Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1055 It Is Time To Wake Up The Sleeping Yrniel.
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1055 It is time to wake up the sleeping Yrniel.

"Are you all really sure about this decision?" Vyriana questioned with a worried look on her face.

"What do you mean?" Astaria frowned in confusion.

"You know you can't reverse it correct? Now that you have rebuilt your foundation and have become a Complete Cultivator, you cannot return to being an Incomplete Cultivator. If you cannot Cultivate and get stuck in a level, the chances of you getting stuck in that Stage for the rest of your life would be extremely high." Vyriana explained.

"Master, you already know about it, don't you? Nux has a way of helping us all, how do you think most of my sisters became Great Sages when they are not even 100 years old?

Although all my sisters are incredibly talented and amazing, that cultivation speed is not natural.

Just trust me and you will soon see a stronger version of your student."

Astaria spoke with a bright smile on her face.

"You sound confident."

"I am confident."

"Seeing you like this makes me curious about how Nux helps you all with your cultivation," Vyriana commented.

A small smile appeared on Astaria's face as she heard what her master said, then, she glanced at her and,

"Well, he does have intentions of showing the entire process to you, that I can tell," Astaria muttered.

"Is that so?

Well, I am looking forward to seeing it as soon as possible."

Vyriana replied.

Astaria just chuckled inwardly. Then, to change the topic, she clenched her fists and,

"I am looking forward to training under you as well. This time, as a Complete Cultivator. I wish to become as strong as I can."

Astaria's eyes shined with pure determination and endless willpower.

Seeing her like that, Vyriana's expression changed.

"Actually, there is something I wanted to tell you for a while now but I wasn't getting the chance to."

"What is it, Master?" Astaria questioned with a curious look on her face.

"Do you remember when I said that if you worked hard and learned what I am trying to teach you, defeating Nux wouldn't be difficult?"

"I do remember that, yes."

How could Astaria forget that?

Defeating Nux.

That was a bold statement.

Ever since Nux had become Emperor and had surpassed her, he had never looked back and his strength and only continued to increase further.

Vyriana coming in and saying she would make her stronger than Nux again, honestly, Astaria was surprised, she had long given up on surpassing Nux, her new goal was to stand by his side and be someone he could rely on.

"I take my words back."

Vyriana spoke up.

Astaria glanced at her Master with a confused look on her face, Vyriana tried to explain,

"Back then, I just said those words after concluding Nux's talent and potential from one fight, however, after staying with you all and observing him all this time, especially after his fight with Vedier, I realized that Nux is not a normal cultivator, his potential is not something that can be determined this easily.

He is a variable. 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π˜―π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.𝘰𝘳𝘨

A scary variable that can completely remold the balance of this world.

He is that unpredictable.

You are strong and your potential is endless.

However, that man plays in a completely different league.

He was capable of defeating a Complete Phase Three Cultivator when he was only a Phase Two Cultivator, and it was not just a small win either, he dominated his opponent to levels unimaginable.

Nux is different.

He cannot be compared with others.

I know you were looking forward to defeating him, that was the reason you were trying so hard, I am sorry.

I shouldn't have given you false hope.

I was wrong."

Vyriana bowed her head.

She had been thinking about this for a long time now, Nux's body hides secrets that even people from the Order wouldn't be able to ignore. Vyriana knew that if he was allowed to grow stronger, he would become a powerhouse that would soon shake the entire world.

Actually, Vyriana was thinking of ways she could help Astaria defeat Nux, however, this time, even she was helpless. After Nux's fight with Vedier, Vyriana started seeing Nux in a completely different light.

Nux wasn't just a boy with high cultivation talent, he was someone who might reach her level once he grows.

Just thinking about this possibility excited Vyriana. She might not get the chance to battle Nux herself, however, just the fact that she would be able to witness Nux's growth and see him shock the others in the Order put a big smile on Vyriana's face.

But at the same time, she felt bad for her student.

To think she was going back on her word after promising her student...

Vyriana didn't like this.

After a long long time, she felt... tied up.

But then,

"Master, please do not bow your head in front of me. I do not deserve it."

Astaria quickly kneeled on the ground, keeping her head lower than Vyriana's.

"Truthfully, hearing you speak these words actually makes me feel better. It feels as if you have finally acknowledged my husband." Astaria chuckled.

Vyriana glanced at Astaria and frowned,

"I know what my husband is capable of, actually, even if I did somehow surpass him, I was sure that in the future, he would return with something completely absurd and surpass me again. That is just how he is.

He may not compete with his wives, but his potential just won't stay hidden.

Even now, I can guarantee you,

Nux will surpass whatever expectations you have of him and will surprise you.

And he will do it so many times that you will eventually get numb to it.

I just hope Master is prepared for it."

Astaria spoke with a confident smile on her face. And Vyriana found herself confused again.

The reason she wanted Astaria as her student was that Astaria was oddly similar to her, that irresistible desire for strength, the willingness to do anything she could to get even just a little stronger than before, going against the norm, challenging the impossible, trying to carve her path, path to absolute strength.

She could sense all that from Astaria.

And Astaria didn't disappoint her either, she had trained her for years now and the determination in Astaria's eves had never wavered even once.

Astaria was too similar to her, this was why Vyriana felt connected to her and could understand her feelings.

However, there were times when she couldn't understand her student at all.

It was when Nux comes into the equation.

Astaria would crave strength endlessly, however, the moment Nux was involved, this girl would forget everything around her and a big, comfortable smile would appear on her face. It was almost as if this girl had 2 different personalities, one for Nux and the other for the rest of the world.

Even now, if it was normal Astaria, she would try to find a way to surpass anyone who could potentially defeat her. Heck, Vyriana had even seen her disciple glaring at her, and she could bet her life on it that those eyes were thinking of surpassing her.

Astaria was willing to try and think about surpassing her.

But since right now, the one she was talking about was Nux, rather than trying to think about surpassing him, this girl was bragging about her husband.

And she was bragging with so much confidence that even Vyriana couldn't help but get curious.

"Surpassing my expectations huh..."

Vyriana commented as she glanced at her student.

Then, a wild idea came to her mind.

The more she thought about her idea, the wider her smile got. Soon, Vyriana was smiling like some sort of thug, and with a scary smile like that, she glanced at her disciple and,

"Be prepared, Little Girl.

Something big is about to happen."

We are 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙑.π’π™šπ™©, find us on google.

"H-Huh?" Astaria, of course, had no clue what her Master was talking about.

However, rather than explaining anything, Vyriana quickly put on her cloak, hid her face with her mask and hoodie, then, giving

Astaria one last look, she disappeared.


Astaria shouted, wanting more explanation about what 'big thing' was about to happen, however, Vyriana was already gone.

Astaria, who was left alone paused, she started thinking about what her Master could possibly be talking about, however, since nothing came to her mind, she just stopped thinking about it and returned to Yrniel.

Yes, she could have used the Dimension to cultivate again and increase her strength, but again, if she wanted that,she wouldn't have wasted excessive energy in the first place.

Rebuilding her cultivation, it was Nux's 'duty', so she would be leaving it to her dear husband, for now, she would just sit back, relax, and wait for her husband to return before jumping on him.


In a completely different dimension, a cloaked figure appeared, in front of it, was a huge Mansion, the cloaked figure walked in.

Inside the Mansion, the Cloaked figure saw another being sitting with a casual look on his face. The man glanced at the cloaked figure, and as he did, his eyes widened in horror and he quickly bowed his head.

"Lady Vyriana!"

Vyriana simply nodded, then, she ordered.

"All Cultivators below the Divine Stage are to return to their homeland.

It is time to wake up the sleeping Yrniel."

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