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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Five-year-old Cutie (1)

Translator: ShinoJ

“Chuchu, my computer is broken. When do you have time to help me fix it?”

Gu Chu carried a small pink backpack and walked the road with her chubby short legs. When she saw Aunt Wang greeting her, Gu Chu’s eyes curved into a beautiful crescent. “Aunt Wang, tomorrow is Saturday. Chuchu will come to help you fix your computer then.”

Gu Chu was five years old. She was studying in the local kindergarten, but she was already a famous child prodigy in the neighborhood. Not only was he sweet and cute, but her grades in kindergarten were especially good. She even knew how to fix computers.

Gu Chu walked along the alley toward her home. From afar, he saw a luxury car parked in front of the tattered door. The interior was exquisite, and the body of the car was luxurious.. It did not fit in with the dilapidated old school district.

Porsche, Panamera. It was worth millions.

The person who came was either rich or noble.

Gu Chu’s beautiful eyes narrowed. A sharp glint that did not belong to a five-year-old flashed across her eyes. She tilted her small head and revealed a faint smile. “Finally, I’ve been waiting for this plot...”

She had been in this world for a year and played the role of an innocent little child.

It was time for the plot to return to the Zhao family!

Before she even entered the house, she heard the sounds of conversation coming from inside the house.

“Manxi, Mom has been looking for you for many years and has been feeling extremely guilty. Come home with me. I’m really your mom. The paternity test is here.”

“It’s all Mom’s fault. You were only five years old back then. If I didn’t bring you to the mall, you wouldn’t have been kidnapped.”

“Manxi, can you give Mom a second chance? Go back to the Zhao family with Mom and live a good life. Your father and your siblings miss you very much.”

“This shabby place is small and poor. You, the missy of the Zhao family, shouldn’t be living such a hard life. You should be called Zhao Manxi, not Gu Manxi.”


Gu Chu carried her small schoolbag and pricked up her ears to listen to the conversation in the room. Her eyes were slightly mocking. If Gu Chu’s guess was right, the lady inside should be her “grandmother”. She came to look for Gu Chu’s mother, Gu Manxi.

A year ago, accompanied by an earth-shattering explosion, Gu Chu transmigrated into this cliche romance novel called “The CEO’s Expensive Substitute Contract Wife” and became the daughter of the female protagonist, Gu Manxi.

In the original novel, the female protagonist, Gu Manxi, was born poor. In order to treat her seriously ill mother, she had no choice but to enter the entertainment industry. The top tycoon of the entertainment industry, Song Chen, who was also the male protagonist, discovered that Gu Manxi’s appearance was similar to his first love.

Song Chen offered a large sum of money for Gu Manxi’s mother to be treated, but requested Gu Manxi to be his contractual lover. In order to treat her mother’s illness, Gu Manxi signed a contract with Song Chen. In the short period of time that followed, Gu Manxi gradually fell in love with this dangerous man.

The Good Times did not last long. Song Chen’s first love returned, and Gu Manxi’s mother also died of a serious illness. Under the double blow, Gu Manxi decided to leave Song Chen. She hid her identity and ran with her child, later giving birth to her daughter, Gu Chu.

The tragedy did not end there. Gu Manxi’s true identity was that of a lost daughter of a wealthy family. Later, her biological mother came to find her. On the surface, she hoped that Gu Manxi would acknowledge her ancestors, but in reality, she wanted to give this cheap daughter to another rich man for marriage. The innocent Gu Manxi was tricked and forced to marry a greasy old man in his forties. She was soon tortured to death.

A quick look at 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚 will leave y𝑜u more fulfilled.

Many years later, the male lead, Song Chen, who had been searching for no results, was surprised to learn that his lover had died a long time ago. The grieving male lead guarded Gu Manxi’s grave for the rest of his life.

In short, this was a standard romance novel. Right now, the novel was almost coming to its end. Next, Gu Manxi would return to the Zhao family, a wealthy family, and step into the abyss of tragedy.

Gu Chu could not let the tragedy happen. In the original novel, Gu Manxi had a tragic end, and her young daughter, Gu Chu, had starved to death. 𝙗𝙚𝒅𝒏𝙤𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒐𝙧𝙜

Thinking of this, the coldness on Gu Chu’s face disappeared, and she changed back to her childish and innocent appearance. She ran into the house with an innocent look on her face, “Mama, Chuchu is back. Chuchu is hungry and wants to eat steamed milk cake.”

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