The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

Chapter 227 Final Showdown (3)
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The loose robe of the humanoid creature fluttered as it moved toward its opponent; Its whole body was emitting dark black smoke as if it were burning. Its bony hands cracked as it tightened its grip on its sword. The red mark of the sword started glittering with a red glow,

It slashed its sword at the white-colored creature in front of him and roared as its golden eyes shone. His paws got covered in a golden fluid as it raised them to intercept the attack.


The sound resounded before they both exchanged some more moves: 'Clang, 'clang,' 'clang.'

Sheru blocked every attack easily. A sleepy, non-serious expression could be seen on its face as it was fighting. Vansh saw that and knew that he was not gaining any advantage and he will be in trouble as the battle progresses. He decided to use the ultimate move of his Sword Beast.

He commanded his contract to deal the final blow; five orbs came out of nowhere and surrounded the Skelton swordsman's sword. He was about to release it when Rishi decided to end the fight and commanded, "Finish it." ο½‚πšŽο½„ο½Žπš˜ο½–πšŽο½Œ.𝚌𝚘m

The black-colored pattern between Sheru's brows glittered in a golden glow. Its body shone in blue, and it disappeared from its place and appeared in front of its opponent. It activated 'tiger claw,' and liquified energy surrounded its claws. Its claws also increased in size.

Many red marks appeared on the skeleton swordman's body; these were the flaws detected by Sheru. Only he was able to see them. He raised its claws and landed a swift strike on the mark on his chest. The opponent panicked upon seeing the attack, as did its master. Unfortunately, both of them didn't get time to react. The claw landed on the chest and appeared from its back; only a cry was heard after the attack.

Sheru swung his tail and sent his opponent rolling. The body of the Skeleton Swordsman was thrown back, releasing a black liquid. It rubbed against the floor for a while before stopping. A black-colored fountain emerged from its chest for a second before stopping; An expression appeared for the first time on Vash's face.

It was not anger or sorrow; they were what losers did. He said in a cold tone, "You are lucky," before calling back his contract beast and going back to his seat, leaving behind a confused Rishi.

He isn't wrong, though; I am lucky to have Sheru. He smiled for the first time enchanting many girls in the crowd who were charmed by his handsome face, which looked even more perfect with a smile.

"With this win, Rishab has a ticket to the final," announced the commentator. The crowd cheered wildly. The performance given by Sheru gained a lot of fans, while some criticized Rishi for being extremely lucky to be able to get a Magc Beast like Sheru.

Three people in the crowd were cheering way more than any others. They were the teacher trio from Mazar Academy. Roy and Trisha were happy about the money and Rishab's win, while Anya was happy that Rishab has lived up to her expectations and is on the path to becoming a well-known beast cultivator.

Her dream changed when she failed to promote to four-star Beast Cultivator many times. At that time, she was mentally broken. When she had lost all hope and crushed her dreams, she gave up.

She decided to teach at the academy for some months in order to receive some capital, but what she didn't know was that fate had planned something different for her. In these few months in the academy, she realized that teaching is not that bad at all, watching students who are little buds in the field of beast cultivation grow and become successful.

It's better than being a beast cultivator. So what if I can't become a beast cultivator? I have taught three students who are already five-star beast cultivators, while Rishab has the potential to surpass them. So what if my contribution is never recognized? I am happy if I can provide my students with the beasts I have and nurture them into beast cultivators who contribute to society. Isn't this goal way grander than my previous goal already?

The black-haired girl looked at the boy, moving back with her silver-colored eyes. She knew the next battle was hopeless, and no matter how hard her contract beast tried, it would not be able to defeat its opponent. What made her think again about trying was the decisive attack of the opponent. If her contract beast got hit by any of them in the primary form, he would be crimped, if not dead, while if his attack landed on the sword form, from what she had noticed, he attacked the flaws of the opponent.

Sword transformations have many flaws, and if a strong attack lands on that part, it will create cracks in the sword beast. These cracks were very hard to repair and took months to fully recover. Is it worth it? My goal was to have it trained for one year, and I have already achieved it. My contract beast is still young and is not prepared.

After thinking it through, she came to a decision that would disappoint others, but that was not something she cared about. She was already at a disadvantage from the start. If it was Vansh, she could have even tried, but what can her contract beast do against that monster? She left the arena without looking back. Many people looked at her and thought she was going to the washroom(toilet), but what the commentator announced next surprised them.

"Yashika has forfeited from the battle, which means Rishab is the winner." Many people were impressed by her ability to make efficient decisions, while some criticized her and called her a coward, but they were ignored by others. Is she really a coward? From the start, this was not a competition of beast tamers; it was a competition of beasts.

An old man commented, rubbing his white beard. "Knowing when to give up is something every beast tamer should know. The ones that know their limits live long."

The others around him nodded; they knew many beast tamers lost their lives due to overestimating themselves. It was very important for a beast tamer to know when to give up. You can't always get the desired results, and that's why we call it life. If everything happens according to you, what fun will it be?

Rishi sighed when he looked at her back. He was very nervous about the fight with her. He had already triggered her before and suffered due to it; he didn't know what she would do to him if Sheru accidentally injured her contract Beast; he was not sure if anyone here would be able to stop her if she attacked him.

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