Supreme Magus

Chapter 2692 Powers at Play (Part 2)
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2692 Powers at Play (Part 2)

She was the only other member of the family with a firm grasp of etiquette and great skill in dealing with backhand compliments.

Between her gorgeous emerald dress, the square neckline, and her feathered wings resting on her shoulders, men were too busy staring, and women too focused on not dying of envy to say a word.

"By the gods, you guys are so cool!" Leran said, prompting the approval of the rest of the kids, even the annoying, arrogant noble ones.

"I know." Aran said with an aloof voice while pretending to check his fingernails for dirt. "We Verhens are just built different."

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He was leaning back on the massive figure of Onyx who wore a ribbon on her head to mark her as a female and a guest. Two black membranous wings rested on Aran's shoulders, but unlike Lith's, they weren't upside down.

"And so are we Proudhammers!" Leria pointed out while tapping her left foot in annoyance. ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐‘™๏ผŽ๐‘๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

She wore a cute pink evening dress and a pair of silvery feathered wings came out of her back. Abominus rolled his eyes, scratching at his neck where his bowtie was in the attempt to take it off.

"Bad Abominus! Bad!" She stopped him. "You'll scare our guests this way"

"As if they can get any more scared." He said with a scoff, scaring the noble kids witless.

Usually, pets weren't allowed at Royal Galas but since the event was hosted at Lith's house he could bend the rules. With their magical beast friends, the kids had the confidence to face any bully without the need for constant adult supervision.

Filia and Frey had Tezka, Lilia and Leran had Slash and Crash, and Garrik had Fluffy.

"Fluffy? What a dumb name!" A young Baron attempted to say with a laugh but once the Byk stood up on his hind legs and revealed his fangs, the noble kid couldn't find anything funny about the beast anymore.

Aran and Leria would have been insecure and afraid to embarrass their parents and brother/ uncle if not for the gift from their grandparents. Only for that evening, Leegaain and Salaark had awakened the bloodlines of all the Verhens.

Raaz had thick black feathered wings, Elina flaming red membranous wings, and both felt the power of their ancestors coursing through their veins. It gave them such an adrenaline rush that instead of acting meek like usual they exuded an aura of authority that brook no disrespect.

"And once again I'm cut out." Senton sighed, looking at his wife's gold-veined black feathered wings.

"Thank the gods!" She replied with a disgusted expression. "Imagine if we were blood-related."

"Good gods. You are right and I'm an idiot." Senton shuddered at the idea.

"No, you are my idiot." She gave him a soft kiss that raised more envy than three sets of wings.

"I like this place and people look posh and proper with their expensive clothes." Zekell nodded, dressed like a noble but moving with the grace of an anvil. "Where's the food, though? I didn't spend my day putting on makeup. I'm hungry."

"Dad!" Senton blushed in embarrassment.

"Don't worry, son. If one of these dandies says something, I'll introduce them to the welcome committee." The blacksmith patted the nearest magical beast, unfazed by the reproachful glares of the nobles. "I'm too old for this crap."

"King Meron Griffon and Queen Sylpha Griffon!" The page said after slamming his golden staff on the floor twice.

The Royals were the only ones exonerated from the list of middle names and titles because otherwise it would take hours to introduce the whole family.

"Supreme Magus Lith Tiamat Verhen, Baroness Kamila Verhen, and young Baroness Elysia Verhen." After the baby shower, Elysia had received her own noble title, and etiquette required to announce her as well to remind everyone of her imminent birth.

"See? Now you have the Royal permission to eat for two." Lith said as Kamila blushed in embarrassment, making her chuckle.

"You are right, thanks." The double doors closed behind them and the protective arrays of the house sealed all kinds of magic but light.

Otherwise the holograms and decorations that Lith and Nalrond had set up would have gone to waste.

The first part of a Gala was about mingling and helping the guests to socialize. As for the hosts, Lith and Kamila were supposed to walk around non-stop and have a good word for everyone but she tired easily and often had to sit down.

At that point, Lith would keep moving while she would stay still and people would come to pay her homage like to a queen. Lith had made sure that she would never be alone.

His golems Trouble and Raptor were shrunk respectively to the size of a big dog and a human, both wearing a tuxedo. They stood behind her by either side while Ragnar??k stood in front of her.

With its short stature, conical shape, and red color, the blade looked like a huge carrot come to life. Yet it was a carrot wearing a tuxedo, with fangs, arms and legs, and a limited but scary vocabulary.

"I see you!" Ragnar??k growled at the slightest sign of hostility, the white mana crystals on the guard glowing eerily.

To avoid accidents, the blade had shapeshifted the hilt away so that Kamila could also lean on the crossguard and use her short, overprotective page as a walking aid.

"It talks?" Every time the latches formed a word, people stepped away, throwing fearful glances at the blade and its owner.

"Marvelous indeed, yet a bit creepy. How is it possible, Magus Verhen?" The King asked, eager to dispel the silent allegations about Forbidden Magic that weighed on the room.

"My blade was shattered and I had to reforge it with the help of Overlord Salaark" Lith replied. "According to her, sometimes when a great Forgemaster crafts a masterpiece, he can literally pour his heart and soul in his creation.

"I guess that's what happened."

"Do you mind if Archmage and Royal Forgemaster Ernas takes a look?" King Meron asked and Lith nodded in agreement.

Orion only had to cast a few spells and pretend to perform a deep scan before giving his report.

"Power core, no life force or mana flow, Your Majesty." Orion said with a bow. "This is no cursed object, just a work of genius."

He was actually praising himself and Lith, making Jirni grin with pride.

"Speaking of the Overlord, where is she?" Sylpha looked around the room.

"She's not here." Kamila replied. "She doesn't like being restricted by protocol and etiquette. Overlord Salaark will take part in the private birthday party, tomorrow, with the rest of her Nest. We are also expecting Leegaain and his Brood."

"Ah!" The King regretted not being invited, but not even he could intrude on powerful beings who had no reason to be polite with him. "Please, let them know that I'm willing to settle any political issue between our countries.

"They just need to call me."

"I'll deliver your message personally." Lith nodded and went back to his guests.

"I'm glad to see that everything worked out between you two." Solus said to Quylla and Morok.

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