Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1204 - Long Yang Had Prepared Himself
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Chapter 1204: Long Yang Had Prepared Himself For The Worst

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Then why did you look so stern just now?” Lu Liangwei said accusingly, still not fully convinced.

Long Yang sighed, knowing that what happened today would weigh on her mind if he did not tell her the truth. Eventually, he said, “Actually, Weiwei, I had prepared myself for the worst during the time you were missing.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart sank. “The worst? Like what?”

There was an iciness in Long Yang’s eyes, and after a long while, he finally replied, “I found a painting in Long Chi’s study.”

Lu Liangwei suddenly had a bad feeling about this. “What painting?”

Long Yang’s jaw was grimly set, and there was a forbidding storm of murderous intent brewing in his deep eyes.

“What painting was it?” Seeing his reaction, Lu Liangwei could not help asking again.

Long Yang’s aura of menace was instantly dispelled by her unrelenting curiosity. Leaning close to her, he whispered in her ear, “A painting of a naked girl.”

His voice was low, but he uttered each word with great difficulty.

The animosity in his heart intensified with every word. If Long Chi were not already dead, he would definitely butcher him with his own hands.

That b*stard! 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝑛𝘰𝘷𝘦𝑙.𝘯𝘦𝘵

Lu Liangwei’s eyes widened in realization at his words, and her whole body trembled with rage.

Although the Emperor did not say it out loud, it was obvious from his reaction that the girl in the painting was, without a doubt, herself.

How dare that scumbag Long Chi do something as repulsive as painting her naked? No wonder the Emperor thought that she already been raped…

When the Emperor saw that painting, he must have thought that she had already been defiled by Long Chi.

Despite that, he still came to the Yan Kingdom to search for her, but ended up being misunderstood by her just now…

Long Yang’s heart ached when he sensed her body quivering. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Don’t think about it anymore, Weiwei. It’s already in the past.”

However, he could not deny that he had indeed prepared himself for the worst when he had come across the painting in Long Chi’s study. Long Chi clearly had obscene fantasies of Weiwei, so it was almost impossible that Weiwei could protect her purity from him.

Nevertheless, even if anything had really happened to Weiwei, he would never think of abandoning her. He would only be distressed by her suffering and loathe himself for failing to protect her.

The man’s gentle murmurs and warm embrace soothed Lu Liangwei’s terrible mood slightly, but there was still a tinge of resentment in her heart, and she said through gritted teeth, “I shouldn’t have let him die so easily!”

Although Long Chi had never really done anything to her, it made her sick to the stomach to think that he might have been indulging in dirty fantasies of her while gazing at her painting in the dead of night.

Long Yang hated to see her so upset too. He had planned not to tell her about this, but being the sharp girl she was, she ended up sensing his unusualness. If he had refused to give her a reasonable explanation, it would have caused a rift between them.

“He’s already dead, so let’s forget about it.” He patted her on the back gently, comforting her as best as he could.

He did not tell her about how enraged he had been when he had found the painting. Earlier on, he had already sensed Long Chi’s desire for Weiwei, but he had never imagined him to be so depraved.

He could not bring himself to imagine what Long Chi would do to Weiwei. He could only force himself to focus on state affairs and keep himself busy at all times because once he stopped working, negative thoughts would creep into his head and threaten to break him down.

Lu Liangwei calmed down, then raised her head and looked at him seriously. “Nothing happened between me and him.” After a pause, she added, “He did try to force himself on me, but he gave up when I threatened to kill myself.”

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