The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 21 Hobgoblin’s Duty
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Seeing Ezra collapse, Fenrir looked at his duo cubs. The crimson-coloured cub moved towards Ezra, there was a pouch on his neck. He picked a pill with his teeth and insert it into Ezra's mouth, within a few seconds, Ezra opened his eyes.

The moment he regained his senses, the tormenting pain invaded again. When he was wearing those bracers, Fenrir told him to wear off the spiritual armour he had when he came in first.

Ezra was growling and swerving in pain, he looked at Fenrir with eyes full of hatred. "What are you waiting for dumbass, hurry up or receive another pleasant whip."

The prince quickly came back to his posture and started doing push-ups. He found that his arms got the power back, he could easily do push-ups. 𝒷𝓮𝒹𝓃ℴ𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝓬𝓸𝓂

"When you perform this basic exercise you face two difficulties. One is the exhaustion of power, and the other is unbearable pain. The pill I gave you when you collapsed had the effect of giving strength to the consumer, but it will not reduce the intensity of pain in the slightest.

You will get the pill when you collapse from the whip, let me remind you that the whip is made from the skin of a special type of serpent. A serpent whose poison is not deadly but extremely painful. Each slash will increase the sense of pain." Fenrir explained while Ezra was still doing push-ups.

Finally, the youth completed 1 set of 100 push-ups. But his back was all meat with no skin on it, he received 12 slashes and 10 pills to succeed.

"Take a break and begin the other exercise, it's 100 sit-ups boy, haha." Fenrir chuckled as he said.

After resting for minutes, Ezra stood up, he felt as if his arms and legs were exploding. The whipping boosted his pain sense, including the muscle pain.

His body was giving up, it was his resolved mentality that wanted to keep doing.

Time passed, and there was not a single area with intact skin from his neck, back to his feet. The prince was crying in pain, as he was holding onto the plank hold position.

"That's it, you completed 15 minutes of spank hold. With that, you completed the last exercise, there are still 18 minutes remaining in 2 hours, well done boy." Fenrir praised the prince.

Ezra Zephyr fell on his chest and closed his eyes to take nap, the same crimson cub came with a new pill. Ezra heard his coming steps and forcefully opened his eyes to see, he looked at the pill left by the cub and ate it.

Within a minute, his entire torn skin from slashes was mended back. "What a godly pill!" He exclaimed.

Ezra tried to stand but a shrill pain attacked his legs, arms and joints. "What" he was shocked.

Fenrir intervened his pondering and said "The pill has an only function of repairing skin injuries, it won't affect muscle pain. These exercises will gather scary power in your body, the more you train your muscles and flexibility the more explosive the power will be."

Hear that, Ezra was motivated. He gathered his strength and stood in a sudden swerve. "I will evolve myself here, train me Fenrir."

"No shit, you dumbass" Fenrir cussed again.

"Is he really someone who was once with gods and heroes?" He questioned himself.

"You know that I can read thoughts, don't you?" Fenrir said with his eyes squinted.

Ezra nodded his head as a formality and spoke. "What's next?"

"4 hours of running, good news, there is no whipping in this training," Fenrir said indifferently.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yes, there will be worse," said Fenrir, the light enveloped Ezra and he vanished. Ezra opened his eyes as dazzling light ended, he looked at his surroundings and assumed he has been thrown to the centre of the forest.

Ezra inspected all directions and found Gobgoblin standing on a boulder. "Fenrir said there won't be whip slashes in this training, why are you here?" He said as he took a few steps away in fear.

The Hobgoblin knelt and answered. "I'm here to feed you pills when necessary, that's all I will do here. Be careful O chosen one, this is not the forest you saw earlier. This is a training ground, an artificial magical space that contains various landscapes, beasts and weathers.

This one has the landscape of a jungle, beasts and insects containing painful poison and the weather of autumn. Survive here for 4 hours, if you ask for my advice, I'll suggest you keep running like me" saying that Hobgoblin jumped and ran.

"Where are insects or beasts?" The prince thought as he looked here and there.


With a dingy sound, Ezra Zephyr's foot was stabbed by something. He attempted to jump away quickly but failed by falling, what he saw was a needle protruding out of the ground. The soil there started to scatter and a leg-sized insect immerged.

"Sco... scorpion!" Prince murmured,

Its tail was black like the rest of its body. But the sting of the scorpion was scorching red, emitting heat.

Looking at that Ezra felt a burning sensation, he felt as if his foot as been set on fire. With 1 foot injured, Ezra jounced his way forward on the other foot.

The scorpion followed the prince, Ezra jerked his head to find the hobgoblin.

"Hey give me a pill, I can not run with my foot." He yelled facing upward.

"I can not give you anything unless you collapse or your condition reaches the death door." Hobgoblin said as he crossed Ezra while running.

"You irritating goblin, I will kill you" The change in Ezra started, for the first time he said something negative to someone who was simply doing his job.

The prince's speed slowed down when his mind was distracted, it was enough for the scorpion to catch up. The scorpion caught the leg of Ezra with its pedipalp.


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With a crunching sound, his leg was torn off.

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