Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 392 A Blowjob From The Guardians (2) (R18)
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Chapter 392 A Blowjob From The Guardians (2) (R18)

"Hmmm!" The Princess of the Garden shifted her attention away from Orion, who was already awake, as she felt more of his semen coming out.

Sensing the intensity of the wave about to emerge this time, she pressed her lips downward, taking his gritty penis to the base, causing her throat to bulge in the process.

She didn't seem to care about the strain on her throat and instead gripped his thighs tightly with both of her hands.

The thick, whitish load burst forth and shot down her throat.

"Ah~~" Orion instinctively moaned. Although he still had no idea what was going on, feeling the tight enclosure of the Princess's throat and the intense pleasure it brought him, he immediately stretched out his hands and grabbed a hold of her colourful hair.

He held it in place, gasping in full delight from the unexpected blowjob.

However, the amount of cum became too overwhelming for her to handle all at once, and she started to choke. The cum filled her stomach and overflowed from her lips as her head was involuntarily pressed down onto Orion's hard shaft.



'Just a little more,' Orion thought, sensing her struggle as she repeatedly attempted to prevent herself from losing consciousness while still choking on his dick.

"GUCKK~~~" ο½‚πšŽο½„ο½Žπš˜ο½–πšŽπš•οΌŽπš˜πš›πš

The guardians immediately snapped out of their daze upon realizing that the Princess was in danger.

Furiously, they flapped their wings and flew straight for Orion's face.

Three of them aimed punches at his chin with their tiny forms, while the others tried to remove his hands from holding down the Princess of the Garden's head.

Meanwhile, Orion, who had no idea what was happening, could only blink as he saw the pixies heading straight for his face.

He suddenly felt as though small, gentle breezes were washing across his face.

He experienced the same sensation around his hands, causing him to immediately release his grip on the Princess of the Garden's hair.

He then tried to swat away the five pixies that had gathered around his face.

Despite his attempts, they proved to be incredibly agile and evaded his swats, ultimately causing him to fall onto his back on the ground.

Sensing that the Princess was free, the pixies immediately flew back in her direction to see if she was okay, while also fluttering around her to guard her from Orion.

"COUGH!!" "COUGH!!!"

The Princess of the Garden coughed up the rest of the semen that had tried to get into her nose before waving her hand to prevent the guardians from doing anything rash. "Stop it... COUGHHH!! It's my fault... COUGH!!" After all, she was the one who wanted to eat more of his semen while he was unconscious.

The guardians immediately calmed down but still looked at Orion cautiously.

Orion proceeded to sit upright with a frown on his face as he inspected his still-erect shaft along with the thick residue of his semen.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the Princess of the Garden, who immediately avoided eye contact.

Feeling Orion's gaze still on her, even as she looked away silently, the Princess of the Garden ultimately smiled wryly as she locked her gaze with him and apologized first.

"Sorry, I didn't know what came over me once I ate your semen," she began to scratch the side of her cheek with her finger.

Then she shook her head in defeat. "If I had known that it contained such a huge amount of magical energy, then I wouldn't have attempted to taste it."

Orion, who had never thought he would find himself in such a situation when he had first spoken to the woman in front of him, quickly gathered his thoughts and responded, "Although I would like to accept your apology, however, if I do, then you'll have to help me calm it down," Orion said, pointing at his throbbing veiny penis that was now thoroughly twitching.

He also looked at the pixies, who were now covered in his thick cum, alongside the Princess of the Garden, who still had his semen dripping from her lips.

Gulping down as she saw his gritty penis was still standing tall and twitching furiously, the Princess of the Garden wondered if he still had any more to release after such a sizable amount moments ago.

"What… What do you think I can do to help you calm it down?" she said hesitantly, understanding that Orion wasn't willing to let this slide until they helped him return to normal.

Though she wouldn't have bothered previously, their agreement for the sake of the garden compelled her to set aside her pride and status and do the reasonable thing.

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As such, once Orion pointed at her private parts, for the sake of the garden, the Princess of the Garden nodded her head in understanding.

She placed her hand on her private parts, widening her legs while still being in a kneeling position. She asked, "Are you sure?" just to clarify if this was what he wanted to settle the matter.

However, because she had never been with a man before, she was also a bit hesitant about the decision.

Orion nodded his head in response.

After all, he would be unwilling to pardon himself if he didn't take the opportunity with the gorgeous woman in front of him and make her scream with pleasure. Besides, this might be an opportunity to get closer to one of the most influential individuals in the kingdom, so how could he pass it up?

As she watched Orion slowly approach, the Princess of the Garden thought to herself, 'This is all for the garden.'

She couldn't help but feel a sense of responsibility for the situation.

Observing the guardians trying to block his way, she immediately waved her hand and ordered them to wait on the side.

After all, she was the one who had unknowingly caused his penis to react this way, and the fact that she had taken advantage of it only solidified her belief that this was an appropriate payment.

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