Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

Chapter 10 : Shameful Moment for White Lotus
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Chapter 10 : Shameful Moment for White Lotus


Wang Fu Ya lowered her head and bit her lips bitterly. Everyone seemed to look at her. She wanted everyone attention, but not something like this one. Her classmates looking at her hatefully. The teacher looked at her with a disappointing look. All her good reputation was ruined. 'Ruined by this slut.' She looked up straight at Yu Qi. Her hate for Yu Qi increased.

Yu Qi also looking at her provocatively. Her lips curved a little up. She was no longer the Kind Yu Qi in the past. She will never bend to this white lotus anymore.

"Miss Wang Fu Ya, are you admitted that you stole her essay and wrote your name on it?" Teacher Guan finally spoke after the moment of silence for confirmation.

Wang Fu Ya didn't answer that question. She couldn't admit it because her reputation will totally be ruined by it. But she couldn't admit it either because Yu Qi had the proof claimed that was her essay. Teacher Guan sighed. This student, Wang Fu Ya was a good student. Whether in the study, also in attitude. She did not expect that Wang Fu Ya would do something like this. But the proof telling the truth.

" Miss Wang Fu Ya and Miss Wang Yu Qi, please follow me to the Staff's room. As for others, please self-study." Teacher Guan collected all the paper and walked out of the classroom.

Yu Qi and Wang Fu Ya followed behind the teacher. Yu Qi walked in a relaxed mood. While Wang Fu Ya was walked with anxiety. She turned toward Yu Qi. 'This bitch even smiling right now.' Yu Qi caught that Wang Fu Ya stole a glance to her. She turned to Wang Fu Ya and made a cold icily smile. Wang Fu Ya was feeling shocked and fear. She felt like someone holding a knife at her neck from behind when she saw Yu Qi smiled at her. Suddenly, she felt like walking into the tiger's den. They arrived at Staff's room.

" Two of you go and wait in that room. I will see you later." The teacher ordered meanwhile her finger showed the room.

Yu Qi and Wang Fu Ya entered that room together. Silent. Nobody wanted to talk. Yu Qi lazily sat on the sofa inside that room.

"Why are you doing this?" A last, Wang Fu Ya could not stand the silent asked.


"This whole situation. Why are you doing this to me? My reputation was ruined by you." Wang Fu Ya pressed her voice firmly.

"I just doing the right thing. If I did not tell them the whole thing, I will the one who been punished by the teacher." Yu Qi pointed out the obvious fact.

"But with this, my reputation...And also I'm your sister," stated Wang Fu Ya.

"Then, let me ask you. Did you think of me as your sister? Did sister use her sister to do her own things? Did you care about my reputation? You never cared about my reputation. Then why should I care about your reputation?" Yu Qi narrowed her eyes and made an icily smile.

'That's smile again.' Wang Fu Ya shivered. She stepped back from Yu Qi. She felt that current Yu Qi could jump onto her and killed her.

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