Shadow Hack

Chapter 988 - 988 Divine Palace Transforms Into Thunder
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988 Divine Palace Transforms Into Thunder

Li Yunmu looked at the lightning of heavenly punishment descending on him and clenched his teeth. He unleashed his demonic transformation. His body was covered in black mist, and the injuries he had suffered until then were suppressed.

Li Yunmu looked at the sky. He clenched his right hand while gazing at the two waves of heavenly punishment descending. When he moved the next instant, the ground under his feet shattered.

Li Yunmu turned into a ray of light and ferociously charged toward the heavenly punishment.

The instant they collided, heaven and earth changed. A powerful brilliance lit up the sky and blinded everyone watching the fight. When the light dissipated, Li Yunmu floated down from the sky.

He had lost a hand in the collision a moment ago. It had turned into ashes, but Li Yunmu’s expression was one of pride. He wasn’t the least bit bothered by the loss of his arm.

At that moment, Li Yunmu had already transcended twenty-six waves of heavenly tribulation. Once he lived through the remaining ones, he could shed off the immortal realm and become an emperor.

But Li Yunmu’s condition was extremely bad. His flux energy was at the point of dissipating.

Fortunately, his dao intent had become even more imposing. After being baptized by heavenly punishment, Li Yunmu’s dao of ‘only I’ had been further strengthened.

But how could heavenly dao allow a heaven defying person to escape tribulation so easily? The final wave of heavenly punishment began brewing, and it was completely different from the previous twenty-six waves.

This final heavenly tribulation was formed from the transformation of the purple lightning palace. At that moment, it turned faint and changed into a purple maelstrom.

Li Yunmu looked at the lightning tribulation maelstrom in the sky. He could sense an irresistible might coming from it, but he had no way to retreat at that moment.

In the meantime, Yin Emperor, who was filled with boundless fury, was rushing in the direction of the ryukyu spirit bead. He had never thought that when he went to avenge his son, he would almost lose his life.

Fortunately, at the most critical moment, Xuan Chen broke through to heavenly emperor realm and saved his life. This, however, didn’t change the hatred that Yin Emperor had for Asura.

But what made him feel the most indignant was that some unknown person had used the opportunity of him leaving for Asura City to enter his small world and destroy the ryukyu spirit bead.

Right then, he could barely sense the feeble presence of ryukyu spirit bead. The main problem, however, was that if Yin Emperor only relied upon absorbing xuan energy, his cultivation would be extremely slow.

He had relied on slowly advancing with the power of belief supplied by the residents of the small world, but his small world had been destroyed by someone, which meant that his path of future cultivation had also been cut down.

Yin Emperor was extremely furious because of that. Although he didn’t know who had entered his small world, that person shouldn’t be a simple character based on the fact that they were able to bypass all the restrictions.

However, they also shouldn’t be very strong because when all was said and done, the ryukyu spirit bead was a treasure from ancient times. It was not extremely hard to destroy because the restrictions it contained had been damaged over time. 𝙗𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

The person who had entered the small world was definitely in the immortal realm. Yin Emperor wanted to find them and kill them before seeing whether he could repair the ryukyu spirit bead.

When Yin Emperor had traveled half the way, he suddenly sensed a terrifying presence in the sky.

“This-this is a tribulation cloud! Who exactly is this person that could attract such a terrifying tribulation?” Yin Emperor mumbled.

After seeing the tribulation cloud in the sky, he couldn’t help but have an impulse to kowtow and pay allegiance. But could it be that the person facing the tribulation is the person who destroyed my small world?

Was it possible that the stranger had obtained some sort of lucky opportunity in the small world? It was a fact that the ryukyu spirit bead was Yin Devil Sovereign’s treasure.

Yin Emperor had obtained it in ancient ruins. When he discovered the treasure, a small world had already formed in the ryukyu spirit bead, so he nourished it for several years and spent countless resources for life to blossom inside it.

But when he entered the small world, he discovered that he couldn’t enter many of the historical remains because he had already passed the immortal realm and had become a quasi emperor.

Although ryukyu spirit bead was in his possession, it wasn’t his destined immortal weapon and a remnant of Yin Devil Sovereign’s soul was still present in the ryukyu spirit bead.

It made Yin Emperor unable to fully control the ryukyu spirit bead and the reason why he wasn’t able to take it when he went to hunt Li Yunmu.

Because of this reason, his heart was filled with fury. The opportunity to become an emperor belonged to him, but it was snatched away by someone.

Yin Emperor accelerated and rushed in Li Yunmu’s direction.

When Yin Emperor reached him, he was astonished to see Li Yunmu. Soon after, his expression turned incredibly gloomy. The person who destroyed his small world, wasn’t he the same person who killed his two sons?

“I was wondering who it was, but it turned out to be dao friend. You dao friend are somewhat unreasonable, making us search for you for so long while you ran to destroy my small world. Dao friend, don’t you owe me an explanation?”

At that moment, Yin Emperor’s expression was extremely sinister. He hadn’t expected that the murderer of his sons whom he had been searching for so long would actually come to destroy his small world too.It made him wonder how exactly he had offended this person.

When Li Yunmu saw Yin Emperor rushing over, he realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worse. He had intended to leave the region once he came out of the ryukyu small world. but he hadn’t expected that just as he came out, the heavenly tribulation would immediately sense him.

Right then, Li Yunmu’s situation was extremely bad. The flux energy in his body was emptied out and his body was covered in injuries.

If Yin Emperor tried to kick him when he was down, Li Yunmu didn’t know whether he could safely transcend his tribulation. After all, even if Yin Emperor did not get involved and just waited until he transcended the tribulation to deal with him, it would still be extremely difficult for him to escape.

While Li Yunmu was stressing over what he should do, the heavenly punishment from the purple lightning palace arrived, and Li Yunmu could no longer pay attention to Yin Emperor.

When Li Yunmu looked at the descending heavenly lightning, his expression turned incredibly solemn.

The heavenly lightning was extremely formidable. Even if Li Yunmu was in his peak state, he might not be able to stop it, let alone now when he had already taken twenty-six waves of heavenly punishment.

Li Yunmu gritted his teeth. He had to resist the heavenly lightning no matter what. He had many matters left and could not die just yet.

Within a split second, Li Yunmu decided that even if he had to degenerate into a devil, he had to resist the heavenly lightning, so he unleashed the devil transformation once more.

Devil energy covered his body from head to toe. Black devil runes filled his body. The second devil transformation was unexpectedly more terrifying than the first one.

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