related to it in the future."

Orion saw that she was serious; therefore, he nodded in understanding, refraining from saying anything as he contemplated other ways to coax out the information he needed. Although it might be risky, he resolved to wait for the right opportunity.

As she struggled to regain control of her legs and sat upright, Orion followed suit. He decided to seize this moment to create his first container and advance to a one-star warrior. Closing his eyes, he focused on recalling the guidance given by Stronghold Leader Zogar on how to properly form his first container, just in case Warrior Jean hadn't explained it thoroughly.

With the lake right beside him, ready to offer its soothing properties if the Vylkr energy became uncontrollable during the container formation process, even though he doubted it would, Orion chose not to take any chances. His life was at stake, especially since neither Warrior Jean nor Stronghold Leader Zogar had adequately explained the consequences of an unstable Vylkr energy, beyond the certainty of death.

"Here I go," Orion muttered under his breath as he entered a meditative state, gently directing the docile Vylkr energy towards his heart.

Meanwhile, the Princess of the Garden watched Orion with a perplexed expression, having no clue about his intentions.

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