Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 31: The true reason for being friendly with each other…
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Chapter 31: The true reason for being friendly with each other…

The light slowly receded and a girl slowly appeared before Wu Yan’s eyes, with a countenance so peaceful and eyes closed tight, she looked just like a slumbering princess waiting for her prince to wake her up.

Shoulder-length tea colored hair (Tl:brown), a cool and cute face, spotting a familiar Tokiwadai (Tl: 常盘台) summer school uniform.

He has seen her on screen many times before, even so he’s still very moved at this sight, the feeling one gets from screen and reality would be impossible to be the same.

After the radiant light has disappeared a dazzling array of light shot out from her heart, before he could react the light has already pierced his skin and connected with his heart.

While he’s preocupied with this ray of light, he heard two heartbeat in his eyes beating at different rates, the heart beated out of sync before slowly syncing with time. Finally, the sound of the two heartbeats became one and the sound faded away. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝒏𝙤𝒗𝒆𝙡.𝙤𝒓𝙜

The light connecting the two also separated and started twisting in front of his eyes into a lightball the size of a marble in the center of the room.

The lightball jumped two times and scampered all around his room, after making a round in his room it stopped abruptly and flew straight into his body.

He felt weird at this scene, touching himself all over to check for abnormalities and noticing nothing out of norm except for a slight feeling that inside his body there’s another sense, something like his half filled cup of water being added with a little bit more water.

This is what system meant by merging of life?

Squinting his eyes he probed around his bodies again while turning his eyes over to the girl before him.

The girl’s pretty face moved slightly and she moaned a bit before her eyelids started jolting. As if she’s just waking up, her eyes which had the same color as her eyes still a bit blurry began to open.

Blinking her eyes she tilted her head while she observed the surrounding. Then, her eyes were focused on the only ‘living mouth’ there, the two did a staring contest and the place just froze there like that.

Her gaze made him a bit uncomfortable, to say nothing of her being one of his biggest 2D character crush, even if it were a normal girl staring at him he would more or less still feel awkward, yes, even after having such a thick shameless face that’s been trained.

Misaka Mikoto’s eyes measured him up and down like she’s trying to familiarize herself with something and just right at the moment where he was about to say something she suddenly asked him.

“So you’re my master (Tl: raw says master in alphabets)?”

At the same time, a strong sense of wrongness came onto him. He wasn’t sure how to react and just lifted his fingers and started pointing at his nose.

“By master, are you referring to me?”

She affirmed his question with a nod of her little face, she totally looked like a traditional executive doing so.

“Yeah, it seems like you’re my master!”

“Wait a minute!”

Stopping her with his hand he looked at her with a serious expression.

“Are you sure you’re Misaka Mikoto and not just some or tsukaima (Tl: familiars) or anything like that?”

“I’m Misaka Mikoto in the flesh!”

Her voice carried a bit of agitation, she didn’t know what were heroic spirits or tssukaima but she feels slightly insulted by being mistook for something else given the shoujo’s bipolar unstable mood swing.

“Alright you tell me why did you call me master?”

This was his greatest question among many others.

A bit stunned, she showed an awkward face while rubbing her face.

“Isn’t a summon suppose to call the summoner like this?”“Yeah, who told you that….” (Tl: again this is like a bonus joke after reading all the chapters)

He rolled his eyes at her subconsciously, certain at the fact that this railgun didn’t know how to properly say her opening speech.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠.

Under the assault of his white eyes, she began to blush and went into a frenzy.

“Urusai! urusai! urusai!” (Tl: urusai compilation by youtuber)

God, railgun (炮姐) turned from heroic spirit into Shana (Tl.: the author changed her katakana name to something that sounds like shana in mandarin but can be roughly translated as stupid-na , didn’t know how to make it sound like shana while still retaining original meaning so here’s )

Maa, aside from the weird entry mode this should be railgun without a doubt.

With a friendly smile he shook her head at her and greeted her.

“Nice to meet ya, I’m Wu Yan, just call me Yan!”

“I know your name!”

She folded her arms in front of her chest while she said so much to his surprise. She also checked out the items in his room by subtly glancing around as if she’s very interested in what’s inside here.

Wu Yan still hasn’t recovered from what she said about knowing his name.

“How do you know me?”

“The moment I was summoned by you.”

With a slight smirk she responded to him.

“When I gained consciousness, certain parts of memory invaded my brain, it was memory regarding your everything, included in them is your name.”

“My everything!”

Triggered by this an alarm went off, everything? How everything is that everything? Don’t tell me she already has knowledge of my shoujo conquest goal and/or the thing with Hinagiku?

crap crap crap, if that’s true, given her personality, it would be hopeless to try and conquer her.

“Really everything?”

With a hopeful gaze he beamed his eyesight at her making her scalp a bit ticklish (Tl: awkward)

Her first impression of him is ‘what a strange fellow.’

But his reaction is understandable, everyone has their secrets and entitled to their privacy, if her secret of liking everything was revealed with no rhyme and reason, then she too would definitely be unamused by that.

If she knew right now that what he’s actually thinking is whether or not his shoujo conquest plan has been compromised then she would most definitely enter hulk rage and railgun the sonuvabeech.

Mah blings beechez.

“Technically not everything of course but regarding transport, system and summon and some other basic information pertaining to yourself that’s about it.”

She smiled while saying so but he’s getting the feeling from her tone and way of saying that she’s trying more to comfort him than explain, like she’s teasing a child.

Not that he minds however he just breath a sigh of relief. s.hit, at least it’s not everything, this means I’m still safe….

Looking at her composedly brushing her bangs, he hesitated before finally voicing his concern.

“So you should know the matter about me die you die?”

Nodding her head at him, he still couldn’t accept her nonchalant attitude and simply frowned.

“Don’t you feel uneasy? Your life now lies in another’s hands….”

She stopped messing with her bangs and just looked at him casually like it ain’t a big deal, as if she understood what he’s thinking deep down inside. He however exhibited anomalous behaviour by not saying anything while keeping his eyes on her.

She broke out in a laugh before speaking in a calm voice.

“Honestly, one’s life being in another’s hands should feel wrong, but for some reason I don’t have that kind of feeling. Rather it’s more like I feel really close.. no.. not right, my goodwill towards you… (Tl: goodwill can be euphemism for romantic interest)….no.. not right either, it’s that, that….”

From coherent speech she started breaking halfway through her lines and coyly looked around and growing more frantic. Finally she didn’t know what to say and was at a loss, all she could do was fidget around and moving here and there.

The heavy and stern look on his face was blown away by her.

How to put this, it seems like railgun meant she felt very close to him but saying that would be too sweet sounding and lover like so she became so conflicted it turned out like this.

Observing that the guy’s stupefied by her comments, she stomped her feet with a red face while howling at him.

“I’m.. I just feel like it’s very lonely for a transportee to fight countless battle alone on a foreign world, so I magnanimously decided to extend a helping hand, yeap, that’s right!”

Oh it’s here! Railgun’s tsundere side!

Looking at her in person actually being all tsundere in front of him, he felt like his concerns were starting to fade away and a smile slowly floated up his face and began to widen with her antics.

Extending his arm towards her he ignored Mikoto who’s still flabbergasted by his gesture before offering a handshake.

“Hereafter, i shall call you by Mikoto!”

She looked at his extended hand and swiped her eyes over his beaming face before turning her head away and with a ‘pa’ grabbed onto his hand.

“Do… don’t misunderstand anything, I’m just looking out for myself, you die I die so…”

“Say no more.”

Firmly holding her fair hand, he silently admired it.

“Even if it’s just for your sake, I will definitely do my best to stay alive.”

“Glad.. glad to see you understand.”

She hastily removed her hand and turned her back to him.

This summoner guy seems… nice.

Regretfully looking at his now vacant hand a grin surfaced on his face. He was actually quite worried that she would be obsequious to his demand from the controls of the system, but that was a shallow worry as she seems to be still the same Misaka Mikoto he knows….

Due to the lifeforce merging, she had a fundamental understanding of him, this is why she said she felt a certain kind of closeness to him. Her life is with him as well, but it’s just to the extent of being close, it’s not like he’s worried about whether or not her favorability towards him would raise with the influence of system summon or something like that!

As he’s thinking how to further his railgun conquest plan, the door to his room was knocked.

“Yan.. you in there?…”

fuck! Hinagiku! Didn’t this girl went hiding in shame in her room?


H ehurried to the door after giving Mikoto a gander, gesturing to her to stay still he proceeded to open the door.

When he showed his face to Hinagiku, her cheeks went rosy before she forced herself to stern up.

“I heard some voices like someone’s talking in your room, is it perhaps a guest?”

She popped her head inside his room and spotted Mikoto standing there. Her face instantly became heavy.

“Who’s she?”

With a genial face, he dragged her inside before explaining himself.

“She’s Mikoto, using the summoning system I talked with you I summoned her as an ally on our expedition to find jewel of heavenly palace, why don’t you introduce youselves?”

There was an odd moment of silence as she looked at Mikoto with a bit of an animosity. It looks like she’s intimidated by her cute appearance while Mikoto’s confused at why the girl’s staring at herself.

His heart is pounding at the sight of those 2 meeting each other.

Oh gawd… they won’t start a cat fight right….

Their eyes shined before simultaneously breaking out in laughter.

Hinagiku waved her hands at her.

“Greetings, the name’s Katsura Hinagiku, you can just call me Hinagiku!”

She returned her greeting with an amicable smile.

“Nice to meet your as well, my name’s Misaka Mikoto, Hinagiku was it? Well then you can just call me Mikoto as well!”

The two shaked their hands looking like sisters, in their eyes it seemed they empathized with each other.

At this sudden change, he was quite astounded but when he noticed that they would glance at each other’s from time to time, he went 囧…

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