The Romantic Cultivator

Chapter 690 Everyone’s Little Schemes
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Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were both warning each other, "Don't you dare to follow me!"

Even though they were warning each other sternly but they were still walking together with a delighted look.

This entire city was full of scantily cladded maidens and there were few men.

Xiao Muhan began to wonder, "Ji Yuan, do you think it is strange that there are so few men around here?"

Ji Yuan grinned, "Not at all. Aren't the city guards also men as well? Look, there are men there and over there. Aren't we men as well?"

Xiao Muhan said, "The maidens are also starting to look at us now and they are all smiling…"

Ji Yuan interrupted with a loud chuckle, "They are looking at me, of course. The maidens here are really so sweet and friendly. I am going to rank this city as the friendliest place for cultivators. Haha…"

"They are actually looking at me, you beardless goat." Xiao Muhan protested immediately and he soon cast away his doubts. So, where are we going next?"

Ji Yuan pointed to his left with a grin, "We are going to pick up some maidens and dig up some information about this place. We can start with the 4 lovely maidens that we have seen earlier. Being in the same queue would also allow us to break the ice quickly. Moreover, I am quite masterful with the flowery language of the Spiritas Race now."

Xiao Muhan frowned, "You sure pick up their language quickly."

Ji Yuan laughed, "Naturally that is also because I am gifted as a Great Poet. Haha…"

The two of them were able to pick up the Spiritas Language just by picking up pieces mainly because they were cultivators and they could naturally assimilate it through their profound cultivations.

That was the reason why the cultivators never have a need for any translators.

"Look! There!" Ji Yuan had suddenly tugged at Xiao Muhan.

Xiao Muhan looked up and saw that the 4 lovely maidens had entered into a building and it seemed like a tavern building.

"We are going there now." Ji Yuan proudly declared.

Xiao Muhan frowned, "This isn't a good idea, right? I mean, do we look like stalkers? Why are we stalking them instead of looking for the Divine Consort?"

Ji Yuan grinned, "Then do you have a better plan than this? Brother Xiao Muhan, never say that I didn't warn you. You can't ask anyone in the street where the Divine Consort is or they would think that you are a pervert and they may even raise the alarm against you. Then your trial will fail very badly. Therefore, we need to be as subtle as possible first…"

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had frozen as he spotted Xi Huangdi on the street to the left and he was hugging a beautiful scantily cladded maiden on her waist.

"What the heck?!" 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝘨

But luckily this Xi Huangdi did not spotted them and they quickly flashed out of his sight.

Xiao Muhan turned to stare coldly at Ji Yuan, "Subtle? Inconspicuous? Look at what the other cultivators are doing now. We need to take action immediately and that Xi Huangdi is definitely going to affect my Trust Points."

Ji Yuan had an ugly look when he had spotted Xi Huangdi.

This was too unexpected and this had affected his 'plans'.

But he could not tell Xiao Muhan that his plan was to check the looks of the Divine Consort first before deciding on his next plan of action.

If the Divine Consort is beautiful, then he would dump Xiao Muhan off immediately in a most ceremonially manner. After all, there was no honor among thieves when it comes to wooing a beautiful maiden.

That was the reason why he was taking Xiao Muhan on a wild ride first.

Xiao Muhan on the other hand, also had his own 'plans'.

Naturally he did not trust Ji Yuan because Ji Yuan's eyes had already betrayed him. But this was something that Xiao Muhan did not want to tell Ji Yuan.

He planned to use Ji Yuan as a magnet to attract the attention of the beautiful maidens since he had a more handsome look.

Eventually, Ji Yuan would lose his natural advantage in this place because Xiao Muhan had one clear winning advantage; he is really freaking rich. At least much richer than a poor cultivator like Ji Yuan.

He planned to leave Ji Yuan with a huge debt in this place and he would be too busy washing dishes in this place than to fight with him over the affections of the Divine Consort.

He began to grin as he pulled Ji Yuan to the tavern, "This may well be an inn at the same time. Why don't we reserve for ourselves the best rooms while we are here?"

Ji Yuan laughed, "Let's take the best rooms and order the best food, just like in the good old days!"

This sounded like a good idea since Ji Yuan was feeling quite poor and he was nervous about the finances in this city.

Xiao Muhan laughed, "Of course. We are brothers, after all."

But secretly he was cursing: Ji Yuan, you are just a simpleton. You want me to foot your bills for you? My foot!

Unknown to them, another cultivator had spotted Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan; he was a dark cultivator elder from the Evil Cultivation Palace and was also a great saint.

He had naturally recognized Ji Yuan and one of his objectives were to kill him.

But he had more sinister grin on his mind now; this place is perfect for him to practice his evil dual cultivation profound arts. What if he could make the Divine Consort his depraved slave instead?

Maybe he could even become a lord of this place and also a ruler of the Spirit Divine Realm.

This place had so little men and the maidens here were all so enticing.

The name of this dark cultivator was Grand Elder Gao Deyi and he was a peaked great saint that directly answered only to the Evil Cultivation Master.

He was a master of many dark profound arts like profound poisons, shadow assassinations, dark alchemy, evil charms and pervert manipulations.

Once he had locked on a target, no men or no maidens would be able to escape from his clutches. It was only a matter of time.


Author Note:

1. The plot deepens in the next chapter with a Spiritas female lead.

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