The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 6.1
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Very soon, he stopped laughing.

Those two hooligans really hit him hard!

"Why are you here?"

After being helped by Yu to the Hospital, Yu Yin asked the question while waiting for his turn to be called.

Taking out his notebook and writing a few sentences, Yu turned the notebook over to Yu Yin: "There was a bank robbery and people were hurt. Yu Tong came to get the records and I followed him. I was going to visit the adult arcade." With that, Yu handed the slip of paper with the address to Yu Yin.

Looking at the words on the notebook, Yu Yin got angry. He tore the slip of paper and roared: "Idiot! You want to visit the adult arcade? Do you know what kind of place that is ah? You are still underage and you want to go and see?" Luckily, those people only targeted him today, what if they sent more people to maul him?

Sky shattering roar burst out and the patients around the two brothers were badly frightened. They quickly shifted their seats, as far as they could, afraid that they would get caught in the crossfire.

Covering his ears and turning his head away, Yu’s expression remained neutral.

"Don’t pretend that you did not hear me, you little brat... d.a.m.n, it’s so painful!" His roaring affected his injuries, causing Yu Yin to cry out in pain, his face twisting into a pained expression.

The nurse who was attracted by the noise arrived to see Yu Yin yelling at Yu which have affected the other patients, thus she had a frown on her face as she walked over to the source of the commotion, glaring she said: "Sir, this is a hospital. Please keep your volume down. If you cause another commotion again, we will have to ask you to leave."

Yu Yin sent a hard glare to the little brat next to him.

Seeing that Yu Yin is not likely to cause a commotion again, the nurse, fulfilling her goal, left to return to her job.

"This is all your fault!" Yu Yin snapped softly to the little brat beside him.

Yu turned his head, not giving the slightest reaction.

His slightest movement caused Yu Yin to look at the whistle again. Dad was probably worried that something will happen to Yu while he is busy, thus he gave the whistle to Yu. If anything happened, Yu can use it to get other people’s attention.

Speaking of dad, Yu Yin suddenly remembered, dad probably did not know that the little brat sneaked out ba?

Just as he finished thinking, Yu Yin immediately fished out his phone to make a call to his dad. However, he then realized that during the bashing in the alley, his phone fell and broke, right now, the screen is completely black.

d.a.m.n it, now there is another phone repair bill to pay. It is those people’s fault! They better not let him see them again or else he will get his revenge!

"I’m going to make a call on the public phone. You stay here and don’t run about." Feeling his pocket for a few coins, Yu Yin stood up, deciding to inform his dad about the brat first.

Just then, he felt the corner of his shirt being pulled.

Yu pointed at the number screen. Yu Yin compared the number on the screen to his queue number, it was his turn.

"Alright then, I will go see the doctor. You be good and stay here, don’t run about." Holding his queue number, Yu Yin said to Yu before entering the consultation room.

A young male doctor, looking to be in his early twenties, next to him stood a female nurse. The doctor was easily flipping the board in his hands, but placed it down the moment he saw Yu Yin enter the room. "Take a seat here." The doctor pointed to the chair in front of his desk. Filling in the form on his desk, he asked, "What is the problem that you have?"

"I got mauled on the road just now." Yu Yin replied seriously.

There was a moment of silence.

It was so silent that even the sound of the air-con blowing could be heard.

The nurse on the side could not help but rub her arms, today was really a little cold.

"Student, did you take medication today?" the doctor asked, with equal seriousness as Yu Yin.

"I did take painkillers la." Just now Yu got painkillers from don’t-know-who, but it was useless after he ate it, making him suspect that it was not a painkiller pill but a flu medicine pill.

"Good, his conscious is clear." Quickly writing down a bunch of words in English, the doctor turned over: "Please lie down on the bed over there, pull up your shirt. I’ll take a look at your bruises first."

Yu Yin took a look at the side, the nurse was still tidying the bed.

To be honest, he did not really want to lie on the bed because there is a transparent little girl jumping on it.

"What is it?" the doctor noticed that Yu Yin did not make any move, thus he stopped writing. "If you are afraid that it will hurt when you lie down, then just sit here and pull up your shirt. I’ll take a look for you."

"En." Nodding his head, Yu Yin easily took off his shirt.

The doctor squinted his eyes.

Reflected on the mirror on the opposite wall, Yu Yin saw his own bruises, there are some that are more severe, where droplets of blood are rolling out of his wounds... Those two hooligans really did a good one on him! Just don’t let him find out who are they, this matter cannot be easily resolved by just mauling those two hooligans!

"Student, are you sure it’s not family violence ah?" The doctor took a good look at all the wounds on his body before taking over the medicine from the nurse and began the basic treatment. "If you got mauled you better make a police report. Recently, many people got sent here after getting mauled. I heard rumours that the nearby arcade1 has issues."

"Oh, I know la." His house got two policemen, once he get home he can make a police report immediately. "Are there many people that got mauled near the adult arcade?" Catching the last part of the doctor’s sentence, Yu Yin asked instinctively.

Stunned for a moment, the doctor seemed to have recalled something and laughed awkwardly, "Top secret, top secret, I didn’t say anything. You just don’t go there too often, this is the advice that I, as you doctor, am giving you. Believe me and you will live a longer life, something like that."

Pondering the doctor’s words, Yu Yin’s suspicion on the adult arcade intensified.

If there are people being sent into the hospital from there so often... 𝐛𝗲𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

He suddenly remembered, he saw many illegal machines inside the adult arcade.

Wait a minute though, those kind of shops should not commit such acts on their own territory ah... Otherwise it would be very easy to attract the police’s attention, wouldn’t it? From his knowledge, these acts are usually committed far away from the shop.

In that case... why would there be many people getting mauled near the adult arcade?

Is it because the workers there are all young people?

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Yu Yin briefly thought back to the scene he saw at the adult arcade, including w.a.n.g Hong, most of the people there are young people around their age, or maybe just a few years older than him.

What does that mean?

"Mr Yan, your temporary shift will be over soon, later there will be another doctor coming in to take over you." Noting the time on the wall clock, the nurse reminded the doctor softly.

"Ok, I got it." The doctor nodded his head, continuing with the treatment on hand. "Student, your injuries are very serious oh, maybe this two days you will find it difficult to sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night from the pain it is normal. That just means you forgot to eat the painkillers before you went to bed. Also, did the person that hit you knows the iron palm? Even the palm mark is left on you."

"Palm mark?" Yu Yin was astonished, "What palm mark?"

"Miss w.a.n.g, please bring two mirrors over here."

In a minute, the nurse came over with two round mirrors. The young doctor place one of the mirror in position before pa.s.sing the other mirror to Yu Yin: "There, on the right."

Squinting his eyes at the mirror before him, Yu Yin was surprised to find a bruise that resembles a palm mark on his back. It was so clear that it was a little freaky.

"This seems to have been inflicted a longer time ago, did you get mauled twice?" the Doctor asked Yu Yin after staring at the wound for a while. "Student, don’t go and rile up these martial arts master ah, if you take a few more iron palms, you will be heading for Accident and Emergency (A&E), and not slowly waiting here for your turn."

"I know la." With regards to the palm mark, Yu Yin vaguely knew the source it came from. These two days, other than getting mauled, there was also that incident with He Mu Yan...

"I’ll prescribe some medication for you, when you get back, change the bandage once every two days. If the swelling is gone but the pain is still there, remember to come back for a review." The young doctor lazily wrote another bunch of English words, "Do you need an Injury Diagnosis Certificate?2"

"Sure, thank you."

Just as the consultation ended, the door was opened by someone.

"Ah Si, you..."

Then, the person paused.

1 Arcade refers to the adult arcade. I a.s.sume the ’law-upholding’ people will not refer to the arcade as an adult arcade since if they knew it was an illegal shop they would have shut it down already. In this story, adult arcade and arcade will be used interchangeably as deemed appropriate. (i.e. during ’narration’ and ’conversation’)

2 Injury Diagnosis Certificate, original text is 验伤单. I personally think it is something like a Medical Certificate (MC), which is given for wounds and injuries rather than illness.

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