The Bloodline System

Chapter 821 - Strange Quest
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Chapter 821 - Strange Quest

Gustav's spar with Ada hadn't been public, so they had no idea how much he had been trashing a final year cadet earlier on.

While Gustav and the others were heading back to their residence, Endric suddenly came out of nowhere, appearing in front of Gustav.

"Gustav, we need to talk," He stated with a serious look.

E.E and Aildris were surprised to see Endric looking quite assertive compared to earlier. Ada had a confounded look on her face as she stared at Endric, who had just popped out of nowhere.

'Why do both of them have facial similarities?' She wondered as she noticed the resemblance between Gustav and Endric.

"Hmm? Talk about what?" Gustav asked.

"Can we discuss in private? It's important," Endric voiced out again.

One of Gustav's eyebrows was raised as he stared at Endric with a suspicious gaze. He wondered what Endric would want to talk about that both of them would have to be alone before he could speak.

"About what?" Gustav asked again, seemingly uninterested in giving Endric a chance without him at least revealing something.

"I... Can't say anything about it here... Could you please just come with me?" Endric asked politely.

E.E and Aildris stared at Gustav from the side, wondering how he would respond. They actually wanted him to give Endric a chance, but they knew it wasn't their place to say anything about this, so they just kept quiet.

"Alright... now or later?" Gustav asked.

"Now if that's okay with you... The matter is of great importance so I don't want to delay," Endric voiced out.

Just as Gustav was about to give his answer, a notification popped up in his line of sight.


[Emergency Quest: Keep distance from Endric]


'Huh?' Gustav couldn't hide his look of confusion as he spotted this emergency Quest.



<+1,000,000,000 Exp>

<+50 Attribute points>

[Punishment For Failure]


'What the hell is this?' Gustav wondered internally with a look of confusion.

[Quest Initiates in...]




"So what do you say?" Endric voiced out after seeing Gustav remain silent for a while.

The others, too, were wondering why he had been silent all this time.


"I'll have to go for now, I gotta take care of something," Gustav voiced out before zooming off.



The group stared at each other, wondering why Gustav had just taken off like that without saying anything more.

"Maybe he forgot something important. You'll have to ask him another time Endric," E.E voiced out with a comforting tone.

"Hnm, I will do that. Thank you," Endric voiced out before walking away.

'You don't share much of a relationship with the outworldly do you?' The voice of the gem in his head resounded once more.

'We have a history... I don't think he'll ever forgive me for the things I've done,' Endric responded internally while sighing.

'I mean... I don't deserve to be forgiven, but I hope he gives me the chance to help him at the very least.

'I see... This is indeed troubling,' The voice resounded in Endric's mind once more.

'I sense uncanny similarities... Who is he to you?' The voice asked.

'He is my big brother,' Endric responded.

Meanwhile, E.E and Aildris decided to head over to Gustav's room to ask him why he stormed off.

Ada chatted with them for some time before heading back to her residence.

At the moment, Gustav was in his room questioning the system.

"What's up with this quest?" Gustav asked with a tone of suspiciousness.

("What's up with it? Why are you suddenly concerned when you don't like your little brother,") The system responded.

"Yes, I don't care about him, but why do I suddenly quest to stay away when he had something important to talk to me about?" Gustav questioned with a face full of suspicion.

("It's just randomly generated. It's no big deal, you don't have to look for an explanation over every small detail or situation,") The girl voice of the system sounded dismissive.

"Sure, but this one was just too much of a coincidence don't you think... I'm not so stupid as to not find it suspicious," Gustav wasn't backing down on this as he felt there was more to the quest than met the eye.

("You find everything suspicious Gustav... Even your closests of friends. Loosen your guard a little,") The system stated.

"Nah this is weird. I was already staying away from him before but why you gotta force me to do it now," Gustav said while clicking his tongue.

("You're overthinking this,")

"I don't know what the punishments for failure are but I don't care. I will be failing this mission," Gustav voiced out as he stood to his feet.


"I'm going to hear what Endric has to say," He said while moving towards the door.

At this same moment, knocks were heard on the door.

Gustav didn't have to open it before he knew who was at his door or rather who were.

He moved to open it, and E.E, as well as Aildris, walked in.

"Yo Gustav why did you storm off like that?" E.E voiced out the moment he sat on the sofa.

"You could have at least given Endric a time you would speak with him or tell him you're not going to speak with him at all," Aildris voiced out with an explanatory tone.

"Oh yeah about that... I really had something to do, but I'll go talk to him now," Gustav voiced out in response.

"You will?" Both Aildris and E.E questioned at the same time with surprising tones.

"Yeah," Gustav replied affirmatively. 𝑏𝑒π˜₯π˜―π‘œπ‘£π˜¦π˜­.π‘›π˜¦π‘‘

They had thought Gustav really didn't want to speak with Endric, which was the reason for his sudden departure.

"I'll go look for him now," Gustav said while heading towards the door.

E.E and Aildris both stood up, ready to leave as well, when Gustav paused before he arrived at the door.

("Don't do it,") The system voiced out in his head.

'I will. I don't care about the consequences, I need to understand what's going on,' Gustav replied with a strong tone internally.

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