The Romantic Cultivator

Chapter 692 The Perfect Hero Jiang Guanzhong
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While Jiang Guanzhong was smirking coldly at Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan, the best delicacy that he had ordered had just arrived.

This was supposed to be best profound fish dish in this tavern and it was supposed to benefit the cultivator by boasting their inner spiritual seas over time. Therefore the more they come to this tavern to sample this dish, the more their inner spiritual sea would eventually increase.

It was also the reason why this tavern would have so many people at this hour and they were all willing to pay an exorbitant figure of 100 000 high grade spirit stones for this profound fish dish.

This profound fish dish had a name and it was called the Magnificent Spirit King Fish.

Needless to say, this tavern was able to make a huge profit in Snowy Pavilion City just from selling this dish alone.

When Jiang Guanzhong had taken his chopsticks to eat from this Magnificent Spirit King Fish that was put on his table, he instantly knew what was wrong with this dish.

It was because he was perfect in all ways and even his cultivation culinary skills were 10 out of 10.

He took a cold look at the guest counter where Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were at as he smiled silently: The two of you are just too young and too simple. Learn from me instead. This is how you are able to attract the attention of the Divine Consort…

"This Magnificent Spirit King Fish is not worth 100 000 high grade spirit stones at all!"

Jiang Guanzhong had raised his profound voice loudly so that everyone in the tavern from all corners, including the upper floors could hear him. "This profound fish dish is only worth a mere 1000 high grade spirit stones and even then, this valuation is still deemed to be too high!"

Everyone was startled and shocked by Jiang Guanzhong's sudden announcement.

Naturally even the lovely maiden by the name of Maiden Flower Ju, Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were also startled by the sudden commotion.

Maiden Flower Ju had suddenly turned very pale as she hastily excused herself from Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan.

She approached Jiang Guanzhong and said politely, "Master Cultivator, is something wrong with your dish? We only serve the most authentic profound food here in this place." 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝙣𝒆𝙩

Jiang Guanzhong hummed coldly, "Everything is wrong with this Magnificent Spirit King Fish. The food is wrong and even the profound herbs that you have used are also wrong!"

Maiden Flower Ju: …

Everyone was gasping softly and did not know what to say; it was because there were many of them that had ordered the same dish as well.

Therefore, they were all interested to hear what this Jiang Guanzhong was going to say.

Jiang Guanzhong explained coolly, "The profound herbs that you have used in this dish may create an aromatic flavor but it also has an addiction in it. The Green Spirit Lingzhi here may look like and taste like a thousand year old tonic Lingzhi but it is also what makes it addicting too… if you consume too much of it, your spiritual strength may even weaken rather than having any increases…"

Next, he pointed to another ingredient and smiled coldly. "This Toad Leaf is used as a substitution for the superior Dragon Mint Leaf, am I right? Both of them have the same similar look but its medical properties are a thousand miles apart!"

A quick l𝐨𝐨k at 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝒄𝙤𝙢 will leave you m𝐨re fulfilled.

He turned to look slowly at the crowd to say, "If you don't believe me, you can easily take this dish to a local alchemist to examine it.

Everyone was now gasping with shock.

Jiang Guanzhong was not only an expert in cultivation culinary but his knowledge of the cultivation herbs was also 10 out of 10.

And so was his food appraisal skill.

He added with another smile, "This sauce may seem good but there is nothing in this whole thing that warrants a hefty 100 000 high grade spirit stones price tag."

His intention was to attract the attention of the Divine Consort and this dish happened to provide him with the right excuse to kick a fuss that rocked the entire city.

He knew that many of the maidens in this tavern were important dignitaries or young mistresses of the powerful Spiritas Race. Therefore, they would naturally help him to spread the word of his fame in a fairly quickly manner.

Maiden Flower Ju quietly said, "Maybe our chef is not in a form today. Should I get you another dish to try? We can also waiver the price off for you…"

Jiang Guanzhong interrupted her coldly, "This will not do, maiden. This dish is a scam and are you trying to bribe me…"

All of a sudden Ji Yuan was at the table and he was picking up a pair of chopsticks to sample the Magnificent Spirit King Fish.

He took one bite before commenting, "Brother, this dish isn't that bad and is fact quite tasty. Why are you making things so hard for a young maiden?"

Ji Yuan had caught sight of the black ring that Jiang Guanzhong was wearing and he was grinning, "We are not from this city. So maybe you are not used to the good foods that are here yet. I say, this dish is actually quite delicious. Haha…"

Then he shoved the fish food to Xiao Muhan for him to take a sample too.

At first Xiao Muhan had a look of disgust but as he chewed the food, he was muttering. "Actually I have to agree with you, Ji Yuan. This dish isn't that bad…"

Jiang Guanzhong stared coldly at Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan; he was quite disgusted by them because they had no sense of culinary in their taste buds and they were consuming food as though it was junk food.

He smiled coldly at the two of them, "Then why don't you pay 100 000 high grade spirit stones for me then?"

Ji Yuan: …

Xiao Muhan: …

Ji Yuan was thinking weakly: Maybe I should shut up my mouth instead?

All of a sudden, a young maiden in a gold and white transparent robe with a long golden pony hair on her left side was seen walking casually down the stairs.

She was really a young beauty of course but Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were not staring at her beautiful face but somewhere below…

It was because they could see her revealing boobs quite clearly and there was only a thin piece of cloth between her legs.

It was obvious to Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan that she was not wearing any panties below. In fact, the maidens in this place do not seem to be wearing any panties at all.

Ji Yuan was muttering to himself: this is really too sinful.

This extremely beautiful maiden casually looked at Maiden Flower Ju before saying in a soft musical voice, "Our mistress will like to see these two guests upstairs…"

She was naturally referring to Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan of course.

"…therefore, may you bring these two men of cultures upstairs first. As for this unhappy guest here, I shall be here to pacify him. Now go."

Maiden Flower Ju quickly nodded as she pulled away Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan, "Come follow me quickly. Our mistress is someone that does not like to wait."

Ji Yuan reluctantly began to leave.

Actually, he did not want to leave this extremely beautiful maiden here to pacify a celestial from his home world but neither did he want to cough out 100 000 high grade spirit stones.

Therefore, he could only choose to leave with Maiden Flower Ju.

And of course, he was also being pulled away by Xiao Muhan who did not want any troubles in this place.

"Ji Yuan, let's go. This is not our problem!"

When Maiden Flower Ju, Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan had disappeared from view; the extremely beautiful maiden began to smile at Jiang Guanzhong. "Great Hero, do you dare to take back your words earlier?"

Jiang Guanzhong began to laugh coldly, "Is this the way to threaten your guest in this place? Are you not afraid that your tavern will lose its reputation in the city? Maybe if you or your mistress would sleep with me then I may consider taking back my words."

The extremely beautiful maiden sighed softly as she clapped her hands loudly, "Our mistress says if this man does not take back his words, then we can only feed him as cultivation food to our spirit fishes in the pond."

As she said that, the thirty maidens in the tavern were all suddenly staring coldly at Jiang Guanzhong.

Jiang Guanzhong was startled to see that all the maidens in this tavern were staring murderously at him and he was stammering as he unsheathed his saint-step divine sword, "You are all not guests?!"

He could still be able to escape because he was wielding a saint-step divine sword, a divine sword almost without an equal in the Celestial Realm.

The extremely beautiful maiden began to giggle, "Outer world cultivator, you can eat the wrong foods but you can't say the wrong words. Consider your saintly divine sword and your life as a just payment…"

Jiang Guanzhong had a sudden realization, "You have already known that I am an outer world cultivator?!"

The extremely beautiful maiden simply smiled, "I can assure you that no one will be able to hear the cries of your screams in this place."


Author Note:

1. Oh well... sheepish look.

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