The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Chapter 484 - Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating cleared to zero! 1
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Chapter 484: Chapter 484: Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating cleared to zero! 1

[ my classmate works in the Yan group. Not only is the salary high, but there is also a special afternoon tea time every day. Overtime will definitely be paid. Not long ago, there was a quarterly bonus of more than 20,000. ]. [ anyway, I want to work in the Yan group, even in my dreams! ]

[ Kang Kang, my job, how much money do I have to work overtime every day without overtime pay. The boss is still so stubborn. I cried out loud! I also want to work in the Yan Group, please give me a Chance! ]

“I want to join the Yan Group Too!”

More and more people joined the discussion. Compared to the article from the Yan family, it was obvious that this rebuttal article was of a higher standard.

Moreover, many of them were putting the facts on the table and making sense. They did not forcefully stir up everyone’s emotions.

Even the fact that the Yan family’s women suffered from cancer one after another was not used to garner sympathy. They only analyzed the matter from a medical point of view.

Even though they did not quite understand it, they felt that it was very impressive. It made people feel awe and respect.

This was especially so for Yan Xi’s Weibo, which released a statement at this time.

[ to live a long life@: When I Was Young, I was older than my grandfather and grandmother. I often listened to the Yan family’s teachings, “If you are rich, you can help the world. If you are poor, you can only help yourself”, “Your spirit is as clear as autumn water, and your heart is as warm as the spring breeze”. Later, my mother taught me personally and often warned me that life was the most brilliant and that I should always have a sense of awe. When my mother was still alive, she set up a QC laboratory to conduct research on anti-cancer drugs. She had made a breakthrough in her research on skin cancer. Now that the specialty drug was on the market, I will, on behalf of my mother, give up the patent rights of the drug so that everyone can use it. I hope there will be no more sickness in the world. ]

The moment this statement was released, the online public opinion immediately went into an uproar.

Yan XI already had a lot of fans on her Weibo. This time, the Yan family was slandered, and the attention was extremely high. Even Yan Xi’s and Yan Feilu’s Weibo had a lot of people waiting, wanting to eat melon as soon as possible.

In the end, they had such a big melon.

Many Big V’s started to go down for science popularization. QC laboratory was one of the top ten laboratories in the country. It had always been engaged in the research and development of all kinds of special drugs. The most attention-grabbing thing was the research on special drugs for skin cancer.


Moreover, this kind of drug could not only treat skin cancer, but also other drugs derived from it. It could also be used to treat all kinds of skin diseases!

In addition, these drugs could also be used in the area of beauty.

After being popularized by science, the netizens were no longer calm. Such a valuable patent was actually given up just like that?

# Yan Qingcheng QC Laboratory # , # Yan XI announced that she was giving up the patent for skin cancer special drugs # , and other entries successively became trending searches.

[ saying that the Yan family is a capitalist, but in essence, they are exploiters? Come out and get beaten up! ]

[ the Doctor is benevolent! I hope that young miss will live a long life! ]

[ this is the second time I’ve seen the Yan family’s family motto. The last time my brother talked about it, he was very emotional. No wonder my brother is so warm. Growing up in such a family, how could he not be warm? ]

[“If you are capable, you can help the world; if you are poor, you can only be kind to yourself”, “Your spirit is as clear as autumn water, and your liver and intestines are as warm as the spring breeze”. How many people can do that? ] 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟el.𝚌o𝚖

[ my husband is great! My wife is great too! ]

[ the person who smeared the Yan family and tried to smear them is actually a business competitor of the Yan Group, right? ]

[ those investors are too arrogant. They really think that we netizens are fools! I will buy the shares of the Yan group right now. I believe in the Yan Group! ]

No matter how much hei zi and the internet trolls wanted to jump around, it was useless. The direction of public opinion had completely changed. Many people even started to question who was behind the Yan group.

After Chen Xiangxiang finished taking her luggage, she especially waited at the exit, wanting to see Yan XI’s expression.

She had suffered so many losses at Yan XI’s hands. Now that she could finally see Yan Xi’s bad luck, she did not want to let go of this opportunity no matter what.

The popular system: [ detected that Fu Yuhuai is nearby. Host, please go and increase Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating as soon as possible! Host, please go and increase Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating as soon as possible! ]

The mechanical voice sounded urgent and impatient.

Chen Xiangxiang: “Shut Up. Just wait for five minutes. I know what to do.”

The system’s points were cleared and there were not many reputation points left. Chen Xiangxiang’s anxiety was no less than the system’s.

Therefore, under the system’s suggestion, she decided to return to North Bridge City and continue to increase the favorability of Fu Yuhuai, Huo Zi’ang, Xi Jingxing, and the others.

These people’s favorability reward points were very high, far higher than the average target. If she could increase fu Yuhuai’s or Huo Ziang’s favorability to 100% , she could also reward 500,000 points in one go!

Chen Xiangxiang looked at the system panel. After a period of deliberate absence, Huo Ziang’s favorability had increased a little, to 95% .

The strange thing was that Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating was still at 91% .

Chen Xiangxiang waited for a few more minutes and soon saw Yan XI.

She took a step forward and smiled gently at Yan XI. “Sister Yan Yan.”

Then, she whispered in a worried tone, “Did you see the News?”? “I didn’t believe the rumor at first. The Yan family did all kinds of bad things and punished the Yan woman. “But now it seems that your physical condition isn’t very good... Do you want to change your surname to Xi and break the curse?”

After saying that, she looked at Yan Xi. The corners of her lips couldn’t help but curl up, and her eyes were filled with pride.

Yan Xi glanced at her and said calmly, “Your face is really ugly when you’re so proud. Don’t you know what’s Going On before you provoke others?”

“What?”Chen Xiangxiang was stunned.

“But since you want me to hit you so badly, of course I’ll help you.”Yan Xi reached out her hand and slapped Chen Xiangxiang twice.

Although Chen Xiangxiang’s goal was to provoke Yan Xi into attacking, her ears were still ringing and her face was burning. She couldn’t stand it.

We are b𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚎, find us 𝑜n google.

“Sister Yan Yan, how can you do this? It’s not nice to say, but I’m being kind. Don’t you know that your blood cancer will quickly worsen? You might not be able to survive this year...”

The popular system reminded, “The target, Fu Yuhuai, has appeared!”

At the same time, Fu Yuhuai’s voice sounded, “Yan Yan.”

Chen Xiangxiang covered her face and blinked her eyes. Her tears rolled down like beads with a broken string. She turned her head quickly to look at Fu Yuhuai, then turned her head away to wipe away her tears.

She smiled and took the initiative to greet him, “Yuhuai, what a coincidence. Are you here to pick up sister Yan Yan? Then I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye.”

Whether it was the palm print on her face, the angle of her tears, or her side profile, she had always planned it out. She was delicate and pitiful, and she could arouse a man’s deepest desire to protect her.

Anyone would think that Yan XI had gone too far; and she, who had endured and left silently, was kind and magnanimous.

Moreover, she was very sure that Fu Yuhuai had come for her.

When she returned to China this time, she had specially posted her plane ticket and selfies on her moments. The other party must have seen her moments and had come to pick her up.

Yan Xi and Fu Yuhuai’s relationship had always been bad, so how could Fu Yuhuai come to pick Yan Xi Up?

Sure enough, Fu Yuhuai opened his mouth. “Wait!”

Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help but smile. She heard the system’s alarm. “Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating is zero, Fu Yuhuai’s favorability rating is zero!”

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