Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 6: Information regarding this other world
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Chapter 6: Information regarding this other world

Lulu looked at the crestfallen Wu Yan with weird looks on her face.

Could it be that this person has a screw loose in his head?

‘Or perhaps is this an anthropomorphized demonic beast, hence the undeveloped cognitive functions?

If it’s so will i be eaten?… ‘(TN: ( ?° ?? ?°))

This is the Lulu who’s still inappropriately dressed who’s the second person after Wu Yan to get lost in their train of thoughts.

Maa.. When all is said and done, moi just arrived at this world for a month, and to lvl up to 18 within a month is quite a feat, she might have cultivated from a young age to reach lv35. Yep… definitely so.

Patting himself on the back, he changed from crestfallen into the happy fool mode.

“Ne, Lulu…”

“Wa! Don’t eat me!” One can’t simply ignore what came out of her mouth when she heard him.

With jolting brows and forced smile on his face he watched as the girl went fetal. How can he stay calm after a statement like that.

Coughingly he said with a stern expression:” Urm… Lulu, you should know although you do have quite the value for being ‘eaten’, the art of ‘eating’ is a very deep one. In my opinion, it should only be done after you and I exchange our feelings and under mutual consent. Only then would the subject of ‘eating’ be appropriate. Right now, bootylicious as you are we aren’t a thing yet so you’re safe from being ‘eaten’.”

She who was still afraid awhile ago was stunned. Sure, she’s a klutz, but she’s not r.e.t.a.r.ded. After he puts it this way, if she still doesn’t know the meaning of that then it would mean she’s just a naive 17 year old girl with energy to spare.

Lulu stomped her feet and started pointing fingers at him, totally embarassed and infuriated at him. “Wh- Who said th- that kind of ‘eat’!”

Going huehuehue, he teasingly said to her delicate face: “You said it, you told me not to ‘eat’ you.”

“I mea- meant…” Confounded, she don’t know what to do, should she tell him that she thought he was a human reborn of a demonic beast and that he’s here to eat her? (TN: that’s some doujinshi material right there)

“Fine, fine.” Done with her ‘show’, he waved his hands and dismissed with a fed up face.

“Since you’re on a higher lv 35, are you honestly afraid of being eaten by me?”

Shocked she looked at him with a blank face:” On a higher lv 35? What do you mean by that?”

He scratch his head while thinking after seeing her reaction.

Could this world’s ranking differ from my system’s display?

“I mean your grade, or ability.”

Finally understanding, her eyes shined brightly. She let out a happy giggle, happily clapping her hands like she just thought of something.

“You betcha, I’m a fourth tier magician, I’m not scared of you, ahaha…”

“Fourth tier magician?” Now it’s his turn to be puzzled.

The fuck kind of categorization is 4th tier magician.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” The roles reversed, once she saw him being puzzled, she put on a queer look as if she can’t believe what he just said. But compared to him before, it’s still better looking.

Quickly, he rolled his eyes after guessing what her internal monologue is.

“just treat me as a barbarian coming out from the boonies way deep in the mountains, now tell me, what the hell did you mean by that.”

“Oh, so it’s like that…”

Feeling helpless after seeing her face he just shaked his head.

He’s absolutely sure she just took his words as the truth!

After listening to the klutz’s explanation and filling in the blanks he had a fundamental understanding of this world.

And it’s as the system said, this world is known as Silvaria, a world under the control of empires, royal families, and other factions.

The noble families and faction omitted, this world’s major power lies in the hand of three empires!

Ailu empire (TN:艾路) of the southwestern region, Baruba empire (TN:巴鲁巴) of the north, Feya empire (TN:菲尔) of the southeastern region. His current position is smack middle in the central region of all the forces!

In this world there’s two mainstream profession, warriors and mages. A warrior cultivates his dou qi, a magician trains his magic mana.

And along with cultivation comes the ascension towards higher tiers. Warriors and magicians have tier 1 to 9. Warrior who has reached the first tier is know as a tier 1 warrior and a magician who has reached tier 1 is known as tier 1 magician.

Those surpassing the 9th tier are known as 10th tier supers. These people exhibit a trace of transcendence, with the faintest of movements they can easily extirpate a town!

As such, there’s only 5 of these demiGods in the world of Silvaria.

And the cream of the crop the one who surpassed demiGods cannot be termed super anymore. This kind of existence is known as a God. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝙤𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝙤𝒎

In Silvaria, the first historically recorded 11th tier God is the one used to name this world.

Just from hearing this he can feel tremendous pressure.

Fine, give or take as long as it’s a transportee and he transported to the world, most of the time there exists a demiGod tier, that’s normal. But isn’t it the case that to transport is to become a God? (TN: Can’t refute that logic. ichirou cough*Aze-tan)

And according to her, in the whole history of Silvaria there has only ever been 4 Gods, one is Silvaria, the other 3 is the eponymous founders of the three empire, Ailu, Baruba and Feya!

These 4 Gods are no longer in existence, it seems some kind of discord happened and a battle royale happened. Finally, they ended each other. And since the 10,000 years after that, the world has yet to see a being transcending into a God!

After the explanation, he more or less guessed the similarities between the system’s classification and Silvaria’s.

Lulu mentioned that she’s a 4th tier magician, somewhere in the middle range of this tier. And in his system, she’s classfied as lv35!

In other words, lv 1-9= tier 1, lv10-19= tier 2 and so forth, lvl 90 is demiGod full level 100 is God!

As a tier 4 magician, her lv being 35 checks out with the facts.

Rubbing his forehead, he feels like he’s hurt inside.

It seems he’s but a mere tier 2 mob….

‘There’s tons of people stronger than me, it looks like I was looking down on the inhabitants of this world.’

At the very least, he’s not the lv0 piece of s.hit from before, completely powerless. Not to mention, relative to this world’s people, he has a big advantage!

Having the system as a trump card is a given, but the key point is that, he only needs to grind through countless battle to increase his power!

Unlike the free 2 play players of this world, who needs to deal with cultivating like a geek, and God forbids, like in the novels met with a bottleneck get stuck like a scheisse inside a toilet bowl without the slightest improvement. (TN:infinite potential/talent basically)

His method of improving is completely like that of a browser game, as long as there’s EXP, he can become stronger, bottleneck can go play with a vibrator!

As long as he puts in the effort, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a super!

Understanding this he reached an enlightment.

“Well then, little Lulu, which humpty dumpty big family did you come from? Still so young yet you have already reached tier 4, must be daddy’s little genius right?”

“I’ve already said I’m not small! If you’re going to call me a genius call me one properly don’t call me little genius….” She’s veritably not happy with the sensitive word ‘little’.

After dithering a bit, she opened her mouth that only knows how to drop bombs after bombs.

“I’m the sole child of Ailu empire’s number one family, The house of Lori!”

This might seem like nothing but she said this full of determination and consideration. Although she might look like she’s not amused with Wu Yan, but within her heart, she’s actually quite glad to be able to converse with him.

Since she’s the only child within her family, her family member showered her with praises and love, to the point of smothering her. To an outsider, because she has such a background along with stunning beauty, when people interact with her they fall under one of two broad categories. Either those that has a dagger behind their back or those bastards aiming for her look or background.

All this leads to her current position, she has frineds no doubt. But, she don’t have an acquaintance of the other gender that she can truly call a friend.

A bit of a ditz notwithstanding, she can still tell between wrong and right, and her intuition tells her that the man before her is not a bad person. (TN:Welp, we know where this is going but spoiler for those of you who believe in first girl always win, this ship won’t sail until very very late in the series, so take that! Harem ship for the win baby!)

And so, she announced her background.

If she were to let him hear her thoughts, he would have face planted and climbed back up again to jump into the lake but not before shouting out loud.

I ain’t a good guy! Don’t conveniently attach a label on me Goddamnit!…

Laying it down, she looked falteringly at him because she really wants to be friends with him.

He still hasn’t realized that without much thought, he has launched a successful offensive against the girl and reached a favourable level on her likeability meter. He’s still stuck on her background however, for he can smell.. a faint smell of cheese on the cliche.

Nononon! Not quite, a cliche trope here would be to save a damsel in distress! I only met the damsel, it technically only counts as half a cliche trope!

Despite holding in the urge to tsukkomi, he still managed to voice his thoughts.

“Well then, little Lulu, can you bring me out of this place?”

She looked perplexedly at him while pointing at her self: “Aren’t you shocked? I mean my background is that of…”

Originally feeling bewildered by her reaction, he scratched his cheeks before finally comprehending her meaning: “Calm down little Lulu, even if you’re loaded, I won’t borrow from you, chillax.”

“No!!! It’s not like that!!!” Flipping out at him even though she’s glad he didn’t take her background into much thought, but the way he puts it is still very unnerving.

“Young Miss! What happened?!”

Due to her shout, her partner seemed to have noticed and is making her way over here.

“Not… Nothing happened, I’m still bathing so no need for you guys to come over here.”

“Affirmative! Young miss!”

She rolled her eyes at him after letting out a sigh of relieve from watching the person walk away once more.

“Are you happy, you made me flip out, if we’re found out, how would we deal with that?”

He rubbed his nose while brightly smiling, though he wouldn’t exactly call himself an upright person but even then he still don’t want to receive the short end of the stick. And you know what they say about a woman scorned, he doesn’t want to walk onto the mine like a fool, not after the s.hit he has seen on screen. He especially don’t want to stir up trouble with this lassie over here.

Thinking that, he immediately proceeded to follow his death seeking impulse.

“Well, little Lulu, are you still bathing?”

Turning red, she glared at him while doing a handbra and snarled at him.

“bastard! pervert!”

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