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Chapter 29: We Are Just Getting Married In Name 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

This was the first time, the first time ever, that the media was discussing him and Mo Yuanxiu in the same vein.

This impetuous playboy was just acting out of habit last night, but somehow managed to earn the recognition of so many media outlets. Meanwhile, Wen Yun had tolerated this lifestyle for so many years, only to have his reputation as the ‘most outstanding young man’ being threatened.

He was utterly upset. 𝙗𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

He took out a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

This was not the time to be angry or rash.

What was the most important was that he had to marry Lu Manman first.

The Lu Family was naturally in a better financial position than the Mo Family. Once he got the Lu Family on his side, what could the other family clans do to him?!

It was said that the aristocratic family needed the support of the four large and powerful families?

What a joke!

He was going to be the first person in all of history to have both money and power in his hands alone!

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In the Lu Family villa.

Lu Manman was sitting on the balcony joint to her bedroom, sipping some tea as she read the papers.

As expected, Mo Yuanxiu made the headlines. There were positive and negative opinions about him on the front covers.

Given Wen Yun’s personality, he should be dying to rip Mo Yuanxiu to shreds.

She felt good just thinking about it.

Mo Yuanxiu did deserve some credit for managing to anger Wen Yun so easily.

She was sipping her tea leisurely when her cell phone rang.

Lu Manman looked at the caller ID, and paused for a moment. She picked it up. “Grandpa.”

“Come back to the main household today.”

“What’s going on?”

“Just come back because I tell you to, why do you have to ask?! You’re so rude, you must have taken after your dad?!” Lu Qinzheng’s tone was horrid. He made it sound like his words were an edict, and she had to abide by it!

Lu Manman pursed her lips and lowered her voice. “Alright.”

He hung up the cell phone angrily!

Well, this was rude too! And whom did he take after?!

Lu Manman put down her tea and got up, leaning against the railing as she took in the radiant sun.

Lu Qinzheng did not like her, because he had a deep-rooted gender bias against females. He’d already disliked her since she was a child. Her intelligence had been taken negatively by him as he felt that she overshadowed and thus embarrassed Lu Xuanran!

She remembered a time when she was 12 and Lu Xuanran was 10. It was her birthday, and there was a huge group at home to celebrate with her. She excitedly demonstrated her talent in music, art, and the like to the guests. But after she was done performing, Lu Qinzheng took her to his study room, and told her off for showing off and being shameless!

At 12, she was already very sensitive, and had her dignity.

She had no idea how her grandfather could even bring himself to call her ‘shameless’, and all because her perfect performance had made Lu Xuanran awkward at the scene, resulting in his tantrums that made him look like a joke?!

Lu Manman cried hard on that day.

She was the main character of the show, and all she wanted was just some praise. But as it turned out, she had been scolded fiercely.

She had hidden in the room and cried for a long time. He Xiuwen went to comfort her, but did not seek justice for her. She’d simply hugged Lu Manman, and said, “Manman, just act according to what your grandpa wants. In the future, don’t be the center of attention again.”

From then on, she never dared to demonstrate her talents in front of Lu Qinzheng.

From then on, she only watched quietly as Lu Xuanran performed. No matter how terrible his performance was, Lu Qinzheng would always applaud and praise him!

She had been tolerating it for so many years, until now.

Lu Manman smiled with her beautiful face against the sun.

Enough was enough.

Having died once, she did not want to feel aggrieved anymore—not even a little bit!

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