Slice Of Life In Fantasy World

Chapter 62 62. A Fleeting Feeling
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Chapter 62 62. A Fleeting Feeling

"I am going." Lilith said as she stands up from the bed and goes out from the room.

When going she closed the door.

Only Liam was only inside the room.

He sighed and stood up from the bed and thought 'Except SEX I am not thinking about other things. But is this bad?'

He shook his head while his eyes showed some clarity and thought 'It dosen't matter to me though. What kind of life do I want in the future. I had already decide it.'

'Even though I am a person who thinks with his dick but no matter what kind of person I am it won't change the fact and neither do I want to change myself.' Liam thought and his mood improved.

'B-but I still feels a little guilty.' He feel guilty because he kissed his sister. Now he won't say that he shouldn't do that or anything.

He is not a hypocritical person or at least he thinks so.

"But she is still 11 year's old." He said while forgetting that he is also the same age as her.

But it didn't change the fact that he still feels a little guilty.

He sighed again and sit on the floor starting his daily routine.

After some time later,

"Sigh... I didn't know when I will breakthrough again. But wait just a minute, am I a genius or just any random NPC that breakthrough normally? Not only that but I think NPC may be more genius then me." Liam thought of a serious question.

It might be exaggerated that they can breakthrough faster then him because his talent is S level alright. But at the least he didn't that he might be in genius 'ranking.'

"Hmm this is a serious question. I need to pay attention on it. But..." He looked at his dick and said "I am happy whether I am a genius or not. "

He looked at his dick which was standing due to mana. He had just cultivated so naturally his dick will stand up. If he wants he can let his dick became flaccid.

But he didn't do that because there is no one in the room except him.

Even if there are other in the room he won't let his dick became flaccid. He had already thought that he will became a degenerate.

"Hmm my body should also be powerful then many people's." He could feel that mana and physical strength even though are same but not at the same time.

It is like if anyone use a spell or artifact that could seal or bind his mana so that he couldn't use his mana. Then he would naturally became a weak person.

But Liam specially cultivate his physique with mana whether it's for his women or for power.

So even though they are same but not same at the same time.

"The pain that I feel is getting less and less." Liam narrowed his eyes and come near a mirror where he could see himself standing naked.

Even though he is 11 year's old but his muscles could be seen a little. They are not overly or thick muscle that looks beautiful or ugly.

There are just some lines not a perfect body where he could call this a well built physique.

He looked at his stomach in the mirror and said "My packs should be 8 abs right when they come out."

As for 6 abs he wouldn't even look at them. If they were before in his previous life then he wouldn't have any problem. But now he definitely want some 8 pack abs. So he could impress girls.

Yes, he wanted 8 pack abs to impress girls. But he didn't know that people won't look at this but they will look at his magic relam.

He looked for some more time and goes into the bathroom to take a bath.

After entering into the bathtub he said "They didn't even took bath right? Leah is fine but what about mom. She didn't took a bath even yesterday."

Yesterday she just cleaned herself with mana just like today. Leah also did the same today. But she fine because he didn't have sex with her and give her a cremipie. Neither had he thought of having sex with her because she is just a 11 years old child. Ummm he is a different case.

He thinks that it is alright if he have sex even if he is 11 year's old. As for his ais it is a BIG NO.

He himself didn't like having sex with a child. He is not a pedophile.

It may sound hypocrite since he is having sex with his mother but he thinks that way. Neither had he thought of changing it.

Back to the topic,

"Since she didn't took a bath yesterday. Then it is my duty as a son to keep her clean." Liam thought not even remembering that he was the one who got her all busy.

That's why she couldn't have a bath and also need to take many cremipies. Even if he remembered it. He will not think that he is the wrong one here.

whether it is wrong or right he didn't know nor had he paid much attention about it.

"Then as her son I decided that at night I will let her take a bath." Liam thought as his expressions turned into a lewd.

He himself knows that he had turned into a lewd person after time travelling but he won't say that this is not him and it is the fault of time travelling.

Because he knows that even though he was your average teenager but he liked many things and one of them was sex.

He didn't had sex at all his previous life but he did masturbate himself with his hands. So he had thought if you like this much with hand's then what will happen if you get a real pussy and have sex.

"I had already accomplished what I couldn't even think in my previous life. I broke my virginity at the age of 11. Which was the age that when in the previous life I didn't even know what is sex." Liam smirked while enjoying the bath alone in the tub.

"As for Celestia it should take some time having sex with her." He couldn't say that he wanted to have sex directly right?

"But eating her tofu wouldn't hurt." Even though he couldn't have sex with her but he could enjoy her body properly or he had already enjoyed her body.

or in the future."

"Uhhmm she thinks of me as a child before and I did this kind of things with her. I am feeling a little guilty." Liam said while making some guilty expressions but the next second he said "Fart guilty! I don't feel amy guilty because she is already mine whether it is now or in the future." ๐’ทโ„ฏ๐“ญ๐“ทโ„ด๐“‹๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’ธโ„ด๐“ถ

"Forget it. But I can have sex with her after some time right?" Even though he knows that she had already given him her heart but he won't think that she is ready to have sex with him.

As a virgin milf, he didn't think that she will give him her virginity that easily.

"Speaking of her, what was that yesterday? Was it her talent or something else." He could feel that he couldn't defeat her if they are in the same realm. He didn't know why he thought of this but it was just a feeling that he couldn't defeat her.

"Sigh... As a time traveller I can't even defeat someone from this world at the same level. This is embarrassing. I can't even call myself a proper time traveller in front of others. I can't mix up with them." Liam sighed he didn't know why did he feel that way but he could feel his heartbeats that started to rise again because of thinking yesterday's scene.

"Should I ask her about this?" Even though he didn't seem to take this matter on his heart on the surface but he didn't think that he will lose to anyone. Not to mention in the same realm.

He seems to casual without any pride but that's not it. He wouldn't show his pride in front of his women's. It would be like that he is showing off something.

But if he is in front of others he will show his pride which is inside his heart.

He definitely didn't think that he is lower than others.

Whether you call it pride, confidence, self confidence or overconfidence. He thinks that hewill definitely not loose to someone who is in the same realm as him.

As for other realms which are bigger then his if it is only one big rank he could still fight and even have chances of winning but if the other person had crossed many realms then his. Then he would lose and that is natural.

But he doesn't want to lose to anyone.

"I should ask her talent. It should be because of her talent."

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