Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 327: Maira Had An Idea Who The Golden Rooster Was
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Chapter 327: Maira Had An Idea Who The Golden Rooster Was

Amanda never imagined she would find herself in this kind of situation.

After analyzing and even taking an X-ray, Amanda discovered that although something ‘abnormal’ was happening inside the golden rooster’s body, it was not life-threatening.

“That’s a relief…!” When Henson heard this, he collapsed into the chair beside the bed the golden rooster was lying on.

The two brothers and his mother were also pleased, one by one he let out a relieved sigh.

In the present times, they depend a lot on the golden rooster, it was neither 1 nor 2 times that they were saved. After what they went through, even their father abandoned their older brother, even if he is a rooster, showing much more humanity than many humans, not to mention that man was their father.

It was half past nine when Amanda arrived on the island with Sebastian.

She didn’t charge for diagnosing the golden rooster. In reality, Amanda may be kind, but she wasn’t a fool. Although she could make a little money out of it, she had a strong feeling that it was best to make friends with these people, especially the boy who brought the golden rooster and the golden rooster himself.

When she was diagnosed. She found that the cause was Qi overload. The Qi core of this golden rooster was very strange, it was even stranger than the two pets that live on the island. While there may never be a chance of needing their help, Amanda still didn’t regret her chosen one.




On the quiet island, all you could hear was the sound of a body hitting a wooden bag. The atmosphere was very solemn.

Cristina continued training like a maniac as if she didn’t know what exhaustion was.

Only when she noticed Amanda and Sebastian’s arrival did she stop.

Sweat dripped mostly on her pretty face. Her belly was just barely visible, showing some of her tanned skin. Her t-shirt was not short, but not too long, it was normal for girls to wear this kind of sports t-shirt in Brazil.

“Aunt Amanda, Uncle Sebastian.” Grabbing a washcloth, Cristina approached with a smile. “Welcome back.”

Amanda was quite fond of this girl. She was so hardworking, even though she had so many things available to her these days. After so much suffering she’d been through, it was amazing that she could try so hard and still smile so beautifully.

“We’re back.” Amanda smiled gently.

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Sebastian gave a small smile. “Here, debt to the children.”

In his hand was a beautifully decorated package.

Cristina’s eyes lit up a little when she saw the four-leaf symbol on the packaging. This was the best candy store in town. Although not very expensive, it was still very difficult to get it in time before it sold out.

“Thank you, Uncle Sebastian.” Cristina didn’t refuse, she accepted while giving a beautiful smile.

In the living room, Cristina was sitting around the table with three other girls.

Now she wore a different set of clothes. It consisted of a very comfortable lilac cotton T-shirt and lilac sweatpants.

Little Rikka, Little Elise, and Little Monica ate happily.

Each of the girls received a generous slice of the cake.

“So delicious~ I mean, this is living~” Little Rikka said in her childish voice in a funny way, making the others agree while laughing.


Little Rikka was surprised when they laughed, but in the end, she laughed along.

On the sofa in the living room, Maira, Amanda, and Sebastian were drinking coffee while enjoying a slice of cake.

Maya smiled a little. “It’s surprising that this happened.”

“Well, girl, you can’t even imagine how surprised I was when I saw the man bringing a golden rooster,” Amanda said exaggeratedly.

Maira found the way Amanda spoke funny, she laughed gently and said, “You said you found the golden rooster familiar, yes? So I think I know more or less where it came from.”

“Oh?” Amanda opened her eyes wide, then she asked curiously: “Where, where? I thought a lot, but I couldn’t remember…”

“Mm, I’m not surprised.” Maira smiled: “Remember the last tournament you had in the game Luan created? So, there was a very powerful golden rooster that participated.”

“Ohh… Yes, that’s it!” Amanda snapped her finger upon hearing this: “No wonder I found it familiar, but I couldn’t remember… I barely watched the tournament, but I remember seeing some videos.”

Amanda felt a little embarrassed, even though it was only a few times she saw the golden rooster on video, she still wasn’t able to recognize it. ‘I’m so stupid…’ She pouted.

Sebastian beside her, seeing her like this, was delighted, ‘So cute.’

Over the next few days, Luan, Nora, and the rest went to the clan leaders who attacked Nora’s clan and looted all their possessions.

Although they acted like bullies in doing so, they at least limited themselves to taking only the things of the leaders who attacked them. Other than that, they left their clan alone.

In a colder city, where snow was so common that the natives of the city barely saw the sun, Luan mainly looked at Catharina and Elias. After thinking, he asked: “I’m going back to land, what are you going to do, do you still intend to stay in the tower?”

“Yea.” Catharina was the one who answered for them. “We have Morgana to protect us if it gets dangerous. It’s good to take this chance to get more resources and get stronger.”

Elias had a serious look: “If we don’t work hard, the distance between us will only increase. I will strive to make the disparity so great.”

Catharina put her hand on Elias’ shoulder, but it was the kind she did with a brother, she smiled, “Take a part of our resource to our family. Current times are chaotic, the more strong people on our side, the better.”

Seeing his sister’s wild smile and the way she was acting so unfeminine, Luan felt a little sorry for Elias, but it didn’t show on his face.

“I know you want to get stronger and you don’t want to be left behind.” Luan warned them: “But don’t get cocky, if you feel it’s dangerous, come back, don’t take too much risk, your life is the main priority.”

Afterward, he even gave them some pills that would be useful for them. Most were to help solidify the foundation of their cultivation, while others were like a second life. It was very expensive to create such pills, but Luan didn’t even blink at the thought of making them and giving them to his friends and family.

After speaking to them, he spoke to Nora: “We’re going. Take care, if you need help, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

“I will.” Nora smiled.b𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚎l.net

Lenore was heading back ashore with them. She wanted to meditate on the island, as it was an even better environment there than in the tower. Now that she’d gotten so much blood essence, she needed such a place to meditate.

The city they were in also had a portal to exit the tower. After saying goodbye, they left.

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