Release that Man

Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Drunkard


Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Little Brother Ye started to feel weary after accompanying Ye Shuang for a stretch of the road. If you have been around a handsome or pretty friend before, you should be able to recognize what he was currently feeling—all of the attention was directed at Ye Shuang. You’re one whole person standing there, but they always seem to look straight through you to focus on your friend...

This is such an insult! Have these women lost their minds? What do they see in this person who is even dishonest with his sex‽

Even though Little Brother Ye couldn’t be called ugly, this was the first time he had been completely delegated to the background, and he was understandably pissed.

Of the two siblings, one of them was feeling down because of their dramatic physical changes, and the other was not in the mood because of being treated as if he was invisible; neither of them felt like chatting with the other. However, after about ten minutes of absolute silence, Little Brother Ye finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He opened his lips and was about to say something when Ye Shuang, who was walking before him, suddenly stopped.

“Wait, what’s happening over there‽” Ye Shuang asked hesitantly.

Little Brother Ye rolled his eyes. “What now?”

Following his sister’s gaze, he saw a drunken man vomiting by the roadside, holding the side of a car for support in a darkened alley... Of course, this was nothing out of the ordinary, in today’s world, a little alcohol was to be expected at any social event. Therefore, even if the person vomited blood, it wouldn’t be completely surprising.

The key issue was that several feet away from the man was a group of ruffians walking toward him, and it was obvious that they weren’t going over to the man out of the kindness of their hearts.

“Abduction? Robbery?” Little Brother Ye widened his eyes in shock, but after he realized what was happening, he frowned and pulled on Ye Shuang’s shirt. He hissed hurriedly, “Sis, let’s go! We don’t want to get roped into this trouble.”

It was not that Little Brother Ye was particularly cold-hearted, but nowadays, Good Samaritans were often taken advantage of... Unsuspecting individuals were robbed blind when they were stopped by confused-looking con artists asking for directions.

Ye Shuang had read about such cases on the internet before, so she also hurried along before either herself or Little Brother Ye were spotted by the ruffians. By then, the group of ruffians had surrounded the man. The latter, even in his drunken state, seemed to retain some of his rationality. As the leading man of the group coughed, the man turned his face up to the dim street light. With Ye Shuang’s improved eyesight, she could identify the face that was twenty meters away instantly.

“What the f*ck!” Ye Shuang unconsciously pulled Little Brother Ye back. She turned to him in shock. “That’s my boss!”

Well, technically, that was her boss’ boss... The new general manager assigned to the company branch she was working at, Fang Mo.

Great income, great school, a quintessential successful man of today’s society and the key point was he was still single...

Looking at the bigger picture, his achievements might not seem much, but for normal people, especially the female workers of the company, Fang Mo was a veritable catch.

“Your boss‽” Little Brother Ye was shocked by the plot’s sudden twist. However, he recovered quickly. He glanced at Ye Shuang and the man who was surrounded, “...Ignore it! After all, he won’t be able to recognize you in this state!”

Furthermore, with your current condition, how many more days you think you’ll be able to stay at that company‽

Ye Shuang started to have second thoughts. She would have walked away if this was some stranger, but abandoning her boss to the pack of wolves seemed a bit too heartless.

“I can’t do that!” Ye Shuang thought about it and concluded, “You go find yourself a place to hide; I’ll go take a look.”

“Why the hell are you doing this‽” Little Brother Ye hissed angrily. He didn’t have the same problem as Ye Shuang, because to him, this was indeed a stranger. “He’s not a damsel needing to be saved by a prince, is he‽ He can handle this just fine, as long as he obediently hands over his money and valuables! Why do you feel the need to stir the honey in the pot‽”

The man looked experienced enough to know what to do... The group of ruffians was obviously out for money, so just give them what they want... To be frank, if the man refused to surrender, it would be his own f*cking problem for being so stubborn; why should that involve his own sister‽

Little Brother Ye’s speculation was not wrong, but he had underestimated the greed of the group of ruffians. Before Ye Shuang walked over, Fang Mo, who was surrounded by the ruffians, had already tossed out his wallet... Technically, that should be where the encounter ended, but perhaps the overly-easy process caused the ruffians to want to take a mile after being given an inch. They didn’t disperse but closed in on the man instead.

Little Brother Ye couldn’t hear what was going on, but Ye Shuang, with her improved physical body, could listen in on everything clearly... They were asking him for his car keys.

Several thousand dollars was one thing, but they even wanted his car? If Fang Mo didn’t stand up for himself then, he truly was a carpet for people to step over. Therefore, understandably, a tussle occurred. The place was quite isolated; other than the Ye siblings, who had taken the route as a shortcut, there was no one around. Even if there were, it was another issue whether they would rush to his aid or not.

Ye Shuang finally lost the last shred of patience she had. She shoved Little Brother Ye to hide behind a car that was parked by the roadside as she rolled up her sleeves and yelled, “What the hell do you think you’re doing!”

The group of people, including Fang Mo, were shocked by this scream. None of them had expected that someone would rush to Fang Mo’s aid. Little Brother Ye almost fainted from sheer anger, but he quickly jumped out from the hiding place to join Ye Shuang, an action that earned him a warm glance from Ye Shuang.

Therefore, as the group of ruffians turned around, they saw a Greek God descend upon them in a fit of fury... and the young man beside him who was promptly ignored.

The handsome man was tall and fit. His 184-centimeter height would make him stand out anywhere in the world. This almost meant that he practically had to look down on everyone. Ye Shuang walked to her boss and pulled him up by his arm. Then she shoved him toward Little Brother Ye. The next second, she grabbed at the telephone pole beside them.

As the ruffians, Fang Mo, and Little Brother Ye looked on in shock, Ye Shuang pulled out a piece of the concrete telephone pole like it was made of tofu. She tossed the cracked piece to the ground and demanded, “Mugging in broad daylight‽”

Of course, it was already late at night, but that was just an expression.

Ye Shuang harrumphed coldly and glared at the gathered bunch of ruffians; the hoodlums shivered in fear.

“Eagle— Eagle’s Claws!”

One of them was apparently a lover of Wuxia novels.

Ye Shuang was speechless.

Fang Mo could feel the alcohol leaving him, and in that moment, a cold breeze seemed to drift past his face, waking him up completely.

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