The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 30 Formula Of Spell
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"Fenrir, why do you want me to have a force of soul attribute?" Asked the prince.

"The possessor of force can use qi skills and mana spells alike. Unlike cultivators and sorcerors who are bound to one type.

There was a mad scientist, thousands of years ago. Elon Resla, elder brother of my 47th host. He fancied necromancy, he spent his entire life focusing on a delusional single spell. A spell that can completely revive a dead being, bound it to obey, heal it when it's injured and call him at will.

After countless years of work and experiments, he announced

'The spell I have created is omnipotent. But, it will only work on Martial Animals, one must have all 5 necessary attributes to learn it'. This is all he had revealed.

He was assassinated the next day, and people forgot about him. But not his brother, my 47th host, Rinon Resla. He went to his brother's lab, collected all the necessary documents and written thesis before setting the lab on fire. Burning all the remains of his brother.

But Rinon could not learn it himself, because he lacked the soul attribute. After he died at the hands of my enemies, I tried to teach the spell to my 48th host, Sei Otho and 49th host, which is your great grandfather, Bjorn Zephyr. But, both failed to design a force that has soul attribute." The wolf explained.

"So only I succeed." Ezra uttered proudly.

"Your chaos force will be a nightmare for your enemies."

"What are the 5 necessary attributes that mad scientist talked about?" Prince asked in curiosity.

"Soul magic, Blood Magic, Black Magic, Curative Magic and Teleportation Magic. These are the five necessary attributes, each one is rare, and it is next to impossible to find all in one person."

Ezra scratched his head, before meeting Fenrir he didn't know there existed soul and blood magic.

The lower realm is weak and poor by a large margin compared to the upper realm. The gods and other beings never paid any attention to the lower realm. There is also an unknown power opposing higher powerhouses to descend onto the lower realm, that's why Bjorn Zephyr destroyed his cultivation to hide in the lower realm.

When Ezra knew that his family belonged to the upper realm, he was astounded to the point where his eyes paused in complete disbelief.

Ezra calmed his mind and inquired "What about the other 4 attributes? I don't have those."

"I have them, I devoured countless martial spirits in my all 49 lives as a spirit. My darkness possesses the fragments of all other attributes except Soul, now that I am your spirit, all fragments are merged into your chaos force. You are a walking disaster Ezra, never underestimate yourself.

But, always be wary of your surroundings. Even if you are weilder of a mighty force, your cultivation is in a shit state. I will provide you with the ways to become omnipotent without an early death, all you have to do is to listen."

"Haha, I'll try my best" Ezra giggled and replied.

"Hmm, as expected of a rascal."

"If your blabbering is over, why not we hurry up and start learning that spell." Prince said.

Fenrir nodded in disgust and spoke "You must remember the equation of spell's formula, feel the symbols of magic language."

"Magic language?" Ezra asked in curiosity.

"Yes magic language, it's made of symbols. Each attribute like water, air, soul and others has its own symbols. Only those who possess sorcery based martial spirits can feel those symbols, even if they are not educated. After that, they calculate and solve the equation of those symbols and create a spell.

Sorcery is much more difficult than cultivation, qi skills are the usage of qi to perform a damaging feat. Skill is based on the physique or weapon mastery of a cultivator. Any cultivator regardless of their qi attribute can learn a skill if he or she has a suitable physique or suitable mastery over the weapon.

Sit and calm your mind, I will project the formula of the spell in your mind. Memorize and feel it slowly, don't be hasty, be perfect."

The werewolf prince sat down and focused on what he was about to see. Fenrir projected a formula, and Ezra squinted his closed eye.

"It's... it's a pentagon and strange 5 big symbols on each side, there is a circle in middle. Small symbols from each side are placed in line, having their way to the middle circle, where the 6th big symbol is located." 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π˜―π‘œπ˜·π˜¦π˜­.π‘π‘œπ‘š

"Indeed, this is as you saw. It will take weeks or even months for you to feel those symbols and decipher the meaning behind them. Keep doing until you are exhausted." Fenrir guided

After a few hours, the prince spoke. "I can feel what's written in it, I can read it."

"What!" Fenrir was shocked. "Is he a prodigy? Only a few in my lifetime have deciphered the formula of a 10th-class spell in a day and they are absolute gods now. Fate won't betray me this time I guess." Fenrir pondered.

And said to Ezra "You took too much time to decipher it, pathetic kobold prince. Explain what's written in it."

"The 1st side has the symbol of 'BLACK' and the line says

'Death is cessation, Death is the norm.

Thyn death shalt make you reborn'

The 2nd side's symbol indicates 'BLOOD' it says

'Blood in sight, Grip on veins.

Arteries at hold and one shalt put reins'

3rd side has 'CURATIVE' symbol that has the lines as

'Heal thyn body, heal thyn soul.

Glare at the foe, thou'lt be unhurt in bout'

Then comes the 4th 'TELEPORTATION'

'Heed my call, hearken my wish.

Go at my order and come at my will.'

And the last 5th 'SOUL'

'Thyn life is a gift, my desire is thyn goal.

Thou live to fight, possessing my soul.'

These are all the lines on every side of the pentagon" the young prince deciphered it symbol by symbol in words.

Fenrir was astounded, he quickly asked. "What about the middle, what it says?"

"Isn't it obvious? It says 'CHAOS'," the prince uttered as a grin.

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