Ultragene Warlord

Chapter 1056: Hanxiang, Raring to Fight
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Chapter 1056: Hanxiang, Raring to Fight

Li Zongming suggested, "These are honored guests who came along with the draconian sage. I'm sure they won't be interested in chatting with older folks like me. Qianlin, why don't you bring Zhang Lie's friends and sister to tour the palace?"

"This is..."

The members of Team Zenith, Hong Xi, Zhang Hanxiang, Dong Mingxin, and Li Qianlin were all very curious about the scaleman king. Zhang Lie introduced, "These are my companions, student, sister, future wife, and her best friend respectively."

Zhang Lie continued, "Hong Xi, this is another disciple of mine, your junior brother. He's a newly evolved superior king."

Hong Xi was gobsmacked. "My junior brother is a superior king...?"

When the scaleman king heard that another of Zhang Lie's disciples was in the group, he was instantly curious about her.

"May I ask which of you is Senior Sister Hong?"

Zhang Lie pointed at Hong Xi. "That's Hong Xi, your senior sister, who became my disciple a few years before you."

Hong Xi bowed. "Greetings, Junior Brother."

Hong Xi knew what a superior king represented, so she felt particularly weird about the fact that she suddenly had one as her junior brother. She didn't know how to treat the scaleman king.

Fortunately, the scaleman king was very friendly. "Greetings, Senior Sister."

Zhang Lie said, "Since everyone's here, let's not waste time. We need to start thinking about how to resist the superior worlds of antiquity."

Li Qianlin motioned to leave. "Enjoy your meeting. Dong Mingxing and I will find you all later!" She pulled Dong Mingxing away.

Everyone prepared themselves for the meeting, their earlier levity gone. Li Zongming began, "Since everyone's familiar with Zhang Lie, let's drop the formalities. I'll get straight to the point. We'll be going up against the superior worlds of antiquity. As newly evolved superior kings ourselves, we need to work with each other to forge an alliance against their invasion."

The draconian sage and scaleman king nodded simultaneously. "Naturally."

Li Zongming asked, "Zhang Lie, do you have any plans?"

Zhang Lie glanced at them all, then said, "First, let me introduce you all to our future opponents: the superior worlds that we'll have to go up against. The Zongming king and I have discussed this topic beforehand. There are at least four kings that will strike, and possibly a fifth as well."

Li Zongming took over. "These worlds are respectively the world of blazing sun, the white world, the world of black fog, and the unclean world. The king of keys might also strike."

Zhang Lie continued, "The reason it's uncertain is because the king of keys is the most ancient of kings, with some amount of transcendence."

Li Zongming continued, "Only the king of chaos and his world of primordial chaos will be neutral in the conflict."

The draconian sage sighed. "Five superior worlds of antiquity attacking us..."

Even the scaleman king, who was unconditionally confident in Zhang Lie, couldn't help but turn serious.

"Three against five?" Three newly evolved superior worlds, versus five that had existed since antiquity… The three kings lost out in terms of numbers, reserves, experience, and forces.

Zhang Lie smiled. "There's no need to be so discouraged. The situation looks bad, but we can win—I'm certain of it. The most troublesome aspect of fighting against these superior worlds of antiquity is their combat strength, particularly for new superior kings like us. In general, the only combatants who possess the strength of a superior king in our worlds are ourselves."

Li Zongming continued, "On the other hand, the superior kings of antiquity have fostered subordinates that are on that level. For instance, in the xuluo world, there were three or more such combatants on that level."

The draconian sage sounded exasperated. "I'm not feeling any more hopeful..." 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

Zhang Lie continued, "I mentioned that the superior worlds' strongest aspect is their strength, but we're not weak, either. We have the members of Team Zenith around!"

The draconian sage hurriedly looked toward the members of Team Zenith.

Zhang Lie continued, "With the members of Team Zenith ready, there's nothing to fear from the superior worlds of antiquity. Everyone from Team Zenith has the strength of a superior king, and we're not far behind our opponents'."

The draconian sage and scaleman king instantly grew more relaxed.

"All of you, there's no need to fear the superior worlds of antiquity. It's true that they have millennia of reserves in their world, but that doesn't mean we can't defeat them. The Zongming king and I have killed one."

Neither the draconian sage nor the members of Team Zenith were aware of this fact, and they were all shocked.


"As expected of our captain!"

"Zhang Lie, will you reveal your plan to us?"

Zhang Lie began, "My plan is very straightforward. Pure defense won't be enough. Since our offense isn't weak, we'll naturally want to take the lead and attack their worlds too. After all, a battle between superior kings will cause disaster no matter where we go."

The draconian sage cried out in shock. "Quite so, but wouldn't it be overconfident of us to go on the offensive instead of the defensive? They might take our worlds while we're occupied!"

Zhang Lie replied, "If we were to focus entirely on defense, we'd end up in a battle of attrition—and we shouldn't give up on defense entirely, either."

Li Zongming asked, "What's our overall plan?"

Zhang Lie replied, "Each superior king will take care of his own world. The superior kings of antiquity know of my existence, and they'll certainly think that I'm in the Zongming world. I showed off my strength to those kings, and they won't treat me lightly."

The Zongming king had earned quite a lot of spoils during the last meeting, and one item in particular was very attractive to all the kings present. They would surely focus their attention on the Zongming world.

A quick look at 𝗯𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦 will leave you more fulfilled.

Zhang Lie continued, "The Zongming king alone won't be able to defend against the invasion. I'll leave Gold Comet in the Zongming world. As for the rest of you, you'll focus on the offensive. Let me decide who should fight whom..."

Zhang Hanxiang raised a hand. "Brother, Hong Xi and I want to participate too!"

Hong Xi nodded. "We've consumed Potion #4, and we're far stronger than before."

Zhang Hanxiang punched forward a few times. "Brother, I want to test out my current strength!"

"It'll be dangerous."

Hong Xi remained steadfast. "I don't believe Hanxiang and I will lose even against a superior king."

Zhang Hanxiang added, "Hong Xi and I are aware of the danger, but we'd still like to do our part. Brother, you once told us that our combat experience and techniques aren't up to par, that we're behind Sun Mengmeng and the others. We'd like to rectify this deficiency!"

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