The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

Chapter 12 The Effects
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After a period of the emotional gala, Mirza Zephyr asked his son. "What happened inside son? Tell me in detail"

Without leaving a single nominal thing Ezra told everything to his father. Posterior to that, Mirza Zephyr found himself bewildered by what he heard. "A wealth more than anyone has in the continent and... and a 7th-grade spirit! How am I supposed to believe that" The King of werewolves murmured.

Ezra forwarded his hands, gripping the godly items firmly. The King didn't pay any attention to his hands prior to that, he was overwhelmed by emotions when he saw his son.

Seeing the items mentioned with his eyes, The King's heart skipped a beat. "Father let's go, I have no time to spare. We need to heal you and mother with this syrup."

Mirza gave out a big sigh as if he had trouble inhaling before. "Sorry, my son. I showed my worse self"

The prince smiled as he gently touched his father's beard and said " It's all okay father, I can relate as well but now the tables have turned. We will pay them back a thousand folds." π’ƒπ™šπ’…π™£π™€π’—π™šπ’.π™£π™šπ™©

"Haha yes, you are right. This will be the last time I act helplessly." Mirza said and sent a decisive glance at the items "Let me take them first" he said and continued. "Even though I don't doubt what you said but I am a father and husband and have my own worries, I want to use them first to see if there are any side effects, especially the syrup you mentioned, what was its name again?"

"Syrup of Asclepius"

"Yes yes, Syrup of Asclepius. I have injuries on my qi core, prohibiting me to cultivate further. That's why I haven't broken through a single stage since then.

There are 6 stages of cultivation in the Zetra Realm. 8 Gates Opening, Qi Brightning Stage, Core Formation Stage, Foundation Establishment Stage, Nascent Soul Stage and lastly Spiritual Transformation Stage.

There are rumours that once reaching the peak of the spiritual transformation stage one stops the process of ageing and becomes immortal and can use the physical powers of spirit. Mirza Zephyr was still stuck at the 1st Level of Core Formation stage.

"As you wish father" Ezra said as he gave The Syrup of Asclepius to his father.

Mirza gazed at the syrup as a child stares at its most desired toy. "How should I consume it?" He questioned.

"Drink only one drop, that's what I was told"

"Only 1 drop? What kind of deity would Asclepius be to make something like that." He pondered

Mirza opened the bottle, the fragrance emitting from the bottle was more than enough to make him believe this was a godly item. Only by sniffing it, he felt all his tiredness and worries washed away as if he never cried in his entire life. The King licked his dried lips before opening them and drizzled a drop carefully then gulped it.

Both son and father waited bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Soon after a change started to stir, and the skin of Mirza Zephyr started glowing like a firefly in dark. "My core... it's healing, I can feel it" the king exhaled and continued "The power is erupting but my core is at ease, it feels like I can control all the power of the world."


A wave of qi was released from Mirza's body, making Ezra Zephyr take two steps back. The wave could be seen outside of Regal Graveyard, the head of imperial guards, a silver-haired man with a face full of nasty scars panicked. "What was that? Protect the majesties" he shouted.

"Commander, it's not an attack." A young dignified man replied.

"Hearing that, the head guard looked at the Regal Graveyard once again. "Oh mighty god FenrisΓΊlfr, please protect them." He prayed desperately.

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As he started chanting the same line another wave of qi emerged from within. "Someone broke through..." the head guard mumbled.

Ezra was almost flying by the powerful waves, as he was not but a mere werewolf without an ounce of cultivation. Soon after the waves stopped, Ezra who was tossed here and there finally stood firmly and looked for his father. Ezra gasped with his eyes wide, the man in front of him was no longer the same he knew. All the wrinkles on Mirza's face vanished, there were a few tufts of white hair but now the entire head was jet decorated with thick jet black hair. The muscles became more stacked and brawny, the posture made Mirza look taller. The only things which didn't change were clothes and features

"Father! Is that really you?" Ezra said as his heart was battling against various emotions. Happiness, curiosity, excitement.

"Haha yes, Ezra my son, this syrup is heavenly. Will you just look at me, I feel like I am in my twenties" Mirza answered joyfully as he chuckled.

Ezra blinked in astonishment "You also broke through!"

"Yes, after the duel I lost against Duke Brownmane. I suffered core injuries and got stuck at the 1st Level of Core Formation stage for 15 years. But the single drop of this syrup not only healed the injuries but pushed my cultivation by two levels. I'm now at 3rd Level of Core Formation stage." The King said, his face was worth watching at that moment. He paused for s moment and asked the young werewolf prince. "Ezra, where is the 7th-grade spirit?"

"Here it is father" Ezra jerked forward and gave the spirit cube to his father, his face was akin to a naive kif. Even though it was his father who got healed but if one judges by the expressions alone, Ezra would win the position of happier person among the two.

Mirza saw that as well, he stepped forward and dishevelled the hair of his son "Ezra, you are my pride. For you, I can sacrifice thousands of syrups like that." His eyes watered as completed the sentence. "Don't ruin the mood father, hurry up and consume the spirit. Haha, I can't wait to surprise the Imperial Guards outside, Uncle Pol's face would be worth watching." The King laughed "Haha, indeed I second that. Now, Let's begin the second round, shall we?"

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