Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 29: Immortality
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Chapter 29: Immortality

Luan created 19 Qi Collection Pills:10 Low pills, 5 Mid pills, 3 High pills, and 1 Superior pill.

It was close to midnight when he finished creating these pills. Luan took a shower and after putting on pajamas, he went to sleep. ๐™—๐™š๐™™๐™ฃ๐’๐™ซ๐™š๐™ก.๐™ค๐™ง๐’ˆ


- Morning of March 3, 2010 -

It had been 17 days since Luan and Ingrid met and stayed in the suite at the Dallas Hotel. Before, Luan intended to stay in the suite for 30 days and then return to Jurerรช Internacional, however, things had not quite gone as planned. The formation he created with Ingrid's help would break up in a few days, and now that he had managed to enter Heaven and Earth Realm - Qi Refining Stage, Luan could create pills more easily, thus, he had no more need to spend so many days in this place.

I think you should take a look at ๐‘๐‘’๐˜ฅ๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘™.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

However, he couldn't just go back to Jurerรช Internacional; he still needed to deal with the Zing Clan before he left. If he left things as they were, it was possible that they would try to kidnap Ingrid's mother again.

Unlike the previous day, Luan started training with a body technique, doing all 48 movements quickly and accurately and then meditating while performing the sutra of the technique: Divine Spiritual Body. While meditating, Luan felt that he was very close to breaking the limit of his body again. But, he knew it was not good to push himself too hard and stopped meditating around 2 pm.

Ingrid and Cristina had already finished training. Cristina, who had joined just a few days ago, managed to become 3 times stronger than an ordinary man.

After having lunch and showering, Luan said, "Ingrid, Cristina, I have a pill that will help you to become stronger."

In a bottle, there were two milky pills each the size of a glass ball. Luan placed the bottle on the table and said, "You each can have a pill, and when swallowing, I recommend that you use the sutra of your body technique. This will facilitate the digestion process and increase the efficiency of the pill."

The two pills Luan gave Ingrid and Cristina were High-Quality Qi Collection Pills. Although they had 60% impurities, they were still quite useful. Luan intended to create new Water Pills, therefore, he didn't have to worry about the impurities that were inside the pill, since he himself knew how to create a pill that removed the impurity. The important thing now was to get stronger.

"Thank you, Luan." The two girls were moved. Without wasting time, they went to the training room and swallowed the pills and started meditating.

Luan did not stay at the hotel. He left when he saw that the girls started training. He wanted to see if the herb store had received new stocks, and he also wanted to try his hand at finding rare medicinal herbs in isolated places.

As his strength increased, the speed also increased. Luan managed to reach 600 kilometers per hour running: this was without using Qi. If he used Qi, he could reach an incredible 800 kilometers per hour. This only reinforced the security measures that he had in place to be able to protect Cristina and the rest in case the Zing Clan tried to do something.

Of course, Luan was not running through the city at this speed right now. He wouldn't do it for no reason, and had he done that, it would have looked like "Flash" was running through the streets of S?o Josรฉ. The next day it would have invariably appeared on various television news. The day he ran to save Ingrid's mother, it was a different situation: it was at night, and the cameras in 2010 were not so good that they could get images of him running at 500 kilometers an hour. Also, most people who might have seen him that time probably thought they were hallucinating to see something run by that fast.

At the store which sold medicinal herbs, the attendant recognized Luan and said with a professional smile, "Mr. Luan, you are back. We already have what you ordered last time. It arrived at the store just an hour ago."

Luan was slightly surprised at how quickly they managed to find what he had requested before. "Oh, this is good. I will want to take this and also..." Luan listed the items he wanted to buy.

Before Luan left the store, he worked out with the staff that Ingrid would accept the items at the hotel when the delivery dropped the items off. Luan did not return to the hotel; he was still hoping to find useful ways to create pills. Strolling through the streets of S?o Josรฉ, Luan arrived in front of a street that went out towards the sea. On the beach, Luan saw that there was a man renting boats.

Approaching, Luan asked the man wearing a dark green fisherman's clothes, "Sir, I want to rent a boat of yours. How much does it cost?"

The man looked Luan up and down and saw that he looked like a young man with money and was not just another curious person. "Rowing boat is R$ 300 per day. Larger motorized boat is R$ 1000 per day," he replied.

"I would like to rent the motorboat, please," said Luan.

"Okay, come with me to my store." He led the way to a small, white storefront and started asking questions, filling out a rental paper, and also asking for a photo ID.

After finishing filling in the required paperwork, he stated, "It is already 3:00 pm, so I will charge you part-time, which is R$: 500. If you stay more than 12 hours with the boat, you will have to pay the other R$: 500, okay?"

Seeing Luan nod, he said, "Do you want to pay with cash or by card?"

"By card," Luan replied and passed his credit card to the man who rented the boats.

"Pin number, please," stated the man.

"Okay." Luan typed in his pin and hit confirm.

After handing back Luan's credit card, the man guided Luan to the boat. On the way, he said many things like the deadline for delivering the boat and the risk he would take if he went too far, and gave Luan a detailed map of the sea and nearby islands.


In the open sea, Luan rode the boat at 30 kilometers per hour. He mainly chose to go to more distant places. Standing alone on a boat in the open sea reminded him of the times in his previous life when he hunted for treasure in the sea with his sailboat. At that time, Luan had achieved many amazing things and it was also because of the treasures he had acquired, he strengthened himself quickly. The sea was an unpredictable place, and one often depended on luck to find something of value, but for Luan who had very good senses, the unpredictability turned out to be an advantage.

Not far away, Luan saw two islands, one more or less large and the other small. The largest was at most the size of a football stadium. Luan swerved and instead kept going towards the more open sea.

Until now, he hadn't felt any strange energy inside the sea. While only listening to the sound of the sea and the wind blowing, Luan began to remember his past life.

For almost a thousand years he lived and in the path of immortality, he lost many people he had cared for: friends, family, his mother, his sister...

In an instant, Luan had a thought about whether he would pursue immortality this time around. It didn't matter if it was a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years, time was valuable. Although the excitement of life comes from the process and not from the results, if he could possess immortality and have an unlimited life, would he not be able to experience more excitement in his life?

If there were such a possibility, he would definitely seek immortality. Furthermore, he would not seek only immortality for himself; he would also help the person he loves so that they could be together forever. Also, for his mother and sister, he would definitely help them to achieve immortality.

Luan was lost in the middle of his tide of thoughts until he suddenly felt a strange energy coming from the bottom of the sea.

_ _

- Drop some power stone, please <3

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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