Reincarnation Of The Strongest Spirit Master

Chapter 669 The War Is Over
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"Agh! That damn bastard!'' The explosion released a mushroom shaped fire and smoke that rose high in the air for hundreds of metres. It looked as if a nuke just exploded here, and then a fierce wind howled and came for all of the three.

The fire appeared black at first, mixed perfectly with the smoke. Then it expanded outwards, growing fast in size, turning from black to blue, then orange, and finally red.

William didn't end up any better than the other two. Zin cursed when he stood up tens of peaks away. This explosion sent all of the three in different directions, but luckily didn't claim their lives or send them in midair or something.

"What the hell just happened?" Ibra stood up, putting down fire that caught up his armour and uniform, "just a fog and weird symbol is enough to bring forth such destruction power? Who the hell is that man?"

"It's the same enemy I kept searching for long years and couldn't find," William put down the fire that got attached to his uniform slowly and calmly. Yet his tone told Ibra how deeply enraged he was.

"I never got thrown in the air like this for a century! This battle… It's something I haven't experienced for a long time!" Zin complained, while putting down fire using mere water techniques.

William looked at Zin, feeling that this master had more elements he didn't use in the previous battle.

"I hope you are satisfied with our service," William said, and Zin blinked for a second there before he broke out in laughter.

"Anyway, we shall return back," Ibra was surprised by what happened in this war. And his greatest surprise was related to Rick's identity.

He couldn't believe that the former Aspire academy's headmaster's grandson, Sara's brother, was now a fierce and deadly dark spirit master.

He didn't know if he should share this news with William, with Sara, with anyone. "What happened to that dark master? He was this close to you and yet…" William gave Ibra a weird gaze. And the latter decided to keep this matter a secret only for himself.

After all, it was unlikely for Rick to survive such a deadly fall. Least to his knowledge that Rick jumped and used something to keep his life safe from such a fate.

"He is just quite slippery, and damn lucky, tsk!" Ibra tried to act normal, but William felt he was hiding something.


Before he'd start interrogating Ibra, a muffled roar came to startle the three of them.

"This…" Ibra instantly used his spirit sense, just like what Zin did. As for William, he ran towards the edge of his peak, and looked down there.

"There are lots of Hellhound, leopard, and turtle monsters trying to climb their way here," Zin got a much larger scale thanks to his stronger spirit sense, ending up seeing things that Ibra didn't.

"It's the effect of that formation," William didn't find this surprising, "let's hunt down the hounds first. We are on a high ground and can use this to our advantage."

"I want to kill something in this damn war!" Ibra waved his glaive, feeling pissed off. He got all the right to feel so, as since the start he didn't get the chance to kill anything.

"Let's do it then!" Zin nodded, agreeing on William's plan. The leopards and hounds were able to climb the mountains to the top, but the turtles couldn't. Not to mention the hounds were much faster than the leopards.

The three met up first, used lots of arrays around the peaks to detonate and release deadly rocks over the incoming monsters. Falling from such heights wasn't just deadly to masters, but to monsters as well.

It was just as William expected. The formation that these Mutants hurriedly activated released lots of monsters from a point back in time. Yet in the middle of their rashness, they did copy something else, something that shouldn't be present here.

William would get to know about this later on. And when he'd realise this mistake from the Mutants, he'd laugh till crying over their weirdly fated mistake.

The small battle between the three of them and tens of thousands of monsters wasn't that exciting. Once they'd hit a monster, it'd fall down, penetrating the thick cloud layer close by, ending up falling down to the bottom and dying.

Ibra didn't like this battle at all. He wanted to fight these hounds directly. But when William told him how scarily strong these hounds were, he dropped such an idea almost instantly.

The fight kept going for an entire day. Then they started to climb down after resting for another day. They wanted to make sure they didn't miss a single monster, In the end, they started their descent and fought the turtles and the rest of the monsters down on the ground.

Luckily for them, the hounds were quite impatient and climbed the mountains in all of their forces. That made their fight a bit easier, only having to deal with turtles using grenades and landmines from time to time.

Meanwhile, the city was having a crushing victory against the monster tide. The trench William asked everyone to make was indeed a meat grinder for those hounds. They bled profusely after falling there, ending up dying on the hands of the teams roaming the battlefield. π›π—²ππ—»π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ—ΉοΌŽπ—»πžπ˜

Once the hounds got removed out of the picture after two days, taking down the rest of the monster army was a breeze. When William returned back to the city after three more days, he found signs of celebration everywhere.

The areas adjacent to the city were filled with tons of dead bodies. The war seemed to end about one day prior to their arrival. And most of the masters were more busy celebrating than clearing the battlefield.

Once arrived at the city, William met up with Lara and others from his guild and other forces and families who joined the city. They held a big meeting, discussed lots of things, before they started spreading orders to their forces.

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