The Infinite Mystery

Chapter 31 - Fighting The Silver Beetle 2
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Even Qin Feng was surprised when he saw the green blood of the Silver Beetle that was like a fountain, gushing out from its waist.

Silver Beetle's body was already very hard and its waist was not its weakness but even so, its waist was half cut by the long blade of Qin Feng for some reason which he did not understand.

But since its waist was already badly injured, Qin Feng decided to attack its waist once again. After passing the body of Silver Beetle, Qin Feng once again slashed his long blade at the other side of the waist of Silver Beetle that was not injured.


To his surprise, this time, he was unable to cut through the Silver Beetle's waist, only a metallic sound rang out.


Silver Beetle was infuriated by Qin Feng. It was already enduring the pain coming from its waist but Qin Feng actually tried to attack his waist once again, which angered it beyond the limit.

The horn on its head started to shine with silver light as it turned to face Qin Feng. A chilling aura burst out from its body and feeling this aura, Qin Feng's battle intent once again soared.


A beam of light came out from the horn of the Silver Beetle that shot toward Qin Feng, wanting to kill him immediately.

Qin Feng was surprised when he saw this. In his fight against other beetles or this Silver Beetle, he never encountered anyone who attacked him by a beam of light. He was not ready to face this unexpected attack of Silver Beetle.

He jumped to his right side so that he could dodge the light beam shot by Silver Beetle but he was still slightly late. The beam of light shot by the Silver Beetle burst past his back and his back was burned charred black immediately. π˜£π‘’π‘‘π‘›π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.π˜€π‘œπ‘š


Qin Feng groaned in pain as it was really painful. A portion of his back was burned and if he had not jumped to his right side at the right time, he would have been dead by now.

He was feeling pain but the more pain he felt, the more he wanted to fight the Silver Beetle to death. He struggled a little and stood up.

At this time, he decided to release the Thunder Spear because, without the Thunder Spear, it was almost impossible to kill the Silver Beetle.

"Release, Battle Spirit, Thunder Spear!"

A crackling sound rang out as a spear covered with light blue lightning appeared above Qin Feng's head. And exactly at this moment, Qin Feng's strength also soared. His cultivation started to increase rapidly and in an instant, he became an Advanced Battle Spirit Warrior.

Feeling the increase in strength of Qin Feng, the Silver Beetle was startled. It immediately wanted to kill Qin Feng so that it could get rid of the danger he just felt but before it could do anything, a terrifying pressure pressed down on it. Coupled with Qin Feng's battle intent, the Silver Beetle Felt as if its body was going to explode at any moment.

As Qin Feng's strength increased, he was able to see through the Silver Beetle's strength. This Silver Beetle's strength was equal to a Battle Spirit Warrior that is about to break through and become an Elementary Battle Spirit Lord.

Previously, Qin Feng was actually fighting against the Silver Beetle who was actually stronger than him by two minor stages. It was really surprising that Qin Feng was actually able to injure it so badly before.

Right now, that Silver Beetle was feeling so much pressure that it could not even move. The injury on its waist and back which was done by Qin Feng's long blade was reopened, and the green blood once again began to come out of his body which had already stopped.


It let out a miserable shriek as it struggled and looked at Qin Feng with fear. It was scared for the first time, and all of this was just because of the Thunder Spear.

Not only the Thunder Spear increased his strength after being released, but the pressure it emitted out was also very terrifying. The beetles weaker than Qin Feng, after releasing Thunder Spear, would have died before the terrible pressure if they were still alive.

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Seeing the terrible condition of Silver Beetle which was still attacking him bravely a few moments ago, Qin Feng could not help but felt disappointed after seeing the fearful Silver Beetle.

The battle intent that was still soaring immediately disappeared. Qin Feng wanted to have a fierce fight with Silver Beetle after releasing the Thunder Spear but to his disappointment, the current Silver Beetle was in no condition to fight with him.

It was behaving like a terrified cat that did not even dare to move.

When Qin Feng's battle intent disappeared, the Silver Beetle felt as if some of the weight that was pressing it down has just lifted up. But even so, it did not dare to stand up as the terrifying pressure from the Thunder Spear was still there.

Qin Feng arrived in front of it with a disappointed face. All of his excitement vanished in thin air.

At this moment, If Qin Feng wanted, he could easily kill the Silver Beetle but he was so disappointed that he did not even want to kill it anymore.

He simply shook his head and walked to the three unconscious students of the Profound Sky Academy's class B. The Thunder Spear also disappeared and his strength once again return to his original cultivation level.

The terrifying pressure also vanished with the disappearance of Thunder Spear and only now did the Silver Beetle felt slightly comfortable.

No matter what, Silver Beetle was still just a beast. Seeing that the terrifying pressure was no longer there, it once again stood up and with a shriek, it ponced toward Qin Feng, wanting to kill him

"I have left you alive but you actually want to kill me.. If that is so, I will kill you!" Qin Feng looked at it and said coldly.

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