Shadow Hack

Chapter 985 - 985 Xuan Chen Becomes Emperor
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985 Xuan Chen Becomes Emperor

Isn’t this the presence of buddhist half emperor? Wait, no, although this presence is very similar to the presence of buddhist half emperor, it is much more powerful!

It was that presence that had stopped Asura’s attack. When the trio turned around to take a look, it was surprisingly Buddha Clan’s half emperor. But based on the energy fluctuations coming from his body, he should be called buddhist heavenly emperor.

“This, Dao Brother Xuan Chen, you advanced?!” Yin Emperor and the others asked in astonishment. They hadn’t expected that the buddhist half emperor would unexpectedly take a step forward before them and enter the heavenly emperor realm.

Previously, the buddhist half emperor wasn’t the most formidable among them, so when they saw him appear before them with his present strength, they felt somewhat uncomfortable.

When the buddhist true son was under threat, the half emperor had sent a clone containing his life essence, but to his surprise, the projection manifested using his life essence was destroyed by Li Yunmu’s one attack.

At that time, the buddhist half emperor had spat out a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness. The buddhist true son was his favorite disciple, but he hadn’t appeared with the other four half emperors in the sky above Asura City to take vengeance.

The buddhist half emperor had ended up injuring his meridians because of anger. The worry about buddhist true son’s situation interfered with him healing himself too.

When the heavenly emperor of Buddha Clan learned about this matter, he summoned the buddhist half emperor and had a night-long discussion with him. Only then the injuries of buddhist half emperor began to recuperate properly.

Under the guidance of the heavenly emperor, the buddhist half emperor slowly comprehended that: Life and death are ruled by fate and hardships extend from heaven to earth.

This allowed him to grasp a heavenly dao and break through the quasi emperor realm to become a heavenly emperor powerhouse. At the same time, he also comprehended the most powerful domain among all the heavenly emperor powerhouses of Buddha Clan: Life and death domain.

Once it happened, the importance attached to Xuan Chen by buddhist clan reached the peak. They gave him the Buddha Clan’s supreme treasure of ancient times straight away.

The Buddha Clan’s supreme treasure was passed down from generation to generation and inherited by the most powerful disciple of each generation. Those disciples then led the Buddha Clan to glory.

The supreme treasure was an immortal treasure, and it ranked at the front in the list of immortal treasures. It was the destined immortal weapon of first generation buddhist leader Fang Zhang.

After he passed away, the immortal treasure remained in the Buddha Clan, and because of it, each generation’s buddhist disciples cultivated the same cultivation method from ancient times, Great Sun Golden Scripture.

It led to the compatibility between the supreme treasure and each generation’s legacy disciple to be almost perfect. Truth be told though, the majority of sects were like that.

When the supreme treasure of Buddha Clan, Blue Dragon Beads, appeared in Xuan Chen’s hands, it began to emit the might of a destined immortal weapon.

When Asura saw that his attack had been neutralized, he began to frown. He sensed Xuan Chen’s strength and surprised. He hadn’t expected that a heavenly emperor powerhouse would come.

“Who are you?”

Asura took the initiative to speak. He didn’t know Xuan Chen, but based on the opponent’s strength, Xuan Chen wasn’t someone easy to deal with.

“Buddha Clan, Xuan Chen. Dao friend, I want to take these people away. I wonder if dao friend can give some face to this poor monk?”

Xuan Chen looked at Asura expressionlessly, without showing any sadness or joy. 𝙗𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

“What a joke! These people came to my territory, destroyed my city, and you ask me to let them go? Am I that easy to bully?”

When Asura heard that Xuan Chen surprisingly belonged to the buddhist clan, he was quite startled.

The Buddha Clan was considered among the top powers. They had two heavenly emperor powerhouses, and with the addition of Xuan Chen, they gained a third heavenly emperor powerhouse.

But Asura wasn’t a timid person. When he saw Xuan Chen’s attitude of calmness toward everything, it made him extremely unhappy. His expression turned cold.

Xuan Chen had recently entered the heavenly emperor realm yet he didn’t even place Asura in his eyes.

“Haha, seems like dao friend doesn’t intend to give face to this old monk?”

Xuan Chen’s expression was still tranquil and he spoke without any expression.

When Asura saw Xuan Chen’s lack of emotion, the fire in his heart became even stronger. The person who destroyed his heavenly world still hadn’t been found, and the four half emperors had actually destroyed Asura City.

Before he was able to kill them, however, a buddhist heavenly emperor appeared and said that he wanted to take the perpetrators with him.

Rage exploded in Asura’s heart. It was as if Mount Tai had collapsed and all his apprehensions had disappeared after the matters of the past few days.

At that moment, he didn’t care about the Buddha Clan or Taoist School. All he wanted to do was one thing, and it was to keep the three half emperors.

Asura took a deep breath and unleashed his divine awareness. His asura domain was instantly released completely, enveloping everyone with the smell of blood that spread through everywhere. It even turned the sky red.

The half emperors sensed the complete release of the domain and instantly felt suffocated. Large beads of sweat flowed down their foreheads. They half knelt on the ground and felt like their eyes were about to fall out.

At that moment, the half emperors didn’t have the slightest strength to resist. It was the disparity between half emperors and heavenly emperors. Just by relying on his domain, Asura was able to force these half emperors to kneeling before him.

“What kind of thing are you? You actually dare to force me to give you face!” Asura loudly roared toward Xuan Chen.

When Xuan Chen heard him, he waved his hand and unleashed the life and death domain.

Golden light replaced the black light and collided against the asura domain with a powerful momentum.

The instant the two domains collided, two completely opposite presences knocked against each other. In the end, the battle between the two domains ended with a tie.

This left Asura extremely astonished; he had been a heavenly emperor for a long time while Xuan Chen had only become a heavenly emperor recently. For some reason though, their domains were evenly matched.

The two domains kept colliding, but neither of the two was able to expand even one step. Yin Emperor and the others obtained a chance to take a breath of air once they became part of Xuan Chen’s life and death domain.

When Asura saw this, he knew that Xuan Chen’s domain was extremely formidable. The black runes began to spiral around his arms which held a pike and a longsword.

Asura’s expression was ice-cold when he thrust the pike forward. A black firebird with an astonishing presence rushed toward Xuan Chen. It left cracks in the space it passed.

When Xuan Chen saw that, he threw the blue dragon beads which began to spiral in the sky. Each bead was flickering with golden light, which turned into a long dragon that rushed toward the firebird.

An astonishing explosion occurred.

Xuan Chen’s golden dragon proved to be slightly inferior. After all, it hadn’t been long since he had broken through the heavenly emperor realm and his cultivation base hadn’t stabilized. Although his domain was evenly matched with that of Asura, he wasn’t Asura’s opponent once they began using xuan skills.

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