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Chapter 7 : School

***I changed the female lead name from Yuki to Yu Qi.

Woke up from her sleep, made the breakfast, finally prepared to school. Leaving her room, she took a glance at the family that ate breakfast. She leaving the house quietly.

She walked slowly to the bus stop. After a few minutes, the bus came. She got into the bus, paid the fee and took the back seat. She turned her gaze out from the bus and scene of the city fullied her view.

' Master, where are you going?' She heard Bo Ya's voice. Looking around, she could not found him.

'Master, you don't have to look for me. I'm inside you. Master, you can speak to me using your mind.' Bo Ya know if his master was speaking alone, people around her could think that his master was crazy.

Yu Qi relaxed her body. Fortunately, she could speak using her mind. 'I'm going to school.' πš‹πšŽπšπš—πš˜πšŸο½…ο½Œ.ο½ƒπš˜πš–

'School. What's kind of place was it?'

'A place that people in this world go to study.'

'Oh, same like our pagoda in the space.'

'Really? I will check that later.'

Conversation between them stopped when the view of her school arise. She pressed the bell then the bus stopped. She naturally exited the bus. She walked through the gate. Many students were already here. Using her memory, she went to find her classroom. Felt nostalgic and weird. Her soul already 26 years old, so she felt that kind of emotion. Walking through her seat, her seat was placed at last row beside the window.

She sat and turned away toward the window. She could saw her adopted sibling, Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na going out from their family car. Wang Fu Ya was her classmate while Wang Ha Na was going to middle school. The school consists of high school and middle school. That why they came together.

The reason why Yu Qi could not come together with them by their car was Yu Qi was been bullied by her classmate. They didn't want to get bullied so they didn't acknowledge her as their family member. In her previous life, she was kind. She didn't want her siblings to get bullied by others so she silently took the bully act alone. She made a small cold smile on her lips.

"Hi, slut. How's your weekend?" Speaking her bully, here came three girls greeted her making she turned away by grabbing her hair.

But the girl who grabbed her hair suddenly released her hair after saw her face. Her eyes turned icy and cold when she looks at the three girls. Like a devil that came out from the hell. The girls shivered from the cold temperature.

" I will teach you a lesson later, slut." The girls run away from her seat.

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