The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1862 - Still Alive
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Chapter 1862 - Still Alive

When the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint saw this attack, it was already too late for him to dodge as the sword pierced through his chest. As blood splashed, the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint took several steps back.

The Vermilion Bird’s aura, which he already had difficulty resisting, suddenly crashed down, and he was forced to retreat to where Liu Chen’s corpse was located.

Lin Yun descended from the Flower Burial Sword and looked at the heavily injured Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint. The latter was really fast in fleeing. With his Azure Dragon Intent at the sixth grade, complete mastery of Heavenly Dome Sword Intent, and the Flicking Divine Finger, it was more than enough for him to inflict injuries on a Quasi-Saint.

He couldn’t injure someone who’s a Quasi-Saint based on his current cultivation, but it was a different story if his Azure Dragon Intent combined with his sword intent.

After the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint retreated to Liu Chen’s corpse, he nervously looked around and muttered, “Why aren’t they here?”

He seemed to be waiting for someone, but the person he was waiting for didn’t appear when he expected them. When he saw Lin Yun’s group joining up, his face became pale, and he retreated ten-odd miles away.

“Can we leave now?” Gu Jun asked, looking around. The Ming Cult’s Quasi-Saint had fled, and the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint backed off. No one dared to face them openly now. This place wasn’t calm, so it was best for him to leave now.

“It won’t be that easy.” Lin Yun took a deep breath and continued, “Do you think the Liu Saint Clan can seal off the entire pier with only two Quasi-Saints?”

This pier was the scale of a small city, and countless ships would stop there. Furthermore, the ownership of those ships weren’t pushovers, so how could they possibly obey the orders of two Quasi-Saints? If there were no Saints, it would be impossible for them to seal off this pier, and it would have to be more than one Saint.

Gu Jun and Mei Zihua’s faces changed, but An Liuyan had already expected this, so she wasn’t too surprised.

“Where are they?” Mei Zihua asked curiously.

“There’s naturally a reason why they didn’t dare to show up.” Lin Yun had a speculation within his heart, but he no longer dwelled on this question. Since no one appeared, this meant that they were all blocked outside the pier, and it was natural who the mastermind was. Lin Yun looked at Zhuge Qingyun and squinted his pupils, “There’s no need to hurry. Let me see if that old goat is really dead.”

It would naturally be a piece of good news that Zhuge Qingyun was dead. But Lin Yun wouldn’t mind giving him another sword if he was still alive.

Waving his hand, the Flower Burial Sword dashed towards Zhuge Qingyun. Everything happened too quickly, but everyone soon realized what Lin Yun was trying to do. Thus, this naturally captivated everyone’s attention. Strictly speaking, the five holy lands’ Quasi-Saints were more anxious than Lin Yun to know if Zhuge Qingyun was really dead.

Even after seeing the Flower Burial Sword swiftly getting closer to Zhuge Qingyun, the latter was still unmoving on the ocean. But suddenly, Zhuge Qingyun moved and slammed his right palm into the ocean, dodging the Flower Burial Sword.

As Zhuge Qingyun flicked his finger, the Flower Burial Sword was knocked away, causing the sword intent contained within the sword to disperse. As the Flower Burial Sword returned, Lin Yun waved his hand and grabbed onto his sword once more.

“He’s not dead!” Everyone was shocked because Zhuge Qingyun really was still alive. Then again, it was completely understandable.

Zhuge Qingyun’s face was pale as he coldly looked at Lin Yun.

“That old goat is really still alive.” Lin Yun’s face sank when he saw this scene.

As Zhuge Qingyun glared at Lin Yun, he gritted his teeth, “You ruined ten years of my cultivation!”

His words instantly left everyone shocked. Ten years of cultivation was nothing to a Saint because they could swiftly replenish with the help of pellets. But for Zhuge Qingyun, ten years meant he would have to spend another ten years if he wanted to become a Saint. This was a fatal blow to any Quasi-Saint.

That was especially the case for Zhuge Qingyun, who could have become a Saint in just one or two years. He could have even stepped into the Saint Realm in six months if he was fast enough. Upon reaching the Saint Realm, Zhuge Qingyun would have stepped into the top of the pyramid in the Kunlun Realm.

Zhuge Qingyun’s face was terrifyingly cold, as if he could devour Lin Yun whole. If Lin Yun didn’t unleash that last attack, he could have still slowly healed his injuries with his saint aura, and his injuries wouldn’t be so serious. But he was forced to stop healing his injuries, so he would have to take at least ten years to heal his injuries now. If Lin Yun had been slightly slower, he could’ve stabilized his injuries, but now it was all ruined.

Gu Jun, Mei Zihua, and An Liuyan’s faces became grave after hearing what he said.𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚

“Zhuge Qingyun, Liu Chen died because of you. Why aren’t you killing him? If you don’t kill him today, you will surely be a target of the Liu Saint Clan!” The Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint spoke out, looking at Zhuge Qingyun with hatred flashing within his pupils.

Zhuge Qingyun suddenly turned around, his cheeks trembling as though he was suppressing his anger.

“Am I wrong?” The Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint coldly looked at Zhuge Qingyun.

“You’re right! Liu Chen died because of me, and I will take revenge for him.” Zhuge Qingyun indifferently said.

“Why are you still not making your move, then?” The Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint roared.

“No rush, no rush…” Zhuge Qingyun lowered his head. But all of a sudden, he left an afterimage behind and appeared before the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint. Everything happened too quickly, and this scene took place too quickly. Aside from a few Quasi-Saints, no one could clearly see his actions.

Zhuge Qingyun’s fist had pierced through the chest of the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint. Everyone was shocked by this scene with their eyes wide open, looking at it with disbelief. Was Zhuge Qingyun insane to even kill the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint?

“Aside from my master, no one dared to speak to me in this manner. You… deserve to die!” Zhuge Qingyun recalled his hand and threw a punch at the head of the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint. As blood splashed, the corpse of the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint collapsed on the ground beside Liu Chen’s headless corpse.

This scene shocked everyone; they couldn’t imagine that Zhuge Qingyun had such power. If that’s so, how much strength did he bring out previously?

“Leave separately.” Lin Yun swiftly came to a decision and turned around. Undoubtedly, Zhuge Qingyun had gone insane, and he had lost his composure after realizing that he had to wait another ten years to reach the Saint Realm.

“You think you can leave?” Zhuge Qingyun sneered. He turned around and appeared before Lin Yun’s group of four. He was cautious and didn’t approach Lin Yun but stood ten miles away.

In the next moment, a sun and a moon bloomed within his pupils, with layers of heaven overlapping above his head with seven elements overlapping behind him before condensing into an altar.

“The Profound Sky Canon!” The other holy lands’ Quasi-Saints immediately recognized the technique Zhuge Qingyun used. After all, who in the Eastern Desolation wouldn’t know the Profound Sky Canon?

The Profound Sky Canon was an ancient cultivation technique that Tian Xuanzi had perfected. It was a complete pinnacle Dragon Spirit Martial Technique. Upon reaching the highest level, it might be able to surpass the Dragon Spirit Martial Technique.

Tian Xuanzi became famous because of the Profound Sky Canon, making him known to be the strongest genius of the Eastern Desolation for the past millennium. Under Zhuge Qingyun’s immense pressure, this made Lin Yun and the others terribly fall. They all retreated while under great pressure even before Zhuge Qingyun made a move.

As Zhuge Qingyun raised his hand and pushed forth, Gu Jun, who wanted to bear the pressure on behalf of Lin Yun, Mei Zihua, and An Liuyan, was sent flying away.

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