Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure

Chapter 261 Fighting the undead (5)
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Chapter 261 Fighting the undead (5)

With the knights and soldiers pulling the undead away, there was a path that had been opened up for Shaka to reach the demon.

Seeing this path, Shaka didn't hesitate at all to charge at the demon who was just standing there with the black lance in his hand.

Then when Shaka was about to reach the demon, the demon suddenly raised the hand with the black lance in it.

In one smooth move, the black lance was cast out of the demon's hand and started flying at Shaka.

Shaka narrowed his eyes when he saw this, but there was no fear at all as he swung his sword out to meet it.

When The Penetrator made contact with the black lance, there wasn't a moment of hesitation. The Penetrator had no problem shattering the black lance to pieces, scattering it in the wind.

The demon couldn't help revealing a surprised look since it knew the power that was contained within the black lance.

This was the power of his black magic, one that could corrode anything that it touched.

However, there wasn't a single mark of corrosion on the strange sword that Shaka was holding.

The demon immediately recognized that this strange looking sword that Shaka was holding was definitely not a normal item. Once he realized this, he looked at the strange looking sword in Shaka's hand with a wary look.

But still, the demon gathered more black lances in his hands.

This was something that was created with his black magic, so as long as he didn't run out of mana, the demon didn't have a problem creating more black lances.

He would use these black lances to push back Shaka and see if he could keep him at a distance.

So while throwing these black lances, the demon started moving back away from Shaka. 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

But for Shaka, these black lances didn't scare him at all.

Since he had easily shattered through the first one, he was certain that he would be able to easily shatter through the second, third, and any other black lances that came at him.

Swinging The Penetrator out, the black lances that came at him were all shattered to pieces just like the first one.

The scattered black energy of the lances floated around in the air before disappearing without a trace.

The demon hadn't paid attention to this at first, but then he recognized that this was strange.

After all, even if the form of the black lance itself was shattered, the energy shouldn't be scattering in such a manner. The black lances were made of the black mana of the demon, they only took the form of the lance because they were gathered in this manner by the demon.

So even if they were shattered by something like this, the black mana shouldn't be fading away into nothingness like this.

The black mana was just being held in this form and it didn't need to be this form.

After it was shattered, the black mana should be corroding whatever it fell upon.

But for some reason, the black mana was disappearing without a trace after it was shattered by that strange sword.

That meant that this strange sword…was somehow dispelling the black mana.

The demon looked carefully at the sword while still throwing out the black lances and muttered under his breath, "Just what is this thing?"

But after thinking about it, the demon then said, "It'll make a good present for my lord."

The demon didn't stop running away and throwing black lances, but eventually, he realized that there was something wrong with this.

That was because there was an area that had been cleared out around them.

The undead were being routed by the knights and then the knights were creating a circle around them, which created this area for their fight.

But that was where the problem was.

The demon's area of movement was being limited by the circle of knights around him.

The demon wasn't scared of facing these knights, but having to face them would mean stalling his movement. Once he stalled his movement, Shaka would be able to catch up to him and use that strange magic weapon on him.

While he wasn't certain he would lose to this magic weapon, he didn't want to take this risk either. That was why he had been kiting Shaka around with the black lances, trying to wear him down.

But now he also found that the circle of knights was getting closer and closer, giving him less space to run.

The demon immediately tried getting the undead to push the knights to break this line, but the knights were able to hold on firmly…though this came at the sacrifice of a few of the weaker soldiers and knights. Since they were holding this line with their strongest members, the weaker members were left to fend for themselves…

Seeing that it was useless, the demon ignored them and turned his attention back onto Shaka.

All of a sudden, the demon stopped running away and stood firm to face Shaka.

Shaka was surprised by this and also stopped, but seeing that the demon wasn't doing anything, he charged at the demon again with The Penetrator in hand.

The demon just revealed a smirk seeing this before saying, "You want to play? Then I'll play with you."

There was a tremble in the demon's body before there were black veins that suddenly appeared on the surface of his skin.

When I saw this, I immediately recognized what this was.

It was the same thing that the demon commander had done before and once this had happened, all of the demon commander's abilities had increased. It seemed that this was some kind of unique buff that demons had.

So I immediately shouted, "Watch…"

Before I could say anything else, the demon was already charging out at Shaka.

He threw two more lances at Shaka that Shaka easily shattered before stabbing out at Shaka with a dark lance that he held in both hands.

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