Shadow Hack

Chapter 7: Half Awakened? Whats That?
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Chapter 7: Half Awakened? What’s That?

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

Suddenly, the crowd parted way as an elegant female appeared in everyone’s view.

"Yunmu, why have you come?"

"Ah Li" 𝗯𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦

Li Yunmu’s expression changed slightly, this elegant girl was a goddess in the hearts of many in the entire Sixteenth High School of Lucky Wind City. Not only was she extremely beautiful, the most important thing was that she had inherited the Flux Disciple genes of her parents and was the Sixteenth Lucky Wind City High School’s most promising candidate for awakening and becoming a genuine flux disciple in the future.

Ah, flux disciples, after becoming one, their position within the Alliance skyrockets. Lin Li was the center of attention of the entire Sixteenth High School today, perhaps she herself had been waiting for this day for a long time.

"Ah Mu, I have heard about your father’s matters."

When Lin Li walked past everyone who was lined up and came in front of Li Yunmu, she lightly said.

"Really? One’s life can change at any moment, only now did I realize that the power of my own strength is the only constant that forever remains eternal."

Li Yunmu calmed down and mockingly laughed.

He was calmly watching this beautiful girl’s face, in ordinary times, everyone was clear within their heart that Lin Li should belong to him. Perhaps after several years, this elegant and beautiful woman, who was the goddess of countless students, would become Li Yunmu’s wife and bear his children.

After all, in the eyes of all outsiders, both of them were childhood friends. Moreover, with Li Yunmu’s background, he was the most suitable choice for Lin Li, but who could have thought that at such crucial time, Li Yunmu’s father would face such an unfortunate accident.

"I have half awakened in these past few days."

Lin Li’s tone changed and she said in a soft voice that only two of them could hear. While saying this, she couldn’t control her emotions and a trace of excitement flashed through her face.


Li Yunmu’s heart slightly tensed.

"Although my words would sound quite unpleasant for you at this moment in time, I want to travel farther on this planet and I want to enter the higher dimensional world to take a look. Even if I am only half awakened, I still want to go take a look, I’m sorry......"

"Okay, I understand."

Li Yunmu heavily sighed as he said this. But he didn’t say anything more, saying any more would be meaningless.

Strictly speaking, the relationship between the two wasn’t as close as what others had imagined, but they can’t deny it. Within Lucky Wind City, with Lin Li’s beauty as well as the innate talent of inheriting her parent’s genes and succeeding them, in everyone’s mind, these two were a perfect match.

Relatives of these two also didn’t refute it, even to the extent that Li Yunmu sometimes had this misconception that this beautiful woman should be his wife. Previously, he would have been fully satisfied with just that.

However, now when he thought about it, it was clear that he was dreaming too much, but fortunately.......everything was fine since nothing had happened between them, but then again, what a pity.

"Then I pray that you successfully pass today’s test."

Li Yunmu took a deep breath.

"Did you specifically come over to take a look at my test?"

A flash of guilt passed through Lin Li’s face.

"No, same as you, I have come to make the Dragon’s Leap."

After spitting out these words, a trace of determination passed through Li Yunmu’s heart and he thoroughly erased this beautiful woman from deep within his heart.

Now, he had clearly realized that being childhood sweethearts meant nothing. All the talk of their social status matching were nonsense. Since he had completely removed all thoughts of her from his heart, why should he wait for her. Keeping memories of her deep down in his heart would also be completely useless.

With his heart cleansed, Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate any longer and walked away from Lin Li with big strides and arrived within the crowd of candidates waiting for the test. When Qing Fei went up for his turn, Li Yunmu dragged him back down with one hand.

"Test it."

Li Yunmu didn’t say anything to him, he just walked up and said loudly to the commissioner conducting the test.

"Li Yunmu, what are you cutting in line for? Do you still think that your father has your back?"

Qing Fei cursed him without any restraint.

"No other reason, except the fact that I am going to become a flux disciple now."

Li Yunmu scowled at him.

Next instant, power exploded from his body. It resembled the frustrations that had accumulated in his heart due to his father’s matters in these past few days as it came bursting out.

In a split second, the test halo, with Li Yunmu as the center, broke out with a violent force. All the surrounding candidates that were waiting for their turns, were knocked back one after another. They were alarmed by the shockwave produced by the fierce force.

"Flux Disciple! What a surprise, he was actually a completely awakened Flux Disciple?"

Within the test halo, Li Yunmu’s body that was emitting a deep and fascinating black flame that clearly made him seem like a crane in a flock of chicken.

The black flame seemed to be the darkest light under the sun. It looked like it was sucking in all of the light in the vicinity. Indeed, this was the force of someone who had completely awakened and became a Flux Disciple taking the first step in fluxer’s world.

"Great, fantastic, I didn’t expect to encounter a naturally awakened seedling. Youngster, you’re too fierce! But at least you have the talent and strength."

A trace of extreme admiration passed through the eyes of the old man, who was the main person in charge of the testing team sent by the Alliance.

"Then do I still have to continue with the test or can I go down?"

At this instant, Li Yunmu had closed his eyes and could clearly sense the power rushing forth from his body. The strength rushing forth from all over his body gave him the feeling that he could shatter the earth with one punch, it was just too intoxicating.

What about producing trace of flux energy? What half awakened? In front of him, who had completely awakened, these were all just floating clouds.

"Haha, there is no need. Here is your Flux Disciple badge, from this moment onwards, you will enjoy all the privileges and treatment given to Flux Disciples by the Alliance. I represent the Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild in hopes that within a month, you will come to our office at Cloud Fort to register. Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild awaits your arrival."

Even the commissioner had come out and declared. A person entering the Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild brought a smile to his face.

A naturally awakened Flux Disciple!

Although within the whole Central Continent, a fully awakened Flux Disciple wasn’t considered anything. However, coming from Lucky Wind City and being only sixteen years old, being able to reach this stage without the support of any external supplement made him a rarely seen talent.

Li Yunmu smiled faintly. He had never felt more excitement in his entire life, than when he took the miniature badge, but at the same time, he was also very calm.

He had now easily obtained everything which he could only dream of obtaining before. He pinned the miniature badge, which was glimmering faintly, on the corner of his chest. He looked around once and saw that all of the people who were mocking him for attempting the test previously had lowered their heads....including Qing Fei who had wanted to shame him. Even Lin Li, who had previously abandoned him, had now also lowered her head. All of their faces were filled with great shock.

"Father, your son hasn’t disappointed you. Now that you can’t protect this family, you son will. I will definitely obtain the legendary higher dimensional medicines and repair your legs, I swear."

After being successfully advancing to Flux Disciple, Li Yunmu felt that all the mocking, doubt, abandoned, everything he had faced previously, in front of power, was ridiculous!

After Li Yunmu and Zhang Kai left, the testing site was filled with a deathly stillness, but the outside was in complete chaos. This year, a completely awakened Flux Disciple had appeared in their Sixteenth Lucky Wind City High School. Moreover, surprisingly, this person was someone whom they recognized as a complete failure that could only depend on his parents to pass his days?

"How is this possible? How has he completely awakened flux energy?" Could he have been concealing his strength...."

Lin Li could only gaze foolishly at the figure that was gradually walking away from her. This time, she felt that she had made a grave error and had lost something incredibly precious which had previously belonged to her but now it was impossible to get it back.

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