The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 15 God Vassals
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The body of the werewolf king shook again, a little mild this time, giving the worrying duo hope. "Father, hang in there" Ezra Zephyr shouted.

Mirza Zephyr who was hallucinating brownmane was shocked inside his subconsciousness. "Bru... Bruce!" He stuttered. Fear? Surprise? Anger? Even Mirza himself didn't know for what reason he stuttered.

"Look at your messy self, I thought it would be joyful when I'll kill you the day our vow ends. But you are dying now by yourself, I'm saddened to no limit" Werewolf King's arc enemy conveyed his words, filled with arrogance.

The blood of the werewolf King boiled as he uttered "You traitorous bastard, I will kill you" he sprang at the Lionman king. The King of Brownmane Empire stood sedately with a wicked smile, as Mirza closed the distance. Bruce emitted off an incredible amount of qi, blowing him back to where he was before.

Mirza Zephyr gritted and ate the fact that he was powerless, Bruce took out the spear from a pouch hanging on his waist. The king's eyes widened, the nightmares of that spear recalled at once. It was this spear that gave the gruesome wound on Mirza's face, whose scar still haunted him at night. Bruce Brownmane threw the spear at Mirza Zephyr, the spear pierced the air and dilled a hole in the werewolf king's chest.

With a dainty thud, Mirza's knees hit the ground. There was no pain, but still, he felt his life force being drained away. The Lionman king steppes forward as he said "That's the right way Mirza, die calmly. I will make sure to drill the exact hole in your cripple son and sexy wife, hahaha." Mirza's eyes gradually closed as he heard the steps and cackle fading away until he could no longer hear them.

"Ezra... Tania..." The exhausted king mumbled to himself "Stand Mirza, You are the king of Bloodfang Kingdom, no... You are King of Bloodfang Empire. STAND!"


A huge way of qi was released, and his eyes turned crimson as he stood on his wobbly legs. "AHHHH" With a loud yell, the King came back to his consciousness.

"Father" "My Liege" Ezra and Polard shouted, respectively.

The pain once again assaulted Mirza. "Step back you two" he said to the duo and started to morph. From his eyes becoming crimson, his facial bones elongated followed by the entire body transformation.

"His majesty is morphing, let's take a few steps back Prince Ezra" Polard understood the changes and warned.

"Uncle Pol, will father lose his mind as well, like I read about werewolves in books and tales?" The young prince asked. It was his first time seeing a morph, he spent his entire life inside the royal castle because of his fragile body and the curse of God.

Mirza Zephyr's hands enlarged slightly, and sharp claws protruded. His skin was torn as thick rough hairs emerged from his body and a bushy tail wiggled wildly π›π—²π—±π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝐜𝐨𝐦


Mirza Zephyr howled as his transformation was attained, the old King was nowhere to be seen. He was 6'2 feet tall but after the morph, his height gained an additional foot. His body was more stacked than it was before, with black claws and a pitch red body with crimson eyes. Now Erza understood why his family was called Red Werewolves. Looking at his face there was still one thing that was similar to his normal form, the scar on his face. Even the morph couldn't hide it.

"Uncle Pol, answer me. Will father lose his mind?" The prince asked again.

"No... as far as I know. He will have his sanity but we still need to be cautious" Polard Whitefang replied.

The bulky werewolf gave a tentative glance to his son and sat down in a meditation position. "Father?" Ezra said under his breath.

"Do not disturb his majesty, young prince. My liege is in perfect form, his won't go wild. My hunch was right, he is meditating." The Imperial Guard Commander verbalized.

"But I read werewolves go on a rampage after they morph, even father said it's true" Ezra Zephyr asked in a puzzle.

"It's indeed true, even I only remember vividly after my morph. But this fact won't apply to the Red Werewolf family." Polard Whitefang glanced at Ezra and said. "Your majesty, do you know why Red Werewolf family managed to gather all the werewolf families under their banner. The Red Werewolf family is just slightly more powerful than our Whitefang family in morph form. But still Red Werewolf family kept the throne for decades without any other werewolf families' revolt. Even when that betrayer Bruce Brownmane offered other werewolves the throne of Bloodfang Empire, none flinched at his bid. All the werewolves were ready to fight till death for the sake of the imperial family, the Red Werewolf Family."

Ezra Zephyr blinked his eyes in astonishment after Mirza explained the past to Ezra. The Young werewolf prince did all the research regarding Brownmane Empire at night, that was one of the reasons he couldn't sleep that night. During his research through history books, he found out that it was a cruel period of Bloodfang Kingdom, where even the closest vassals of his father left him for posh offers of Brownmane family.

"The reason for our utmost loyalty is that we have acknowledged Red Werewolf Family as God Vassal." Said Imperial Guard Commander.

"God Vassal?" He repeated, showing an urge for the explanation.

Polard continued "Out of entire Werewolf tribe here or in the entire continent. It is the Red Werewolf family who can morph without losing their sanity. After morphing, we werewolves turn into bloodthirsty beasts, aggressive, lustful and dangerous. Except for the Red Werewolf Family, they remain calm as a millpound. In the eyes of werewolves, this is a god gifted ability. This is the 2nd time His Majesty has morphed. The first was when he duelled with Lionman and got a shattering defeat with the lifelong scar and wound."

Ezra Zephyr gave a decisive glance at his father, who was growling in pain amid meditating.

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