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Chapter 382 Chapter-382

Anon continued to pummel him relentlessly. He showed no mercy.


"FUCKK... Human, at least listen to me. We can talk," the demon pleaded, desperation etched across his face.

"Fuck off," Anon retorted as he swung the metal rod again, this time shattering the demon's skull.



The demon's body was in brutal condition; his bones were damaged, and his muscles were tearing apart, but Anon showed him no mercy. He continued to beat him mercilessly.

"Wait, wait, wait... I can make you immortal," the demon suddenly spoke, managing to stand up and look at Anon with a smile.

"Hmm... interesting. Keep talking; I'm all ears," Anon said, pointing the iron rod at the demon's face.

"Yes, I can make you immortal. No one will be able to kill you or even touch you," the demon spoke in a seductive tone.

[Master, he's lying.] Link immediately informed.

'What do you mean, Link?' Anon asked.

[A V-type demon can't grant immortality to humans.]

'What's a V-Type demon?' Anon questioned.

[Master, a V-type demon is the lowest breed of the demons. They are very vicious and the biggest liars of all time. Since they live at the bottom line of the demon breed, they hold literally no truth to their words.]

'I thought demons were true to their words,' Anon said.

[They are true to their words based on their rankings. Like the demon gods, they can't speak any type of lie in their words. Although noble demons are also true to their words, they can bend their words by finding a loophole in them. These types of demons are called N-type demons. But these V-type demons are not trustworthy at all. He's using you to get out of this place because he can't open the doors. Only you can. Just show him your crest that the demon gods gave you, and he will become your slave instantly.] Link explained.

'Why can't he open the door?' Anon asked.

[V-type demons are illusionists. No matter how strong they may appear physically, they are just weak pathetic demon dogs. He can't open these highly reinforced metal doors. This is like a prison to him, and he can't escape without using you.] Link clarified.

'Hmm... well, let's play with him for a while,' Anon thought with a smile.

"So, you can make me immortal, huh? Well, explain yourself, or I'm going to shove this thing up your ass. Believe me when I say this, I am really going to do it," Anon threatened, showing the rod.

"I will give you a locket as soon as I get out of this place. Once you wear that locket, you will become immortal. Simple as that," the demon stated.

"No shit... you think I'll believe that? You can just run away once you get out," Anon scoffed with a smile.

"A demon will never go back on his words," the demon insisted.

"Okay, I believe you. Let's go," Anon said as he moved toward the main door.

"Yes, sir," the demon replied, following Anon with a smile.

[Master, you do know he's lying, right? He's going to run away as soon as he gets out of this room.] Link reminded.

'I know, but I want him to accept it first,' Anon replied to Link.

[I don't think he will, though.] Link said, still puzzled by Anon's plan.

Anon slightly touched the door and acted as if he was opening it.

"Hmmm...? Why is the door not opening?" Anon questioned, looking at the door with confusion.

"What happened, human?" the demon asked.

"I don't know, but this door isn't opening," Anon replied.

"What? Are you kidding me? A human can do anything. You just have to try. Wait, I have another idea," the demon suggested, smiling at Anon.

"What's your idea?" Anon asked with suspicion.

"You lend me your body for a short amount of time, and I will open that door easily," the demon proposed.

"What do you mean? Like, let you possess me?" Anon inquired.

"No, I mean lend me your body for a short amount of time. I am a demon, and I will never go back on my word. I will get out of your body as soon as the doors open," the demon assured. be𝚍nove𝚕.com

[Master, please. Never let a demon inside your body. If a demon possesses your body, he will have the key to the power of ultimate destruction.] Link warned.

'I am impressed by your flattery, Link, and don't worry. I am not going to give him my body,' Anon reassured.

[Thank you, master.]

"No, I am not going to lend you anything. So, fuck off." Anon replied as he closed his eyes.

"Ugghhh-...." the demon's facial expressions immediately changed to the displeased ones but he immediately swaped them with a happy smile.

"Hahaha... sir Human. You are a very intelligent creature as I see you but you are just being foolish right now.

You have to get out of this place soon because you need food to keep that body of yours working, right ?" The demon asked.

"Oh, good reminder." Anon said as he opened his inventory and took out a friend piece of meat from his inventory and started eating it.

Another displeased expression covered the demon's face.

"I mean you will need to get out in a day or two after your stored food finishes, right ?" He asked with a smile.

"No, i have months of food. I am going to chill here in this room until someone comes and finds me. Once that door opens we both can get out." Anon answered as he chews on the meat.

"You fucking-"

"Hmmm...? You saying something to me ?" Anon asked.

"Oh, nothing. I was just saying... who would come here. I don't think anyone even knows about this place. I mean even I don't know where we are.

Like, are we on a mountain or something ?" The demon asked as he tried to take out information from Anon.

"No, we are in the middle of a very dangerous forest, 50ft deep."

"The fuck ?"

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