Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 655 Meeting Liu Mingxia’s parents
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Chapter 655 Meeting Liu Mingxia's parents

uLiu Mingxia whimpered in satisfaction as warm liquid filled her inside.

Feng Yun kissed her, she too took it with passion as she kissed him back, he attacked her lips fiercely, using his tongue to attack her mouth, violating her lips and stopping her from speaking while his dick was still inside her pussy hard as rock.


Liu Mingxia tried to spoke between his kisses and gasped heavily, Her twin peaks moved up and down trying to get hair, and her body twisted below his but he pressed down her body fully, making her unable to escape. Suddenly, he released her mouth and pinched her nipples.


Liu Mingxia opened her eyes wide. A shiver ran through her body, provoking a moan, Feng Yun kissed her neck deeply, licking her collarbone and moving to her chest, Liu Mingxia gasped, and her body arched up in pleasure, Feng Yun did not stop, and instead, he bitted and sucked her breast, until leaving a hickey.

"Nn…~ my love…~ Ahnn…~"

Without any care, Feng Yun left hickey after hickey on her body, Liu Mingxia noticed it but the prospects of him marking her only made it hotter for her, she cooperated with his movements, catering to his caresses and moving her hands through his body.


Liu Mingxia let out a soft cry of surprise as she felt his dick moving again, moving dick slowly while kissing and licking her as his hands played with her breast.


Liu Mingxia grunted, She raised her face and left a deep sigh of satisfaction, Feng Yun did not stop, slowly kissing everything of her.


Feng Yun moved his waist up little faster and down while he kissed her lips, At the same time, his hands moved around her body, pinching her nipples and caressing her waist, When his lips let hers, Liu Mingxia gasped


Liu Mingxia pleaded pitifully, but I just smirked and put my mouth in her breasts, sucking them fiercely and biting her nipples, filling her with pleasure


Liu Mingxia's body curved up, and her legs wrapped around his waist, She moaned and grunted repeatedly while at the mercy of his constant thrusts, he did not stop even when she had an orgasm, Instead, he intensified his movements, being as rough as possible without hurting her, Liu Mingxia could only moan and twist her body while trying to cope with the incredible pleasure she was feeling

Soon, a bit of saliva started to drool from her mouth, and her eyes turned blurry, Finally, Feng Yun felt her tightening around his cock and he knew another one was coming for her, feeling it he used all his strength and thrust once, twice, and thrice, then, his third shot of the day came out.

Liu Mingxia's toes curled down, She let out a loud moan that resounded in the room, taking in the feel of his warm seeds inside of her, he sighed and pulled his penis out as he watched the beautiful figure lying on the bed with semen flowing out of her cave and could not help but smile in pride, but this was not over as Liu Mingxia opened her eyes as she looked at him, she wanted more and like this, the moaning sound continued for the next few hours

... 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝗻𝗼𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝐨𝗿𝗴

When Feng Yun and Liu Mingxia finished their love session, they rested for a while before walking out of the room.

As they came out, Liu Mingxia met Chu Long again, "Uncle Chu, I am going out with Feng Yun. Can you look after the shop for a while?"

"Leave it to me, young miss." Chu Long nodded.

"Let's go!" Liu Mingxia held Feng Yun's arms intimately and said in cheerful tone.

"Hmm, let's go to the inn first." Feng Yun said lightly.

Feng Yun and Liu Mingxia come back to the inn where Tang Yue and others were staying at. They ate a happy meal together before heading to Liu Mingxia's house.

As they reached Liu Clan's residence, Feng Yun met Liu Mingxia's parents who personally came forward to welcome his group.

"Greetings, Uncle and Aunt!" Feng Yun greeted the patients of Liu Mingxia politely.

"Hello Feng Yun, how are you?" They replied with smiles. "Come inside!"

"Haha, Feng Yun. Not bad, not bad. A sovereign! You surely surprised me." Liu Mingxia's father looked at Feng Yun and spoke.

"It was just a lucky encounter." Feng Yun said slowly.

"Well, you are just being modest." Liu Mingxia's father laughed lightly.

Liu Mingxia's parents welcomed Feng Yun and his groups. Feng Yun was occupied by her father while girls started chatting with her mother. While Feng Yun was making love to his daughter, Chu Long informed him about Feng Yun. He also became stunned when he heard that Feng Yun had become a sovereign.

It was also because of this; Liu Mingxia's father was so happy to meet Feng Yun. He recognized Feng Yun's talent. Feng Yun has already surpassed his peers; he would definitely become a giant power in the future. Feng Yun has great talent, and has a big background. He wasn't inferior to any genius of the Black Tortoise Empire. Hugging his thighs was not a bad option.

At this time, Feng Yun spotted another person who was walking toward them. It was a middle-aged woman holding a little girl in her arm. Feng Yun's attention shifted as he recognized the middle-aged woman. It was none other than Chu Qingzhao. However, Feng Yun's gaze wasn't focused on the woman, rather on the little girl in her arm.

Chu Qingzhao was holding the hand of a small girl, old as his daughter, Feng Xieren.

his daughter.

"Hello, Feng Yun!" Chu Qingzhao looked at Feng Yun and greeted Feng Yun could feel a slight familiarity from the girl, she has his faint bloodline. Feng Yun immediately guessed that she should be his daughter.

"Hello, Feng Yun!" Chu Qingzhao looked at Feng Yun and greeted him sweetly.

"Hello, Elder Qingzhao." Feng Yun greeted her back as he walked toward her.

Feng Yun moved forward and spoke to the little girl, "Hello, little princess."


"I have something for you. Do you like candy?" While talking, he took out a candy to give her.

The little girl looked at Feng Yun then at the candy. She didn't take it directly but looked at her mother for suggestion. Her mother nodded, "Yes, take it."

At this time, she finally took the candy from his hand and spoke slowly, "Thank you, uncle."

"My name is Feng Yun. I am a friend of your parents. What is your name?" Feng Yun asked gently.

"Huan'er!" The little girl replied slowly.

"Huan'er! Good Name!" Feng Yun replied with a smile.

"Let's move inside, we can chat there." At this time, Liu Mingxia's father suggested. They nodded as they walked inside. They chatted for a while.


Liu Mingxia made accommodations for their stay. There were not many people in the Liu Clan; the arrival of Feng Yun's groups brought some cheerfulness in the clan.

After settling down, Feng Yun once again found Liu Mingxia. He wanted to know something about the Royal Academy. The Royal Academy was not far away from Red Spring City. He was thinking of visiting his old friends in the academy.

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