The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 37 Gather The Army
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"Hey hey grandson, I am as sad as you are. Unable to meet my only grandson because of my health condition, what could be worse for a grandfather? But you... you changed that course. You are the one who has changed the unchangeable destiny of werewolves, be proud. Spare the despair for betrayers." Feroza said as he hugged his only grandson.

"Grandfather what is your cultivation stage."

"I am at peak of 5th level of Nascent Soul Stage, my injury influenced my cultivation a lot."

"A trash with lame excuses" the monstrous wolf commented and the prince ignore it.

Ezra then asked his father "What about you father?"

"I am at the early 1st level of Nascent Soul Stage" Ezra said with a smile.

"Finally a decent one in your family" Fenrir commented again.

"Oh and I am one of those who you have summoned, I consumed the 6th-grade spirit pill. Should I come as well, Crown prince?" Feroza giggled as he said.

"That's a relief grandfather." Ezra said.

"A relief? That's is wastage of precious cube however you see it." Fenrir retorted.

Looking at his father Mirza guffawed"Haha who would have thought that the canine fists have this childish side as well."

"Canine Fists is also a human, you know." The old man retorted.

"Is that your moniker, grandfather?" Asked Ezra

Feroza put both of his hands on his waist. "Hah, yeah. A moniker from the past, I dislike fighting with weapons so I used gauntlets to fight. Earned me the title of Canine Fists."

"Uhh... gauntlets are weapons too, I believe." Ezra corrected.

"Who said that, it's not. I'll kill whoever thinks of gauntlets as weapons." The canine fists got fumed.

"Run son, the old man is crazy again. You hit his weak spot."

"Did Brownmane give him a concussion?"

"No, he's crazy since his birth"

"Ah shit, run father." both son and father ran out of the room.

<Training Grounds> ๐‘๐‘’๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐‘œ๐˜ท๐‘’๐‘™๏ผŽ๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

Chief Administrator issued the imperial order and it was sent to all 3 cities in the Bloodfang Kingdom. The populace was shocked to see this news, some disagreed, others thought the kingdom is on its death doors, only 1 tribe of beastmen race has full trust in the newly appointed Chief, the tribe of Werewolves.

The day passed quicker for everyone and with the next rising sun, all the alive inheritors of cubic pills gathered at the vacant grounds outside the city except for Feroza Zephyr, of course.

Thousands of people on the sight, Ezra Zephyr on a royal carriage. Wearing the well designed long coat with wolf shoulder plates. A perfect image for a ruthless handsome general shown in novels. Ezra sat on a chair while the 9 Supernovas stood behind.

"Where is the report?" Ezra asked and Rockey came with a document in his hand stored in a scroll.

The crown prince opened it. "Out of 14 pills, 9 were given to Supernovas and 1 went to my grandfather. 1 consumer couldn't control the change and die! Tsk tsk, what a pity. That remains 3, Zulfi Dimitry, Argus Woska and Shifa Pista." After mumbling all that is written, Ezra gestured and said "Call these three"


Three young people came forward and bent their knee. A youngster with good facial features and black hair spoke. "I am Zulfi Dimitry, age 18 years. Your Highness, It is an honour to meet our saviour. I use the sword as my weapon because our King Mirza is also a swordsman." The youth's words were full of enthusiasm, as he smiled in joy.

Another person came forward. "Argus Woska is my name your majesty, I am 19 years old. I acknowledge Canine Fists, the previous king as my idol. Our family has a strong build and we fight using gauntlets or bare fists just like Sir Canine Fists. It pains me that he passed before I could witness his greatness."

Ezra giggled and mumbled "Just say gauntlets are weapons and he'll show you his greatness"

"Pardon, your majesty?"

"It's nothing, welldone Argus, Next."

A lady came forward, she had pretty and slender looks with a single long ponytail. "I'm Shifa Pista, 20 years old, your majesty..."

"Oh, she is a quiet one." Ezra pondered.

"She has a really nice body and that face is kissable." Fenrir said.

Ezra flinched slightly "What the fuck is wrong with you pervert dog" Ezra cussed.

Fenrir didn't wait to reply "She is so G to take the D".

"I am here as Chief of Army, don't fuck with me with your stupid alphabet." Ezra retorted.

"It's better to spread her legs before someone else takes the first bite, she is only useful that way." Fenrir spoke again. "They had 6th grade spirits and could only reach the peak of Qi Brightening Stage in 5 years."

It was then that Ezra looked at their cultivation. Ezra gritted his teeth as he uttered. "You only achieved the cultivation of peak Qi Establishment Stage, did you take my blessings for granted?" Black bolts of light flickered, and the Chaos force touched the chair, crumbling it into pieces of twisted wood.

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