The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 38 The Sacrifices
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"Your majesty, there is a reason." Rockey shouted.

Ezra glared at him with a side eye. "Supernova Roch Whitefang, right now I am a Crown Prince and Chief of Army Staff, nothing more or less. Give me a reasonable answer or I will show my wrath without paying heed to old memories.

The chill in his eyes terrified the youngster who came, for some reason even supernovas felt threatened.

"Black Lightning! The imperial family is famous for having fire type Qi. How did his majesty get a bolt of black lightning, it's not ordinary lightning, it's different than qi." Supernova Jani Galearms pondered as he witnessed the force.

"It was the order of King, your majesty" Rockey answered.

The anger of the werewolf prince calmed down a bit. "Father's order! But why?"

"For the sect admission, only those who are within the Qi Establishment Stage and are below the age of 25 can enter the sect admissions. Father ordered them all to not break through to Core Formation Stage until admissions.

The King also ordered to give 6th to 4th grade cubic pills to teen werewolves and gave 3rd grade to old Imperial Guards. His h" Roch Whitefang explained.

"Father want us to join a sect?" Ezra asked.

"This subject does not know his highness' intentions behind this order." 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π˜―π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.𝘰𝘳𝘨

"Boy, it's a blessing in disguise. You can build your power in both empire and sect." Fenrir spoke.

"But still..."

"Your majesty, we also received a report that Crown Prince of Brownmane Empire has joined a sect 5 years ago. He's still there and hasn't returned to empire yet." Said Maria Coldbone, a sharp minded female supernova.

The atmosphere changed around Ezra Zephyr, his eyes gave a deadly glare. He clenched his fists, and cracking sounds could be heard from his clenching. "What wonderful news it is!" A sinister grin formed on his face.

The document containing the report was torn into pieces by his lightning. "Supernova Rockey, give me verbal information about rest."

"As you wish, your majesty. Out of 419 consumers 5th-grade cubic spirit pills 393 were able to overcome. As of 2000 4th grade pills, we have 1912 survivors, all of them are werewolves.

As for the 3rd grade. There were around 7000 pills, 905 out of 991 Imperial guards excluding supernovas were able to consume the pills while the remaining 6000 were distributed to teenagers of different tribes. Like Kobolds, Fauns and Centaurs who swore their loyalty to us. From which 4281 survived, the total number of martial masters made from cubic spirit pills is 7503, including Supernovas and excluding Chief Administrator Pollard Whitefang." The eldest supernova gave a brief report.

"We lost so many kids, I can feel their mothers' disgust towards us." Ezra commented.

"That's not it, your majesty. A small sacrifice is needed for the greater cause." A boy of 16 age from the faun tribe spoke from the ranks.

(Faun = Sheep/Goat with the humanoid body)

The prince drove his sight on the ranks and caught the speaker. "Who are you, O brave resident of this kingdom?"

The faun boy flinched when he heard the prince speaking to him. "I... I'm... I am" the boy panicked and started to stutter.

Ezra smiled and walked towards the boy, he was a small looking kid, and his legs shook more as Ezra came close. The boy closed his eyes, the previous impression of Ezra stuck fear into everyone's hearts.

"What is your name, little brother?" Ezra said gently.

"Whaaoo, the prince called him little brother".

"Did you see that"

"Our prince is so handsome, I'm in love"

"I wish our prince call me little brother as well"

The teenagers started whispering, each had their own piece to say.

The boy looked at Ezra Zephyr and said. "I am... Amio Teggins"

"Amio Teggins, what a nice name. You are not a werewolf yet you said something that outshines you more than others." The prince praised the faun.

"It was something my mother said" he replied.

"Oh, your mother! Did you ask her about it?"

"My little sister also took the pill, my mother said we must contribute to the kingdom. But... my sister couldn't handle the spirit and... and exploded." The face of the boy was smiling but deep down every word he said had a tremendous amount of pain.

Hearing those words, Ezra closed his eyes. He imagined the sight of that girl, it gave him goosebumps. He opened the tightly shut eyes, he held the hand of the faun and knelt before him.

"Your majesty!"

"My prince"

"Crown prince, what are you doing!"

Everyone jumped to stop the prince, and the well maintained lanes were disturbed.

The eyes of Ezra became wet, he couldn't look into his eyes, Ezra gathered the strength and asked "What was the name of your sister?"

"Her name was Akio, she was stronger than me. I still can not figure out how she failed, please forgive her your majesty" the faun's words were like poisonous arrows for Ezra.

The prince shook his head "No... it is I who should be sorry. I will repay every single drop of blood and pain to those who made us suffer."

Saying that, Ezra stood and released his spirit, the gigantic wolf emerged from chaos force and howled. The dominant power of lightning together with Fenrir's howl was more than enough to boost their morale.

Ezra shouted "We will launch an all out attack on the Warborn Kingdom today, with the setting sun we will march forward. All 7503 of you will be the one to reclaim the land we lost to those hyenas." His voice echoed.



Everyone yelled their heads off, their cries were akin to Trumpet of War.

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