Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1076 - 1076 Ultimate Mechanical Ling (2)
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1076 Ultimate Mechanical Ling (2)

“Quasi God-level Skill”: Wind Blessing (Initiate)

[Taught Skill]

“Super”: Mythical Revival (Perfect+47), Nine-Colored Divine Light (Perfect+47)

After fusing most of Ling’s mechanical Skills and modifying it with the Divine Net, it was now the ultimate body of a mechanical life form. It used Buggy as a component in an ultimate mechanical posture. Obviously, Ling could use its power to carry out stronger spatial travel.

The Iron-eating Beast ancestor, Ji Nai, and Ji Mengzhu looked at the huge battleship in a daze. They couldn’t understand, but they were greatly shocked, especially the Iron-eating Beast ancestor. It felt that the pressure this big guy gave it was completely not inferior to the sword spirit just now and the little Iron-eating Beast on Shi Yu’s shoulder.

Who exactly was this Beast Tamer named Shi Yu? Where did he come from? His pets were all… strange!

“Is this also a unique pet of Tingxiang?” Ji Mengzhu muttered in her heart. She kept feeling that the overall strength of Tingxiang was going to completely exceed the east…


Soon, Ji Mengzhu and Shi Yu were teleported to the control room of the mechanical battleship.

The complicated driving control room made Ji Mengzhu a little absent-minded.

“Can you hand me the communication positioning jade pendant?” Shi Yu asked Ji Mengzhu.

Upon hearing that, Ji Mengzhu immediately took out the jade pendant.

Shi Yu took it and placed it right on the heels of the heels on a glass pillar on the operating table.

Ji Mengzhu watched eagerly, feeling like a country bumpkin.


Then, the huge black screen in the sky opened. The image of a beautiful girl in a white, black, and red uniform appeared. She had long white hair, and her long hair was tied into a ponytail at the back of her head. There was a strand of hair on her head. 𝘣𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮

Seeing this, Ji Mengzhu retreated slightly. In the next moment, the girl slowly opened her eyes and let out a clear, experienced, and pleasant female voice. “Master, we’ll arrive in 15 minutes.”

“You’ve worked hard.”

“This is…” Ji Mengzhu was confused again.

“My contracted target, Ling,” Shi Yu said. “It’s most powerful in computational analysis. The essence of any item can be cracked. The range of that jade pendant’s extreme communication is limited, but under its cracking, it expanded and broke through to the limit.”

“We’ve already locked onto General Ji Yun and the others’ location. We are estimated to arrive in 15 minutes.”

“Look, the map.” Shi Yu pointed at the huge screen in the center. At this moment, two positions clearly appeared on the huge screen. One of the light spots was quickly moving towards the other light spot. Below, the changes in distance, speed, and estimated time were also marked. It was even more difficult for Ji Mengzhu to understand.

This wasn’t his limit!

Buggy: “?”

Buggy: I have to save my strength to fight!!

“Shi Yu… You…” Ji Mengzhu looked at the mysterious young man in front of her and felt that he had countless secrets. “Do you like beautiful women very much? Why was the sword spirit so beautiful just now? This contracted partner is also so beautiful.”

Although one was an undead and the other didn’t look like a normal life form and felt like a virtual illusion, it couldn’t change the fact that they were both very beautiful.

“Wu wu wu. (There’s also an Elemental life form.)” Eleven muttered in its heart. Susu wasn’t bad either!

Shi Yu: “?”

Was this the main point? As expected, women were boring. This was a battleship, a battleship!

It could also transform into a mecha! A mecha! How handsome!

“Wait, we… can reach the Yun Nation in 15 minutes?!!! 15 minutes?!” Ji Mengzhu, who was wearing a white Han suit, said in disbelief, her beautiful eyes widening.

“Isn’t your reflex a little long?” Shi Yu couldn’t help but complain.

Well, that was normal. The future Aunt Ji Mengzhu was also so shocked when she saw Eleven, Baby Ginseng, and Future Technology.

“I’ll enter the ruins first…” She placed her left hand into the bracelet on her right hand and said,” I’ll go change my armor. ”

Although she felt that the nearby space was also very large, it was in Shi Yu’s pet’s body after all. She felt that it was more suitable to go to the ruins space to change.

“Wait, we’re in the midst of a spatial jump. If you enter the ruins space, you’ll be thrown away.”

Shi Yu said, “In addition, I think it’s more convenient to contract armor-type equipment. Contracting five Iron-eating Beasts isn’t very meaningful…”

“Wu…” Ji Mengzhu was stunned. Her few contracted pets were indeed Iron-eating Beasts.

This wasn’t a secret…

Most of the Beast Tamers of the Iron-eating Beast Tribe were like this. At this moment, when she heard Shi Yu’s words, Ji Mengzhu nodded.

In ancient times, antique swords could still nurture spirits. Shi Yu felt that contracting a pile of such armor and Arms to equip himself was the best combination.

Be it General Mu Huiyin or Emperor Wu, they had contracted creatures similar to Arms.

Contracting a bunch of Iron-eating Beasts, even Senior Panda wasn’t this crazy…

[Not only do I have to get Eleven evolution materials, but if possible, I can also plunder more inscription evolution materials and turn Senior Panda’s Iron-eating Beast into nine inscriptions.] Shi Yu looked at the screen and thought.

“What if His Majesty Emperor Wu and the others really encounter Yun An?” Ji Mengzhu asked again.

Shi Yu shook his head and said, “I hope so…”

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