The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2100: Too Serious
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Chapter 2100: Too Serious

Lin Yun looked at the Phoenix Blood Sword Soul that the Heavenly Yi Saint Lord left behind. This was a treasure, and he must obtain it no matter what.

“Ye Qingtian, we have to determine a winner today!” Wang Muyan gritted her teeth, looking at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun smiled, “It looks like you were only sweet-talking. You don’t really have me in your heart like what you’ve said.”

“I’m very angry now!” Wang Muyan said, glaring at Lin Yun.

“How do you want to compete, then?” Lin Yun asked.

“That’s simple. We’ll see whose version of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal is stronger,” Wang Muyan said. 𝙗𝙚𝒅𝒏𝒐𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝒎

“Sure. I intended on the same thing,” Lin Yun said after a brief pondering.

Lin Yun and Wang Muyan faced each other with ten meters between them, waiting for the other party to reveal their flaws. Wang Muyan’s cultivation might only be at the Nirvana Stage's ninth transformation, but a mysterious power was sealed within her body. Thus, Lin Yun didn’t dare to underestimate her.

“Flower Burial, please go easy on me,” Wang Muyan smiled, then she stepped forth.

Lin Yun also took a step forth at the same time as their hands began forming seals, forming the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal. Their seals were almost identical, but they were also different. Lin Yun had two dragon clan saint physiques, so a powerful divine dragon’s aura swept out from him.

His dual sword stars manifested into a sun and a moon. He first manifested the divine dragon, then the sun and moon, before empowering them with his Astral Sword Intent. Under the control of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal, the two sword stars began to revolve with thirty-six galaxies revolving around them, and the clouds within a few hundred miles were ripped apart. The sky changed the moment Lin Yun formed his seal.

On the other hand, Wang Muyan manifested the sun and moon first as a blood moon appeared within her eyes. Her heart began beating like a bright sun within her body, and two dragons were coiling around her hands. When Wang Muyan clasped her hands together, the two dragons joined together. Her heart was the sun, her eyes were the moon, and she wielded the divine dragon with her hands, giving off a powerful radiance that made her look like a deity.

“That woman isn’t simple; she must’ve practiced the Divine Solar Lunar Art before.” With a glance, Lin Yun could tell that Wang Muyan came prepared. He would’ve fallen for her trap if he wasn’t prepared as well.

“Dragon Sun and Moon Seal!”

“Dragon Sun and Moon Seal!”

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Lin Yun and Wang Muyan executed the seals simultaneously and pushed their hands forth. When the two seals collided, the clash produced a deafening sound and a terrifying aura that swept out, flattening all the mountains within a hundred miles.

When the radiance dissipated, blood dripped down from Wang Muyan’s lips as she slid a hundred meters back with disbelief in her eyes. She was shocked as she looked at Lin Yun, who was hovering in the sky. She exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”

Lin Yun looked like a divine dragon, a sun, a moon, and a sharp sword that pierced through the clouds. Wang Muyan had never seen him practicing the Divine Solar Lunar Art before, but he had perfectly integrated the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal with his two dragon clan’s saint physiques. This is simply unbelievable. Is this the definition of a genius?

But she wasn’t convinced and started moving her hands to perform the first variation of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal. “Alternating Sun and Moon!”

The sun and the moon, controlled by Wang Muyan, began to alternate as the sky alternated between light and dark.

“Blood Dying Sky!” Lin Yun’s hair fluttered as darkness descended and obliterated the phenomenon created by Wang Muyan. The sky suddenly turned dark, as if the world had fallen into eternal darkness.

What’s going on?! Wang Muyan was shocked. She didn’t recall such an intent amongst the nine variations and was stumped.

In the next second, a crimson radiance bloomed in the night that even the boundless darkness couldn’t conceal. It was like the last glory of the sun before sunset, roaring as though it was saying that the sky couldn’t conceal the sun’s radiance.

Wang Muyan threw out a mouthful of blood as Lin Yun’s phenomenon overwhelmed hers, destroying her Dragon Sun and Moon Seal.

“Rising Sun and Moon!” Wang Muyan didn’t give up and gritted her teeth to execute the second variation. As the radiance of the sun and moon bloomed, a crimson moon and a blazing sun flew out from her body. When the sun and the moon shone brightly, a powerful pressure swept out, making her look like a deity as she stretched out her hands. It gave her the appearance of lifting the sky with her hands. The pressure was like a mountain crashing down when she waved her hand.

But Lin Yun was calm as he raised his hand to point at the sky. Then, the sun that had manifested from his first sword star formed into a golden screen. The golden screen looked like a smooth lake hovering in the air. When Lin Yun pointed at the ground, the moon that had manifested from his second sword star turned into a silver lake, and the entire world became quiet.

“It only looks powerful!” Wang Muyan’s gaze was cold. She didn’t believe that Ye Qingtian could resolve her variation this time. But the next moment, she was dumbfounded because something beyond her expectations had happened. Her scalp became numb, and she nearly lost her mind.

While Lin Yun waved his hands, he roared, “Inverting Yin-Yang!”

The next second, the golden screen and silver lake exchanged places, turning the whole world upside down. The incoming pressure released by Wang Muyan was easily resolved just like that. On the contrary, Lin Yun had pushed his palm forth, inverting heaven and earth again, and a huge palm of Yin-Yang Sword Intent flew out.

This time, the impact was sent directly into Wang Muyan’s internal organs. Her clothes were torn, revealing her voluptuous figure and her face became terrifyingly pale.

“Let’s end it here,” Lin Yun said. The victor had already been determined after the two battles, so they did not need to carry on.

“It’s not over yet!” Wang Muyan refused to admit defeat, executing the third variation of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal. She roared, “Nirvana Sun and Moon!”

This time, the changes were profound and weren’t just the alteration of the sun and the moon. As the sun and moon revolved, a real world was born. Wang Muyan became the foundation of the world, and her age seemed to endlessly increase as the sun and the moon revolved. After ten years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye, a Quasi-Saint aura exploded from Wang Muyan that felt like everything in the world would bow to her.

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up because he had to admit that Wang Muyan was a genius. This was only a form of simulation, but it was still breathtaking as time seemed to have overlapped for real under the change of the sun and moon.

Lin Yun initially had no intentions of making a move. But Wang Muyan’s variation caught his interest, so he began forming his third variation of the Dragon Sun and Moon Seal with his hands.

“Heaven and Earth Unite!” Lin Yun roared. The two sword stars were then imprinted on his body. When a golden and silver radiance exploded from him, it was as if Lin Yun was donning a cloak that was made from the sun and moon.

This was a battle armor covered with golden and silver patterns, with a divine dragon on the back. The thirty-six galaxies also formed into hundreds of silk ribbons that wrapped around his arm and coiled around his body. At this moment, Lin Yun looked even more immortalized than the legendary Sword Immortal.

By wearing the sun and moon cloak, Lin Yun’s cultivation at the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage began to rise with an unimaginable power filling his body. When the power radiated from him, it made the thirty-six silk ribbons violently flutter.

“Great timing!” Lin Yun smiled and flicked his finger at Wang Muyan’s incoming attack. The thirty-six silk ribbons flew out, shattering the incoming attack.

It didn’t take long for Wang Muyan’s Dragon Sun and Moon Seal to shatter, and she flew away like a meteorite before Lin Yun could take a clearer look. When he raised his head, Wang Muyan had flown a hundred miles away, crashing into a mountain. But that didn’t stop her momentum. Wang Muyan had continued to fly a few hundred miles away, smashing apart three mountains. When Wang Muyan heavily fell to the ground, she created a huge crater beneath her, but she bounced off the ground and fell into a forest.

Lin Yun couldn’t see it clearly. He could only see mountains and trees collapsing as a cloud of dust rose. This scene naturally made Lin Yun widen his mouth, stumping him. “I seem to have gone a little too serious with it.”

He was too indulged in the earlier mood and failed to hold back. But he also didn’t expect his attack to be so powerful. Wang Muyan was already injured. Her third variation might seem powerful, but it was, in fact, an illusion.

“Hehe, she was only planning to determine the victor between you and her, but you were determining life and death with her. Her heart is filled with you, and yet you gave her a beating!” Lil’ Purple laughed in the Iris Secret Realm while gloating.

Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with Lil’ Purple. He turned into a streak of light and rushed over. But he returned the next moment and stowed the box containing the Phoenix Blood Sword Soul. “I nearly forgot about this.”

The Phoenix Blood Sword Soul was a treasure more precious than the Great Sun Saint Pellets and Great Lunar Saint Pellets. Saving Wang Muyan was important, but he couldn’t forget about the treasures, either. Lin Yun chased after Wang Muyan after stowing the box.

If he accidentally killed Wang Muyan, he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Heavenly Dao Sect any longer. He first committed blasphemy against a holy maiden before killing another holy maiden. If that became the case, he wouldn’t be able to clear his name.

“Lin Yun, you nearly killed her, and yet you’re still concerned about the Phoenix Blood Sword Soul. You’re really a scumbag,” Lil’ Purple smiled.

The Heavenly Yi Saint Lord was dumbfounded when he saw this scene beneath the Heavenly Wheel Pagoda. He initially wanted to go and look, but he ultimately stopped his steps after seeing Ye Qingtian rushing over. A long time later, he muttered, “Are youngsters this insane nowadays?”

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