The Infinite Mystery

Chapter 1 - Talent Test
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_Blue Cloud City_

In a silent street, there was a broken building but its ground floor was still intact. In a small room on the ground floor of that broken building, a young man's youthful face was reflecting in the mirror as he was standing in front of the mirror while combing his hairs.

There was excitement in his eyes. He looked very happy and excited at this moment.

"Knock! Knock!"

Suddenly, knocking sounds on the door rang out, followed by the voice of a middle-aged woman from outside the room.

"Xiao Feng, it's very late now, when will you come out? You still have to participate in the talent assessment in your school."

The young man's eyes revealed a trace of happiness as he replied, "I know, mom. I am going to school soon."

When he said this, he heard the light footstep sounds outside the door grew further away. A hint of an ambiguous smile showed on the youngster's face as he clenched his fists and mumbled, "I will definitely pass the talent assessment and awaken my battle spirit, and take the Martial Exam two months from now!"

The young man's name was Qin Feng, and today was his fifteenth birthday. However, he had a maturity that his peers did not have, and he had the temperament of someone who had experienced many hardships at a young age.

He was a senior high school student from Blue Cloud City's number three secondary school.

Not long after that, he came out from his room and without even eating his breakfast, he ran out of the house, directly toward his school.

"Xiao Feng, your breakfa..."

His mother looked at his disappearing figure and sighed, "This brat, I just hope everything will be alright!"

After that, she shook her head a little and then busied herself in her work.

_Third Senior High School_

It was June, and the hot weather made the entire class seem a little restless. From time to time, there would be loud noises.

"Lin Hui, this is almost the middle school exam, are you preparing for the Knowledge Exam or the Martial Exam?"

"Aren't you talking nonsense? Lin Hui is so outstanding, since he was young, his family have brought all kinds of spirit herbs for him, it is definitely a Martial Exam! "

"You are right, an outstanding and rich genius like Lin Hui, how could he choose a Knowledge Exam!"

Some of the students in the first few rows of the class were all gathered around a muscular man, chattering about the upcoming entrance exams.

Lin Hui only smiled and waved his hand, signalling everyone not to say anything else. However, there was no hint of modesty on his face.

Lin Hui ignored the flattery from the crowd. Instead, he turned his gaze and looked towards a skinny man behind him on the right side and said with a face full of pride, "Hey! Have you thought about which exam to choose?"

The skinny youth who was sitting on the right side of Lin Hui was staring at the sky as if he was in deep thought.

The others sneered: "Isn't that the same as seeing if he has the battle spirit and bloodline or not! You speak as if he is free to choose between the two types of exams."

This youth was Qin Feng who came to his school almost half an hour away.

Qin Feng knew the reason that Lin Hui asked him, was to attract the attention of the people around him, so he naturally didn't have a good expression of Lin Hui.

"Heh, Lin Hui, what nonsense are you talking about? He is just a child with a single mother, it is usually difficult for him to even eat his fill. How would he even have the mood to think about Martial Exam?"

"Yeah yeah, look at his skinny body, let alone participating in the Martial Exams, I am afraid he won't even pass the Knowledge Exam's sports exam. "

"So what if he's the number one in the entire grade?"

The students surrounding Lin Hui mocked and retorted Qin Feng with an unfriendly expression.

Lin Hui also became serious and said in a bad tone, "You're right, he is just a bastard. He is probably going to join society after graduating from junior high school. Since he doesn't have any background, he can only go to do some random work to feed himself and his mother. Asking him this kind of question, I was rude…"

"Lin Hui, what do you mean by that? Are you implying that just because I don't have a background and I am poor, it means I can not become participate in the Martial Exam?"

Before Lin Hui could continue to say anything, Qin Feng slammed the table and said angrily.

"Alright, alright, I didn't mean to hurt you but isn't what I just is the truth?" Lin Hui said this as if he was some kind of big shot.

However, his heart was burning with anger, "Damn it! Qin Feng, you are just a poor brat, how can you have the nerve to question me. I will definitely show you who's the boss!"

"Lin Hui, don't be angry. There will be a talent assessment soon. When the time comes, everyone will know that this kid is just a useless man without any talent!" A boy sitting next to Lin Hui whispered in his ear.

"You're right, I'll let him know about the gap between me and him in a while!" Lin Hui said while clenching his teeth, he did not even notice the crisp sound that came out after he clenched his fists.

Right at this time, the figure of a middle-aged man swept past the window of their class, and the noise within the class gradually became softer, until it completely disappeared.

This middle-aged man was the teacher in charge of the class. The students present saw the middle-aged man slowly walking to the center of the stage while holding a transparent pearl engraved with a strange rune. He swept his gaze around the students in the class with a serious expression.

The eyes of everyone in the class were focused on the transparent pearl which was engraved with a strange rune in the middle-aged man's hand, because it was the Pearl that could determine if they had the talent to awaken the battle spirit or not. π›π—²π—±π—»π—Όπ―πžπ—ΉοΌŽπ¨π«π—΄

This Pearl was something that can change the trajectory of their life!

Almost five thousand years ago, planet earth had experienced the greatest calamity in history. Huge Spatial Cracks had split open in the sky and countless pitch-black cracks had spread across the sky around the world which looked like sinister wounds on it.

People could not see what was beyond the huge spatial cracks.

Because of the appearance of the Spatial Cracks that appeared in the sky, countless monsters had entered the planet earth. The native creatures had also started to experience crazy changes as they started to evolve with the appearance of the Spatial Cracks.

The creatures that could not threaten the human race's position, became more and more powerful. It was as if the heavens were playing a joke on the human race. The only creatures that did not change were the humans.

These creatures were then started to known as demonic beasts. Demonic Beast came in all sizes and shapes, possessing horrifying strength. Even the weakest among them were as strong as the most ferocious wild animals, while the strong ones couldn't even be killed with missiles. It proved difficult to eradicate them completely.

It was as if the entire planet had returned to the desolate era.. Even if the humans had the power of science and technology, they could only try to survive in front of these terrifying Demon Beast.

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