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Chapter 26: Pyramid
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Chapter 26: Pyramid

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The submarine stopped near the land and let down an assault boat. A few of the Black Gang Snake subordinates boarded the boat and headed towards the shore.

Black Rhino and Forest Viper were still standing on the submarine. The Black Rhino wrapped his arms while looking at the pyramid in the forest. “Forest Viper, what are we looking for?”

“Atlantis Codex. Legends say that the codex is engraved with a giant emerald; anyone who obtains it can dictate the life and death of all living things.” Forest Viper said as he smoothened his hair.

“Emerald! That thing must be worth a lot of money, right?” Black Rhino rubbed his chin while commenting.

Forest Viper said seriously, “It isn’t about money. Those who obtain the codex can obtain eternal life. That is far more important than money.”

Black Rhino didn’t really bother and shook his hand. “How can a legend be treated as a truth? I don’t believe in such things.”

At this moment, the second assault boat was in position. Black Rhino jumped from the submarine and boarded the assault boat. “Forest Viper, Ninja, Black Cat, and Mantis. The four of you will follow me. The rest will stay on the submarine!”

Forest Viper walked onto the boat unhurriedly while his face had this untraceable smile.


In the depths of the forest, Xia Fei peeked from behind a large tree and observed the situation on the submarine.

“That tall and dark guy is the Black Snake Gang’s chief, Black Rhino; the shorty wearing black is Ninja; that woman in white clothes is Black Cat; that skinny guy is Mantis; and that rather handsome young man is Forest Viper. All of the leaders of the Black Snake Gang are here.” Wu Long said.

Xia Fei turned his head and asked while gritting his teeth. “Are all five of them Ability Users?”

“Yea. Black Rhino is a Special Ability User, his skin is hard like steel and not even bullets are a threat to him. Ninja and Black Cat are Speed Ability Users and are at Advanced Star Light rank. Mantis is a Strength Ability User and is at Intermediate Star Light rank.” Wu Long stated.

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“What about Forest Viper?”

“I heard that Forest Viper is also a Special Ability User while his ability is even more horrific than Black Rhino. But no one has seen him use it and it’s not even recorded in the Federal Investigation Bureau.”

Ninja and Black Cat were Advanced Star Light rank Speed Ability Users, which also meant that their speed was around 71 m/s. Xia Fei’s speed had already reached 185 m/s and was twice as fast as them. In terms of speed, Xia Fei had absolute superiority and defeating them wouldn’t be an issue.

Mantis had the strength ability since it was the most common ability. He might be very powerful, but his speed was incomparable with Xia Fei, and he was only at the Intermediate Star Light rank; as such, there was no need to fear him. After all, speed ability was innately the bane of strength ability.

Black Rhino had tough physical defense and defeating him would probably be quite difficult. If Xia Fei were to fight Black Rhino, the possible outcome would be Xia Fei losing and Black Rhino capturing him.

The most troublesome individual would be the Forest Viper. If he had an ability similar to Wild Rose, even if he could control Xia Fei for a few seconds, the results would be catastrophic. The advantage of speed ability wasn’t just the extreme speed during an attack, it could also be used to dodge the enemy’s attacks. Without speed as a protection, it was the same as becoming a live target and allowing others to kill.

“What should we do?” Wu Long asked.

Andre and Charlie were also staring at Xia Fei and were waiting for his decision.

Xia Fei didn’t immediately reply. He reached for his pocket for a box of Hongtashan, but it was a pity that the cigarettes had already been soaked with seawater and were already ruined.

Xia Fei took a glance at Wu Long and Andre while the duo shook their heads helplessly.

“Wu Long, stay here and take care of Andre and Charlie. Move towards those rocks, and don’t expose yourselves.” Xia Fei stated.

Wu Long stood up and said, “You are going alone? No way. That is too dangerous! I will go with you. No matter what, I am also an Intermediate Star Light rank Strength Ability User. I might not be able to defeat others, but I am confident enough to strangle Mantis to death.”

“No, when fighting against multiple enemies, swiftness is the key. Your speed is too slow, and don’t forget that they have two Speed Ability Users.” Xia Fei said in a severe tone.

“Sigh!” Wu Long shook his head and sat back down reluctantly.

It seemed like Andre wanted to say something, but before he could open his mouth, Xia Fei had already vanished into the forest with lightning speed.

From far away, a mournful howling echoed again. Wu Long stayed silent for a moment before saying to Andre and Charlie, “Let’s follow Xia Fei’s instructions. I noticed that his speed is much faster than before. He must have improved significantly during his cultivation at the Grand Canyon. There shouldn’t be any problem.”


The pyramid was a few hundred meters in height and was built with giant white stones. It was majestic, and the pyramid’s entrance was at the center, which had long steps leading to it.

Xia Fei hid behind a tree while observing the pyramid. He could see Ninja, Black Cat, and Mantis guarding the entrance of the steps. There were also a few burly, disgusting looking men who were armed with guns.

Mantis crouched down and said unhappily, “Boss and Forest Viper are plundering all the treasures while the three of us are guarding the entrance. He is obviously worried about us and was afraid that we might keep the treasure for ourselves.”

“Stop talking nonsense. If the Boss hears you, you’d need to say farewell to your head. But I do wish to see what kind of treasure is inside.” Black Cat stood on her toes like an agile cat. She was wearing a white suit and her skin was also very fair. It was truly unknown why this woman was called Black Cat.

Ninja, who was standing beside, was short and robust. He was standing still just like a wooden stake that was hammered straight into the ground. He was wearing black ninja clothes while his face was covered in black cloth, making it impossible to clearly see his face. No matter how Black Cat and Mantis played the fool, it was as though he wasn’t listening as his pair of small eyes were looking around vigilantly. 𝒷ℯ𝓭𝓷ℴ𝓋𝓮𝓵.𝒸ℴ𝓶

Mantis put on a mischievous smile. “Cat, it is actually effortless to find out what is inside as long as you can seduce Boss Black Rhino. I am just afraid that Boss doesn’t like that dark and swarthy underside of yours. Hehe.”

Black Cat was furious as she suddenly dashed beside Mantis and was reaching out to grab him.

Black Cat’s hand seemed to be shining with something, and when Xia Fei looked carefully, it turned out to be a cat-claw shaped thruster.

Ninja, who was standing by the side, suddenly flashed and blocked Black Cat and Mantis without saying anything, just like a robot.

Black Cat stomped her feet resentfully and said, “When this is over, I will personally finish you!”

Mantis didn’t mind and continued to look at Black Cat’s underside while having a lecherous smile.

All of a sudden!

Black Cat raised her ears alertly and looked towards the forest.

“There seems to be something or someone nearby!” Black Cat yelled out.

Mantis leaped up from the ground and pulled out a pair of pointed hammers. “Cat, you didn’t hear incorrectly, right? How many are there?”

Xia Fei, who was in the forest, was slightly startled. ‘I’m using Breath Control to conceal my presence. How did they spot me?”

Right at this moment, the forest echoed with a series of hurried footsteps and mournful roars.

“They are coming! There are a lot of them!” Black Cat revealed her weapon and stood in a defensive position as she shouted out.

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