Chapter 553 CH 513: OBSESSION
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The atmosphere within the conference room carried an undeniable tension, reminiscent of charged air before a storm. However, concurrently, this tension wasn't as overwhelming as one might have initially envisioned.

"Before we embark on our discussion, there are two preliminary matters I'd like to address," Milia's voice resonated authoritatively as she gestured towards one of the participants who was seated with the others.

"First and foremost, let us extend a hearty welcome to a new participant amidst us: Isis Crow. She stands as Sol's first contract, though this information is already well-known among us."

"Hi!" The room brightened with Isis's enthusiastic greeting. She rose from her seat, her radiant smile encompassing everyone in the room. Yet, her unbridled joy and candid demeanor seemed to momentarily bewilder the other attendees, leaving them uncertain about how to respond.

"As these meetings endeavor to foster harmony among us," Milia's gaze traversed the room, capturing every individual's attention, "I trust that Isis will be met with the warmth and inclusivity she rightfully deserves."

Nods of agreement resonated among the attendees, signifying their collective understanding that Isis held a unique and indispensable role among them.

"I apologize, but could you kindly jog my memory as to the reason for my presence here?" Chloe's hand hesitantly ascended, only to retreat when her inquiry went unanswered by the others.

A light chuckle escaped Milia's lips. Given her lord's grand ambition to conquer the world, engaging with the Angels was an inevitable and strategic move. In this context, relinquishing Chloe, who was presented like a precious gift, was simply out of the question. Chloe, being the Holy Daughter of Slothein, held a value that was immeasurable.

Even though Chloe's current sentiments towards Sol might not have shifted towards romantic inclinations, Milia was confident in her beloved's prowess. When he set his sights on a goal, there was scarcely any possibility of escape, especially for a young woman like Chloe.

"*Ahem*, now," Milia's attention shifted from Chloe to Miss Medea, her tone and demeanor taking on a more formal stance. "Before we immerse ourselves in the core of our discussions, on behalf of each of us, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you, Miss Medea, on officially becoming Sol's first fiancée."

Rising gracefully from her seat, Milia turned her gaze towards the round tables encircling the room, where a gathering of formidable women had assembled. Her applause, though subdued, was accompanied by others in the room, although a few expressions betrayed an underlying dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, no overt resentment marred anyone's features. Isis, true to her nature, clapped with boundless enthusiasm, her radiant grin harmonizing with the overall atmosphere.

The subdued response to this revelation was rooted in the fact that most of the attendees had anticipated this development, more or less.

Sol had never been secretive about his feelings for Medea, and all those gathered were well aware that she had been the recipient of his first confession.

Rather than being caught off guard by the news, their sentiments were more akin to thinking, "Ah, I foresaw this outcome—well, no surprises there."

This composed response was also influenced by the fact that not all the women in attendance harbored the same aspirations for their relationship with Sol. For Isis, her contract exceeded the bounds of any conventional connection. The bond she shared with Sol extended to the core of their very souls, a pact that transcended even the boundaries of death.

Setsuna and Lilin had no reason to feel slighted either. Though their contracts were less potent than Isis's, their feelings of security remained intact.

Milia herself had never entertained the thought of marrying Sol. To her, he was her lord, and she was his dedicated servant. The notion of marriage held little relevance in her life.

Persephone, too, could relate to Milia's viewpoint. Despite her fondness for Sol, she recognized that their relationship would remain constant, unaffected by external developments.

Lilith maintained a detached perspective, observing the unfolding events from an outsider's stance. Her primary focus was on defining the scope of the Territory she intended to establish. While her current connection with Sol bore shades of ambiguity, she deferred further contemplation for another time.

As for Chloe, despite her immersion in these meetings that deviated from her usual routine, she regarded Sol as a peer, a friend, and a figure deserving of her admiration. Her perceptions were confined to these dimensions.

Pandora, present with an air of reluctance, offered a faint, reserved smile. Ultimately, it was Camelia who harbored the most pronounced discontent.

Clapping for Medea, Camelia's smile bore a trace of bitterness. Despite sharing a heartfelt conversation with Sol, he had distanced himself since their return.

As joy permeated the atmosphere, Camelia couldn't help but feel a pang of envy, a petty sentiment she despised.

‘How unseemly,' she inwardly chided herself, releasing a subdued sigh before addressing the crux of the matter. "So, could you provide clarity on the purpose behind summoning this assembly?"

Eager to get to the heart of the matter, Camelia's words resonated with the desire for swift resolution. The discourse thus far had only exacerbated her discomfort, intensifying the negative emotions she abhorred.

The implications of these unsightly emotions weighed heavily on her heart.

Observing Camelia's demeanor, Milia affirmed her intention to alert her Highness about this situation.

"Very well. Allow me to elucidate. I convened this assembly due to a noteworthy observation and in response to a request made by Lilin."

Lilin took this opportunity to stand, signaling her readiness to speak. "I find myself at a loss to articulate this precisely, but I sense a transformation in Sol. He..." 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

Pausing momentarily, Lilin's gaze shifted, seeking the right words to convey her sentiments. As she continued, her fellow attendees maintained a respectful silence, each empathizing with her struggles.

"While his core essence remains unchanged, I detect an enhanced self-

assuredness within him. Yet, it appears that this newfound confidence is accompanied by a degree of doubt regarding our capabilities. In essence, it feels as if he views us as delicate infants in need of constant vigilance and guidance."

Lilin's voice tapered off, and she cast her gaze downward, the weight of her thoughts evident in her demeanor. "In times past, Sol placed unwavering trust in our capabilities. He confronted danger head-on, believing in our capacity to overcome it. But now…"

A sigh escaped her lips, bearing traces of resignation. "Presently, it appears as though he is shouldering the burden alone, navigating the path with an intensity that hints at an all-consuming obsession."

As Lilin concluded, a hushed silence settled over the room, each attendee reflecting upon her words, their thoughts weaving a tapestry of contemplation and concern.

(AN: This chapter and the next one were edited by Chat GPT, I asked it to give more flair to the words and discussion. I don’t know, it feels like different people than my characters are actually speaking haha. But I must admit that the edit feels pretty good and definitely has some style that suits the oldish medieval. I don’t know what you think. This is the third chapter GPT edited. GPT became even better recently and if it proves to be good enough I might subscribe to Version 4 for better assistance and editing.)

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