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Chapter 33: The Examination Paper of Hengshui High

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Sister, sister Mo, why did you suddenly give us practice papers?”

Mo Zhu raised her eyebrows with her usual arrogant expression. “Study hard and improve every day.”

“Sister Mo, what triggered you?” Mo Zhu was saying this although her results were so bad.

Zhang Qi returned to his seat angrily and started doing the questions. As Brother Xun had started doing it obediently, he didn’t dare to object to it.

Soon, every student in Class Eight saw the test papers on the table. When they heard that it was from Sister Mo, they were all surprised. Mo Zhu’s grades had always been bad, so why would she suddenly give them the test papers?

“The exam papers of Hengshui First Middle School!” The study committee member who spoke was very surprised. The questions that Hengshui First Middle School predicts were especially accurate. All the good students in Cloud City wished to be able to solve the questions of Hengshui First Middle School.

And these questions could not be purchased in the market, but they actually appeared on his desk.

Upon hearing that it was given by Sister Mo, she ran to Mo Zhu’s side and said, “Thank you, Sister Mo!”

When the others heard what she said, they stopped wailing. Sister Mo actually bought the test papers from Hengshui First Middle School and gave them to everyone. Instantly, they admired Mo Zhu even more.

They decided not to let Sister Mo down and focus on completing the exam paper well. If Sister Mo did not give up despite her poor results, how could they give up?

When Yu Jia returned to the classroom, she also saw an exam paper on the table. Seeing that she was a little puzzled, her desk mate kindly reminded her that the exam paper was given to her by Mo Zhu. With a bang, the exam paper was thrown to the ground by Yu Jia.

“It’s fine if you don’t want it, but why did you throw it on the ground?” Her desk mate was a little angry when she saw her acting like this, especially after knowing that Black Bamboo had given them the test questions of Hengshui First Middle School.

The others also began to criticize Yu Jia after they saw it. Yu Jia did not expect that in such a short period of time, so many people from Class Eight had stood on Mo Zhu’s side.

Her face was twisted with hatred. She only found out yesterday that Li Lu’s family had gone bankrupt.

“If you don’t want to stay here, you can transfer to another class. There’s no need to make yourself suffer.” Zhang Qi stood up and looked at Yu Jia angrily.

Yu Jia turned her head and saw Jiang Xun’s terrifying gaze behind her. She didn’t dare to say anything else. She gave Mo Zhu a resentful look before running out.

Without Yu Jia, the atmosphere in the classroom eased up. Yu Jia’s deskmate picked up the test paper and wiped it with a tissue.

Meng Ran looked in the direction where Yu Jia left. She, who had always had a good temper, sneered. “Some people really don’t know their place.”

When Li Xiao walked into Class Eight’s classroom, he saw that the students of Class Eight were all completing their papers seriously. He was momentarily stunned and could not react in time. He thought that it was because they did not do well in the monthly exam and everyone had felt frustrated.

“Students, it doesn’t matter if you fail. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. Just try your best.”

“Teacher, we’re fine. We just decided to study hard and improve every day.” The study committee member also told Li Xiao about the test papers Mo Zhu had given them. Li Xiao was surprised and gratified when he heard this. He had always felt that this child, Mo Zhu, had great potential.

Seeing how passionate his students were, Li Xiao became more serious when he was teaching.

“Mo Zhu, can you explain this question to everyone?” This question was a little difficult, and it was taking quite a bit of effort for him to explain it. Seeing that his students did not seem to understand his explanations, Li Xiao looked at Mo Zhu, who was completing the question with her head lowered.

Hearing Li Xiao call out to her, Mo Zhu raised his head and slowly stood up. She looked at the blackboard for a second and said plainly, “This question uses the lever principle, it is talking about A and B…”

“I actually understand her explanation.” Zhang Qi looked at Li Shen excitedly. Li Shen was looking at him with the same expression.

When Li Xiao saw the expressions on his classmates’ faces, he knew that they understood Mo Zhu’s explanation. And after hearing Mo Zhu’s answer, the way his thoughts were structured were completely different. 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.org

“Mo Zhu, you have explained it very well. You may sit down.” Li Xiao smiled so widely, his smile was as bright as a chrysanthemum flower.

After that, whenever he encountered any difficult problems, Li Xiao would wake Mo Zhu up. In these two periods, Mo Zhu’s faint voice sounded from the classroom from time to time. As for the students of Class Eight, they had gone through two enjoyable physics lessons. Besides that, they had understood all those difficult problems without any exceptions!

The bell signifying the end of school rang.

“Sister Mo, let’s eat together!” Zhang Qi and Li Shen looked at Mo Zhu. Mo Zhu, Meng Ran, Jiang Xun, and the others walked towards the canteen together.

Along the way, they received a lot of attention. Mo Zhu was already famous in the school, and with Jiang Xun, it was hard not to notice her.

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“Sister Mo, your physics is too good. Even I understood the questions you explained!”

“Me too, I understand them as well!”

“Yes of course, Sister Mo is awesome!” Meng Ran had an expression that read ‘duh’.

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