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Chapter 380 Chapter-380

Anon and Ion were standing in front of a colossal rock placed at the end of the room. The rock was perfectly round, devoid of visible edges, truly a spherical monolith. Anon had noticed it during previous training sessions, yet its purpose remained a mystery.

"So, what are we staring at this rock for? Is it going to move or something?" Anon inquired of Ion.

"No, you have to break this rock," Ion replied.

"Hmmm... well, breaking it won't be that big of a deal, but weren't you going to teach me your technique?" Anon asked, confusion in his expression.

"You have to do it with only one finger," Ion explained.

"Huh...?" Anon's brows furrowed in bewilderment.

"Yes, you have to break this rock with just one finger," Ion reiterated.

"You're kidding, right? This rock is five times bigger and heavier than me. How do you expect me to break it with just one finger?" Anon asked, clearly shocked and perplexed.

"Okay, look at me," Ion said, stepping back from the stone and positioning himself in front of Anon. He assumed a defensive martial arts stance, bending his back and pointing one finger directly at Anon.

"What are you doing?" Anon questioned, his face filled with confusion.

"Come and punch my finger with everything you've got," Ion ordered.

"Look, old man, not to be rude, but I'm not the same guy I was five days ago. I could easily break your finger with just a flick. Are you sure you want me to do this?" Anon asked, bewildered.

"Just do it. I don't have time, kid," Ion urged.

"Okay, here goes," Anon agreed. He pulled his punch back, concentrated all his strength, and delivered a full-force blow to Ion's finger.

The moment Anon's punch connected with Ion's finger, it came to an abrupt stop.


A cracking sound echoed through the room.

"Huh...?" Anon was amazed by what happened next.




In the next instant, every bone in Anon's body began to crack loudly, even his skull.


All of Anon's bones snapped simultaneously and broke into small pieces.

"Ahhhhhhh.... FUCKKKKKKKK..." Anon screamed in agony as an intense, searing pain washed over him. It felt as if thousands of needles were piercing his bones simultaneously.

He collapsed to the ground because his leg bones were also shattered.

"Calm down, kid. Don't shout... Feel the energy that I just injected into your body, feel it," Ion implored, grabbing Anon's collapsing form.


"No, feel it. You have to overcome your pain and feel it. If you didn't feel it, everything up to this point will be in vain... Feel it, human. Please, feel it," Ion insisted, slapping Anon's face repeatedly to keep him from succumbing to the agony.

"I-I can't..." Anon whispered as he closed his eyes, his body seemingly lifeless.

"No, no... this can't be right. You were supposed to be the one. Fuckkkk...." Ion lamented, continuing to slap Anon in an attempt to rouse him.

"Hmm...? Where am I?" Anon slowly opened his eyes, finding himself lying in a thin layer of water within a dark, spacious room.

Anon stood up, scanning his surroundings and realizing that he was alone.

"Hello...? Anyone here?" Anon called out, receiving no response.

"HELLO... IS ANYONE HERE?" He shouted even louder.


Suddenly, a glimmer of light appeared in the distance. Anon instinctively tried to summon his sickles, but nothing happened.

'I can't use my skills or inventory here, but why not?' Anon pondered as he cautiously approached the source of light.

He noticed the light fading away.

"W-Who's there?" Anon asked as he hastened his pace.

He walked and walked, but the light seemed to continually elude him.

"What the hell?" Anon muttered, now running toward the light.

After a while, he finally reached it.

As Anon examined the source of the radiant light, he saw a human-shaped figure enveloped in brilliant white light.

"What are you?" Anon asked, perplexed, as he beheld the luminous figure.

"Chew...? Chew Chew?" The figure emitted strange noises while gazing at Anon.

It promptly vanished and reappeared behind him.

"Whoa..." Anon jumped back in surprise and observed the figure with curiosity.

'What is this place, and why is this glowing human figure acting as if I'm some sort of caged animal in a zoo?' Anon wondered.

Suddenly, Anon felt a comforting warmth emanating from the light, making him feel safe.

"Cheww..." The human-shaped light extended a hand toward Anon.

"What? Do you want a high-five?" Anon asked as he raised his hand, tentatively touching the glowing hand.


Upon contact, Anon experienced a warm sensation flooding his being.

It felt as if a very powerful energy is being filled into his body. Anon felt stronger.

"What is this feeling?" Anon wondered as he sensed the light being absorbed into his own body.

Things started clicking into his mind and he questioned himself. 'How did I get here in the first place ?'

Suddenly, he started remembering things, his journey with Ion to learn the secret technique, the grueling exercises, and the muscular transformation within just five days. But the last thing he remembered was Ion's shouting about some energy.

"You are the energy that Ion has been telling me to feel..." Anon murmured, noticing that his body had absorbed the light.

'Was I inside my own mind all this time?' Anon wondered as he gradually faded away.



"Human, wake up. Please, you have to wake up," Ion was still slapping Anon, clinging to hope that he would awaken.

"HaaaH..." Anon abruptly opened his eyes, coming back to consciousness.

"Y-You're awake...?" Ion said, looking at Anon in utter astonishment and shock.

"How do you feel?" Ion asked, touching Anon's hand and examining his bones.

"You bastard... you broke my bones," Anon stated, his tone filled with anger.

"They're repaired now. Your bones have healed. It means you felt it, right?" Ion inquired, a smile on his face. πš‹ο½…ο½„ο½Žπš˜πšŸο½…ο½Œ.ο½ƒο½πš–

"I did," Anon confirmed.

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