The Infinite Mystery

Chapter 341 Immortal Hunter
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"This time, I will teach you a lesson. Remember this. Although our Scarlet Thunder Sect has a request for your Myriad Sword Sect, you're not the only ally we can have. Don't forget, the Supreme Wind Sect that is located at the border of the Ancient Dust City has been equally powerful recently. We can totally choose a new ally."

The Elder of the Scarlet Thunder Sect berated coldly, not giving Cao Ping any face at all.

Cao Ping's face was ashen. He had never been reprimanded like this in his life.

Initially, he had planned to come and show off. He did not expect that the Scarlet Thunder Sect would make a move on him.


Cao Ping flew into a rage out of humiliation and slapped Chen Yang who was standing behind him.

"If that old man Guo was here, would the people of the Scarlet Thunder Sect dare to touch a single hair of mine? You piece of trash, wait till I go back and tell my dad. I'll tell him to get you the hell out of here!" Cao Ping cursed angrily.

Just as he was about to lose his temper, a strange whistle came from outside the main hall.

"What's that sound?" Cao Ping frowned.

This sound, falling into the ears of ordinary people, probably doesn't mean anything. But when Chen Yang heard this whistle, his expression suddenly changed. His originally calm face suddenly revealed a sinister smile.


Chen Yang kicked fiercely at Cao Ping's chest.

This time, he was caught off guard. Furthermore, Chen Yang's movements were as fast as lightning. Cao Ping did not even have time to react.

Following a cracking sound, Cao Ping's sternum was attacked by a powerful force, and several cracks instantly appeared. He flew five to six meters away and knocked over countless tables and chairs. Blood continuously flowed out of his mouth.

"A playboy like you think you are qualified to order me around?" Looking at Cao Ping, Chen Yang coldly snorted and said.

"Wuwuwu... Cough! Cough!"

Cao Ping widened his eyes and blood continuously gushed out from his mouth. He pointed at Chen Yang with trembling fingers and wanted to say something, but because of his extremely bad injuries, he was unable to speak even a single word. His eyes gradually dimmed and he finally died.

Cao Ping was actually kicked to death!

All of this happened too quickly, causing everyone present to be stunned.

"Young master!" A few guards ran over in a panic.

However, Cao Ping was already lying on the ground, motionless. Clearly, he was dead beyond recognition.

The guards were both shocked and furious. They pointed at Chen Yang and cursed, "You're courting death, how dare you harm the young master!"

Chen Yang lightly waved his hand, and from the surrounding Cao Family followers, a few people rushed out and took care of these guards.

Qin Feng, who was watching everything from a certain distance, sighed and muttered: "So these guys are the Immortal Hunters. But they are not that strong. Only that guy Chen Yang is an Immortal."

"Looks like other Immortal Hunters are coming, that's why Chen Yang chose to take action now."

Qin Feng understood very well what is going on and what is going to happen next.

He has nothing to do with the Scarlet Thunder Sect and could have gone quietly, but because Li Huixin helped him a lot, he still chose to stay. He decided to help Li Huixin when needed.


"Sir, I'm afraid you're not Cao Ping's subordinate." Li Haoyang took a step forward and said in a deep voice.

Chen Yang looked into the distance and said: "Calculating the time, it should be time."

What time is it?

Just as everyone was wondering what was going on, a loud boom came from outside the Scarlet Thunder Sect.

"What's going on inside?"

"I saw Cao Ping's guards rush in just now. Could it be that they've made a move inside?"

"Interesting, I've been annoyed by Cao Ping for a long time. It's best to give him a good beating!"

The disciples waiting outside could not see what was going on inside, so they began to guess.


"Hm?" Qin Feng suddenly looked to the other side of the void and frowned.

He suddenly felt as if the entire sect protecting the grand formation of the Scarlet Thunder Sect had collapsed at this moment.

The sudden appearance of this power instantly turned the entire Scarlet Thunder Sect's grand defensive formation invisible.

"The sect's grand defensive formation is gone!"

Li Haoyang suddenly stood up, looked at Chen Yang, and angrily rebuked: "Could it be... You did it? Could it be that the Myriad Sword Sect is preparing to declare war on my Scarlet Thunder Sect?"

The other elders also sensed the changes in their surroundings.

They stood up one after another and angrily rebuked, "What does the Myriad Sword Sect want to do? We have already made such a great deal of sincerity, yet you still dare to attack first? Do you really think that our Scarlet Thunder Sect is made of mud!?"

Chen Yang suddenly laughed loudly. He looked at the people of Scarlet Thunder Sect as if he was looking at a group of fools. He laughed and said in a mocking voice: "A bunch of idiots. Since I killed Cao Ping, how could I possibly be a member of the Myriad Sword Sect?"

Li Haoyang snorted coldly, "You seem to have forgotten that this is the Scarlet Thunder Sect!"

He took a step forward and his entire body was actually wrapped in endless mist. Between the mist and water, numerous shining scarlet thunder flashed back and forth within the mist.

He was an Early Stage Worldly Immortal Realm martial warrior. Once he attacked, everyone in the hall, regardless of whether they were targeted or not, felt a wave of pressure.

Chen Yang didn't retreat. Instead, he advanced, releasing his own aura, which was actually on par with Li Haoyang.

"You are also a Worldly Immortal!" Li Haoyang was shocked.

In Ancient Dust Country, those who could become Worldly Immortal Realm martial warriors were all top experts.

Such experts would be treated like distinguished guests no matter where they were. How could they be servants of a playboy like Cao Ping?

"Who the hell are you?" Li Haoyang angrily asked. π˜£π‘’π‘‘π˜―π˜°π˜·π‘’π˜­οΌŽπ‘œπ˜³π˜¨

"Master Li, you have been guarding against us for so long. We are standing in front of you now, but you still don't know about it?"

Chen Yang shook off the clothes on his body, revealing his firm muscles. A dark eagle mark was drawn on his body. It was as if an eagle was entrenched, glaring at everyone.

Seeing this eagle mark, many elders' expressions changed. Even Li Haoyang couldn't help but exclaim.

"You are... Immortal Hunters?"

This eagle mark was the symbol of Immortal Hunters.

They did not expect that the Immortal Hunters that they had been carefully guarding against would actually appear in front of them in the end.

"All elders of the Heavenly Soul Realm, step forward. All of you, take Huixin and leave. All disciples, be on guard!" Li Haoyang's voice instantly echoed throughout the entire Scarlet Thunder Sect.

In the blink of an eye, everyone knew that the Immortal Hunters, who had caused the entire Profound Star World to tremble in fear, were here.

"Not good, why is it an Immortal Hunter?"

"It's over, it's over. If I had known earlier, I would have left the sect today!"

"Why are you thinking so much? Hurry up and form the formation!"

The surrounding disciples were originally in a mess, but soon some elders came over and gathered the surrounding disciples to form a formation to protect themselves.

Qin Feng, who was at a distance, flashed and appeared in the middle of the outer sect disciples. He mixed among them and started watching the show.

However, even he did not expect to be noticed by an elder who immediately called him over.

"That disciple, hurry up and come over!" One of the elders saw that Qin Feng didn't move and urged him to hurry up.

Qin Feng shook his head and sighed, then he walked straight to the main hall of the sect.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people couldn't help but be shocked.

Was this kid crazy?

Inside, there was the famous Immortal Hunter. If he went in, he would be sending himself to his death.

"Forget it. Since his brain isn't good and he intends to send himself to his death, let's not stop him." These disciples were trying to protect themselves. Who would care about Qin Feng's life?

Within the main hall, all the maids obeyed Li Haoyang's order and hurriedly pulled Li Huixin away.

"Father!" Li Huixin was extremely anxious.

Although Li Haoyang had always intended to sell his daughter out for the benefit of the sect, he was still her father.

Li Haoyang hurriedly glared and said, "Hurry up and leave. You are useless here. Instead, you will drag me down!"

With that, Li Haoyang and Chen Yang engaged in a great battle.

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